Chapter 136 Do You Know Something?

Jessica could not elaborate on the reason for her state, so she simply wrung her fingers and mumbled along the producer’s words, “Yes, I’m not very well yet.”

The producer said good-naturedly, “Then you can go back and rest for a day and come back tomorrow.”

“Ok, thank you.”

Jessica beamed. When she turned to go out with Clara, the smile on the corners of her mouth had gone and only endless bitter was left.

“I couldn’t finish because the director came. Jessica, how can you be so sure that Carol is telling the truth? Do you know something?” Clara asked.


Clara wanted to continue to ask, but Jessica did not want to answer. “Clara, I am a little confused now. Can we stop talking about it?”

She was afraid of her brother before because he was distant and indifferent all day. But now…she would be frightened of thinking about what he had done.

“Fine. Jessica, if you’re unhappy about something, you can tell me, and don’t keep it to yourself.”

“I know.”

The two got in the car. The driver had just started the car when Jessica suddenly looked up and said, “Go to the Howard group’s headquarters.”

It was better to go and ask her brother about it than to have such wild thoughts.

The car soon stopped in front of the Howard group’s building. Jessica stopped Clara, who wanted to follow her out of the car, “Wait for me in the car. I want to say something to my brother alone.”

Clara stopped and sat back into her seat. “Alright, but you have to keep your phone available and call me if something happens.”

It was not that she was fussy. If the accident of the explosion scene was planned by Mr. Howard, then going to see Mr. Howard alone was a matter of life for Jessica.

“Yes, my dear, don’t worry.” Afraid of upsetting her, Jessica pretended to be relaxed and threw her a kiss. Then she put on her hat and mask and walked to the building.

It was a working day and the building was full of people coming and going. Everyone seemed very busy.

Even if they saw someone like Jessica dressed in a strange way, they just looked curiously and went on doing what they had to do.

Jessica entered the building and headed for the president’s elevator. But before she could get there, she was stopped by the receptionist.

“Hello, who are you looking for?” The receptionist asked smilingly.

“I’m looking for my bro…Mr. Howard.”

“Do you have an appointment?”

“No.” Jessica was afraid of being stopped, so she explained, “But I know Mr. Howard, we’re very familiar, so I don’t need to make an appointment.”

She had heard it too often. In fact, Mr. Howard didn’t even know these people’s names.

The receptionist looked her up and down, suppressed the disdain, and said again, “I’m sorry, lady, but you can’t meet Mr. Howard without an appointment.”

Just then a large crowd of people came out of the elevator.

Dressed in a dark blue striped suit, Ryan’s handsome face looked perfect, and his powerful aura and proud height set him apart from the rest.

Jessica saw him at a glance, and he seemed to notice it, so he looked over. When their eyes met, what Carol had said buzzed in her ears, which made she feel a sharp pain in her heart.

Biting her lip, she stepped forward and tried to call him.

But Ryan withdrew his eyes and didn’t want to pay any attention to her. Then, surrounded by the crowd, he sauntered away.

Jessica looked at his back. Her hands and feet were cold.

If he was her eldest brother, he would never pretend not to see her like this.

“Lady, our president’s full name is Ryan Howard, so are you mistaken? It seems that he doesn’t know you.” The receptionist stood behind her, and said with a smile.

Jessica was in a disturbed state of mind, so she was in no mood to pay attention to the receptionist. She walked out with her head down.

Behind her were the voices of the receptionist and another employee of the Howard group…

“Who is that lady? What did you say?”

“She Looked for Mr. Howard. She also said that she knew Mr. Howard. However, Mr. Howard happened to come down, but he didn’t even look at her. That’s so funny. Now any cheap man dares to come and say they know Mr. Howard. Have no self-knowledge at all!”

As if to disgust Jessica, the receptionist’s voice was deliberately amplified, and the mockery in her tone wasn’t hidden at all.

Several passing employees looked at Jessica.

Jessica stopped, and took a deep breath. Lack of forbearance in small matters upsets great plans. She had to bear…to the hell with that! She could not afford to offend her brother, but couldn’t she afford to offend a little receptionist?

“What did you say?” Jessica walked up to the receptionist desk, and asked angrily.

The receptionist still looked at her with a smile, like looking at a clown. “I said Mr. Howard doesn’t know you. What’s wrong?”

Jessica hated this kind of people who talked in a nasty tone. “You know exactly what you just said. I don’t want to make a scene. You apologize and this is over.”

Usually, she wouldn’t bother to argue with such people.

But she was in a bad mood today, and someone just offended her deliberately. If she could stand it, she was not Jessica!

Jessica said very seriously, but it sounded like a joke to the receptionist. “What I said is the truth. Why should I apologize to you?”

Jessica hated the artificial smile on her face.

“I don’t want to repeat it. Apologize to me, and it’s all over! If you don’t apologize, don’t blame me for being rude!” From her own perspective, this receptionist made her unhappy. From the perspective of the Howard group, the receptionist was such a snob and sneered at people face to face, which badly affected the image of the Howard group.

Jessica could get her father to handle this receptionist with either of the reasons.

Such face-to-face and straightforward fight was a rare sight here. The passing employees didn’t come around, but they slowed down deliberately.

The receptionist didn’t even pretend to be polite this time. She was contemptuous. “Haha…I wonder what you look like when you’re rude.”

Three or four of her close colleagues said,

“Lady, we all saw just now, Mr. Howard really does not know you. Can’t our receptionist be honest?”

“After all, we are also employees of the Howard group. Are you going too far in threatening our colleagues in our office?”

“The receptionist was just being honest. Why should she apologize to you? You must be reasonable in what you say and do, right?”

Others didn’t know what was going on at all. They thought Jessica was making trouble out of nothing when they heard that. At once, they all looked at her with disdain.

This person even tried to bully their colleagues in their office when she had done something wrong. She didn’t see where it was? Was that a place she could do anything at will?

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