Chapter 140 I Will Always Wait For You

“Alice …”


“It’s nice to be with you in this life.”

“… Say these nice words when you propose to me. I’m afraid I’ve heard them too much now, and you won’t be able to impress me anymore.”

“Relax, I always have a way to make you marry me.”

She believed in him, but because she really wanted to marry him.




“You have to work hard to find me in the next life. I will always wait for you.”

“I promise you.”

The two hand in hand fast. Benjamin controlled the steering wheel with one hand, and Alice leaned happily on his shoulder. Actually, she didn’t have to have a prosperous wedding. She just wanted to wait for them to get old and still sit back to back together. At that time, you can recall the beauty of the past, and didn’t regret it when you get old that the old man did not give her a dreamy wedding.

Sometimes, even God is jealous of those who were very happy. Because of jealousy, God will naughtily dig a pit.

Benjamin’s mobile phone rang in his jacket pocket. Benjamin couldn’t pick up the phone. Alice was prepared to separate the two hands and held it for him. But Benjamin was stubborn and refused. Alice just let go.

Seriously, this action was dangerous to them, and safe driving was very necessary, so before Ben took our phone, a car drove across the road and drove away. The big light blurred Benjamin’s sight.

The horn sound of the emergency was whistling, but Ben didn’t have enough time to step on the brake. They cannot see the road conditions at all…


In the car, Benjamin and Alice realized what happened. Alice hid in Benjamin’s arms. The airbag that popped up was completely blocked by Benjamin’s body. Her mind was sober, but her body could not move.

The heavy breathing of two people, the sound of police cars, the sound of ambulances…

Before the world was quiet, it was so noisy, really, so noisy, so noisy…

A black unlicensed car drove away from the scene of the accident in chaos. Even if the driver inside wore a black mask, the black film on the window glass made it hard to see the sharp eyes inside. Who was he?

When the two were rescued, they were inseparable. They had their fingers intertwined, and the doctors couldn’t separate them. The temperature of the two was falling, but the hands they held were still warm.

Seven days later, when Alice woke up in the intensive care unit, she felt that the world was very quiet. How couldn’t she find the person who had been calling her in her ears all the time?

Alice had been confirmed to have passed the dangerous period and was transferred to a general ward. Alice still did not see Benjamin. She asked Joan holding Pippi, “Where is Benjamin? He was in that ward? Was he seriously injured?”

Joan listened to Alice after all the questions were asked, and Pippi, who was clinging in her arms, was still innocently making troubles. Chuck and Joan were silent.

The intense depression in Alice’s heart made her want to yell at them. Who can tell her, what about her Benjamin?

People who were afraid of panic often thought that as long as they smiled, the answer will be good. Alice tried to make herself laugh, and it was hard, “What the hell is going? Take me to see him.”

Jim couldn’t help it. Even if some things were had to face, the living person still had to face it, “Ben … woke up three days ago, but … he was missing suddenly.”

Missing?!! How could a living person or an injured patient miss? The lie they deceived her was too unbelievable.

Alice didn’t believe it. She couldn’t accept it. He promised her a second before that he would propose to her. He would pamper her in this life. How could he not be found.

Pippi kept learning to talk in Grandma’s arms, “Dad, dad, dad …”

“You all go back, I want to be alone.” She didn’t believe it, she would never believe it.

Everyone was very uneasy about her and was afraid she would do stupid things. She certainly did not believe what they said, but it was a fact. The police had been in investigation of Ben’s missing.

Alice couldn’t accept it. They were also unable to accept it, but there was no news for four days, so they had to accept it slowly.

After everyone left, Alice was sitting alone in the ward alone, and her Benjamin was missing. How could that be?

She didn’t believe that. Something must have happened to him. Was he still awake, did he…

Regardless of her injuries, Alice pulled out the infusion needle on the back of her hand. She had to ask herself, the nurse, the doctor, and the police.

As soon as she got out of bed, the door of the ward was opened from the outside. It was not someone else who came in, but Chuck.

Chuck hadn’t left since just now. He knew her and knew that she can’t accept such a far-fetched statement. He walked over and wanted to lift her from the floor to the bed.

She looked at Chuck in front of her with fear, “He didn’t disappear. How could he be missing? Do you think so? ”

Chuck knew Alice’s helplessness at the moment, and also thought of her unacceptability. He used to think that he could give her everything she wanted, to give everything to her, and to love her forever.

But at this moment he found that he could do nothing. He thought he was omnipotent. Faced with her expectations and her fears, he finally found that he could do nothing about her desire.

He had no ability to change himself into a Benjamin, nor can he find Benjamin.

Chuck told Alice everything about the situation before and after the disappearance of Benjamin, and the police found the situation after the disappearance. Alice was paralyzed sitting on the cold ground.

Chuck wanted to help her to lie on the bed. She was sitting on the cold ground, and he just reached out to help her, Alice was vigilantly pushed away, “I can do it myself.”

In the future, Will she be all alone?

She really stood up beside the bed by herself, went to bed, and let herself lie down on the bed, calm as if the body of the soul had been taken away.

She said, “Go back, I’m fine.”

Chuck moved his lips and wanted to say something more comforting to her. He opened his mouth and looked at her silent state at the moment. He understood that nothing can comfort her.

When Chuck stepped out of the ward, a nurse was just ready to enter the room, but he stopped her. “Let her wait for a while.”

As soon as the door of the ward was closed, there was a cry of extreme pain. She covered herself in the quilt and bit her teeth on the quilt. She did not want to cry, because she did not believe it.

How could her Benjamin be gone? It’s impossible, so she couldn’t cry. She had to wait until her Benjamin returned.

She hated why she was crying. It was sad and uncomfortable.

Isn’t she able to find her Benjamin in the future? How could he be so cruel, and he didn’t even talk to her and left.

On that day, Alice was crying for a long time, fainting, and crying, and when everyone thought she was awake, she was still crying, but she didn’t. After waking up, she seemed to accept everything instantly, like the one named Benjamin had never appeared in her life, and it seemed that her Benjamin had never left, buried deep in her heart and visible at any time.

After leaving the hospital, Alice had a fulfilling day. Joan helped her take care of her child. Joan, who played with her child all day, could ignore some of the pain of losing her son. Everyone was very busy. So busy that they didn’t even have time to miss someone.

She went to work in the company and didn’t understand many things. It didn’t matter. She could learn and work harder. In this way, no matter where he was, he would be relieved.

Chuck set up the company here. The people around him were very clear. He was alone because he was not assured of Alice. Indeed, he helped Alice a lot in running the company, which made Alice very moved much.

Alice, who was busy from the dust to dawn, took a look at the time. At five o’clock in the afternoon, the take-out delivered by the secretary at noon was left there intact. When she was busy, she didn’t feel anything. She remembered that she didn’t eat and she felt the stomach started to hurt.

She couldn’t help shaking her head, picked up her cell phone and called Joan, “Godmother, I have a dinner party at night. I won’t go back for dinner. Yes, got it. Oh, don’t wait for me. You go to bed early, OK …”

Alice went to the lounge to change the evening dress that the assistant had already prepared for her, and she simply put on a light makeup. Today’s dinner was banqueted by the chamber of commerce president. Alice had been avoiding such occasions, but sometimes It was also helpless and had to go.

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