Chapter 139 It’s Not Easy To Get Married

Benjamin thought of Yuna who was waiting at Jim’s door last night. “If Yuna’s daughter is really Jim’s, I think it’s better to be together as a family.”

“What about Janice? You said that for so many years, how the two of them could be restrained so well. If Yuna hadn’t returned, would you say that the two of them pretended not to have done anything?”

“Some things, once you step over, it is difficult to go back. I believe they also pretend that nothing hds happened in order to stay with each other.”

“What do you mean?” Stupid Alice didn’t understand.

Benjamin smiled charmingly, “It means, before you and I didn’t sleep, we can be a good friend who can live together every day, no matter how much trouble. But after we sleep together, we cannot be friends nor lover, and we’ve been separated for three years. ”

Alice nodded as if she understood. “So, we can just be sex partner.”

She angered him again.

“Will this beautiful young woman be able to have sex with this handsome man?”

When Jim woke up, Yuna fell asleep beside his bed, and wanted to turn over and get out of bed, only to find that her body was still imprisoned by a little guy.

Jim got up, and carefully lay Yoyo, who slept sound, even if it was clear that the child was not his, and he also liked the child who called him father every day.

Yoyo secretly told him, “I know you are not my dad, but I want you to be my dad. My biological dad will hit my mom every time he drinks, and my mom will call you by name every time she gets sick or dreams. I think, my mother wants to marry you more, and I like you very much as my father. ”

Jim knew very well that he and Yuna could not return, but he didn’t know how to refuse this child who longed for his love.

When Jim put down Yoyo and turned around, he happened to be opposite Yuna who had woke up. He smiled at her slightly, and she slightly twitched her lips.

He said, “Go to sleep in the room.”

Yuna shook her head. “No, it’s dawn.” She was ready to stand up and go out to prepare breakfast, but the legs curled up for a long time, and they were numb, and accidentally did not stand firmly, she almost fell.

Fortunately, Jim quickly hugged her, and the movement of the two holding them together was very awkward.

Yuna pushed him away hurriedly, and Jim explained, “I’m sorry.”

“I want to say thank you. If it weren’t for you, I would have fallen to the ground.”

The two couldn’t help but smile at each other, with a slight sadness in their hearts, unable to describe.

The person in the memory no longer looked like the memory.

When Janice woke up in the morning, she felt more embarrassed, and she didn’t even dress up and went to Jim’s house to ask for a thorough understanding.

The scene in front of her made Janice thought that she was so ridiculous. The family was so sweet and warm. She opened the door of someone’s house and rushed into someone’s bedroom early in the morning like a mad man. .

“Sorry, I’m in the wrong place.” Even so, she still left with pride.

How embarrassed she felt after turning around was only known to her, and she almost fainted there, so that she should not face such a person as herself.

“Janice … Janice” Jim chased out, which really made Janice want to turn back and yell at him.

She should not have been attentive to such a playboy, his girlfriend was ten million, she was just one of them, and finally fully understood that she could not erase Yuna in his heart.

If it weren’t for her inexplicably climbing onto his bed, Yuna would not be sad to leave, and they would not have been separated for so long.

Janice smiled bitterly. She was wrong for so many years.

It’s just that she couldn’t understand for so many years, what is wrong with her? Who can tell her why she slept in his bed?

In order to show her indifference, Janice turned and looked arrogantly at Jim, and smiled coldly at him. “I came to tell you that I was drunk last night and suddenly wanted to understand many things, Jim, I will definitely be happier than you.”

Jim looked at her stubborn. The stronger her appearance, the more vulnerable she was inside. She put an indestructible armor on her, just because she was afraid of being hurt.

“Janice … I will give you a perfect answer, wait.”

It was really affectionate to say that, unfortunately, Janice laughed mockingly, You jerk.”

She can’t hear what he said now, “I’ll take you back.”

Janice simply refused, “It’s not troublesome, I’m afraid that when you drive, I will hit you with a stab, it will be really unclear at that time.”

Jim looked at the back of her decisive departure. Even if she wore household slippers on her feet, she still walked with high toes, did not show anyone’s pity, nor allowed anyone to laugh at her.

In her car alone, she let tears fall unscrupulously.

She didn’t cry, she let expressionless tears drop like a broken pearl. She said to herself, ‘Janice, you are so good, except for Jim, there are men waiting for you to marry them.” He doesn’t deserve her.

Therefore, in the following dinner, Janice went with a man who was definitely more handsome than Jim, taller than Jim, younger than Jim, and seemed to be richer than Jim. The most important thing The thing was, the man took great care of Janice.

The interaction between the two did not have a deliberately high-profile, but also a low-key that could not be ignored. Alice secretly tore Janice’s dress corner and whispered in her ear, “What’s the situation?”

Janice smiled like a happy little woman, “We’re getting married.”

Everyone was shocked, especially Jim, who broke the goblet in his hand and broke a drop. The red liquid inside it fell on the white table and spread under the table.

Janice seemed to be totally indulged in happiness as if she didn’t care, and the handsome guy beside her took the best care of her.

At the end of the dinner, on the way home, Alice asked Benjamin sadly, “You said, is Janice really happy?”

Benjamin touched her head with a big hand, “Everyone who desires happiness will eventually get his own happiness.”

Alice looked scornfully at Benjamin, “I can’t see it. It’s very nice.”

“Do you have to think about giving me a title?” Benjamin was thinking about how to marry her home and become his well-known wife.

Alice stared at his perfect side face, and under the dimly lit street scene, he was really a super seductive man.

“I’ve been waiting for someone to give me one, moved proposal.” To tell the truth, although he was thinking to remarry her all day, she never saw how sincere he was.

She didn’t receive the proposal ring, nor did he take a knee in front of her. How could she still be like this time?

Benjamin was almost thirty years old, and she was a mother. Why did he ignore it that she was quite eager for romanticism?

“Is that really necessary?” In fact, he felt that the two had been together for so many years since childhood, and they knew well each other. She had witnessed the first time he did his handjob, and when she came to the first period, it was he who helped buy her pads, and he also taught her how to use it according to the instructions.

They knew too well about each other. He thought she only needed a marriage certificate, and after seeing the small eyes she expected, she realized that she still wanted to have a romantic relationship.

What he said, as long as she wanted, and as long as he can do it, he will give it without hesitation.

Alice insisted firmly on her thoughts, “If you haven’t proposed to me, I will not marry you. Maybe one day, there will be a good man like Janice’s boyfriend in front of me, and I will marry him. Then you will regret it all your life.”

The woman threatened him.

He was not ignorant of her, even if there was such a man, she cannot simply agree his proposal, the reason was very simple, but it was not because of his confidence, but because of is because she loved him and will not leave him.

Benjamin nodded earnestly, and was already thinking about something that needed to be prepared. “Well then, when I’m kneeling in front of you, you can’t refuse me?”

Hum, Alice looked like an unreasonable brutal princess, “It depends on your sincerity.”

Now marrying a wife was not easy. She would refuse to marry you at any time. So when they got married, he must treat her well.

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