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Chapter 138 You Can Only Love Me

Benjamin pulled her out. “First, your future husband is rich, and second, this hotel is Jim’s house, and you don’t spend any money on it.”

Alice blinked with big eyes and thought for a long time. He was very rich, but he didn’t spend any money to live here.

So why not live here.

Even so, you can’t live here for seven days. She didn’t want to. She will go home tomorrow to see her baby son.

Because of drunkenness and severe headaches, she should sleep first.

Alice fluttered on the big bed. Everything should be said after he woke up tomorrow.

Alice, who had just embraced the soft pillow and was ready to enter the dream, was hugged by Benjamin and said disgustingly, “It’s almost stinky, go to take a bath.”

Alice said that this man had a lot of things, and it was good if he went to sleep on the sofa.

“Oh, I don’t want to wash. I want to sleep.”

Benjamin held her coquettishly in his arms, and he coaxed, “I help you wash.”

He helped her.


“You can’t say no.”

Therefore, when the sun and the sky shone, Alice felt that her body seemed to have experienced a catastrophe last night. She opened her sleepy eyes and turned to stare at the man lying next to her, this asshole.

While he was still asleep, Alice reached out from the quilt, pinching his nose badly, making him unable to breathe.

He might have been awake long ago, closed his eyes and enjoyed the good times, and pouted to kiss her hand.

Alice took away her hand to keep him away, and when he got over, he threw her whole body in his arms…

Early in the morning, should he do this…?

“Alice, no matter how good the other men are to you, you can only love me. Have you heard?”

What happened to him suddenly? What was wrong, and what did she say when she was drunk last night? Alice didn’t ask him, she just knew he was angry, “It depends on my mood.”

Well, when her body can’t resist him, she should remain silent or obedient. Otherwise, the consequences were very serious.

Alice didn’t know. Benjamin became nervous after discovering that Chuck’s care for her last night. He had a feeling at a loss, even a little bit helpless, afraid that Alice would leave him one day.

Sometimes, a man’s claim of a woman’s body is just to prove that she was his.

When Alice woke up, he was not in the room, only a note left by his powerful handwriting, “I’ll go to the company and come back immediately, stay here and wait for me.”

Alice frowned. She had a bad feeling of being imprisoned. She looked around in and out of the entire suite. He couldn’t find any clothes she could wear, and couldn’t find her mobile phone. You can’t make a landline call.

What was Benjamin doing?

Alice thought of many ways and couldn’t get out of this room.

After he finally got back, he ordered her favorite food and pushed in. “Come here to eat, are you hungry?”

He said so as normally, but why Alice felt that his eyes had been deliberately dodging.

Ben was really uncomfortable with Alice’s straight eyes, “You always look at me. You don’t eat?”

Alice pouted her mouth. “Don’t you have anything to tell me?”

Benjamin pretended to be too incomprehensible, and thought seriously for a while before saying, “Oh, I’m home, my son is very good. It seems to him that there is not much difference between breast milk and milk powder. ”

The more he pretended, the more Alice thought he was in trouble.

“Benjamin, be honest, why on earth did you keep me here?”

Benjamin said innocently, “I didn’t keep you here. Anyway, you drank alcohol last night, and your son can’t breastfeed these days, so you live here for a few days.”

“What about my clothes? What about mobile phones??”

Benjamin continued to install, “Oh, clothes, I helped you get the dry cleaner. I forgot to bring it back. Your phone is out of power. There is no charger here. I took it to help you charge and I forgot to bring it.”

Alice was able to see it. He didn’t plan to tell the truth, looked at him in disappointment, and nodded, “Okay, I know, and then you can use my mobile phone now.”

“What are you going to do? Son is fine, you don’t have to miss him, and …”

“I want to call the police.” Alice didn’t want to listen to him continuing to talk nonsense. He really didn’t understand. He couldn’t say anything directly. He had to lock her up alive.

This roar of Alice annoyed Benjamin. “What’s the police report, what’s wrong with your husband and you ordering a room? You can’t stay here with me for a few days. Since you gave birth to a son, you haven’t seen me.?”

A big man was so childish. Alice was really speechless.

She was held here for no reason, even if she was angry, why was he even more aggrieved, “Who are you, husband? Sir, please remember that we are divorced. You are my ex-husband, you are locking me here. It’s illegal. ”

This was originally a thorn in the heart of Benjamin, which would inexplicably shut her down here, and she was angry with him.

“Alice, I understand. You just do not want to remarry me. You take it for granted that I am good to you. Do you think that you are a divorced woman, and a single mother, who scan be ambiguous with her friends? ”

“Benjamin, you made it clear. I was ambiguous with which friend. For things I haven’t done, you are not allowed to wrong me.”

“Don’t you admit? Then you can go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to remarry, then I will believe that you only love me.”

“Benjamin, if you dare to put my name on your household registration book without my knowledge. I will not let go of you in my life.”

Benjamin said, “I didn’t intend to let you go in my whole life.

Both of them are angry, and no one is allowed to say, “Benjamin, don’t think I don’t know you are careful. You think I’m like you, think about Dr. Penny, and have Molly for your second choice. I am always innocent keep a distance from my friends, there is no other unclear relationship. ”

Benjamin was caught by her, and felt very shameless, and he was much weaker. “I believe in you, but I don’t believe in Chuck, he is too kind to you.”

Alice also became silent. She had always understood this, and she had been deliberately avoiding it, just as she got into Ben’s arms last night, she was actually hurting Chuck, but she felt that it’s better to have short and sharp pains than long and dull pains.

“Then why do you lock me up with? Naive.” Alice gave him a look of anger, and then she hugged and comforted him.

They will feel much more secure when they are hugging each other. Even if the sky fell down, they will always be supported by them two without fear.

Benjamin said, “In fact, I prefer he will be with Molly, so that he will not stay alone at least.”

Alice lay on his shoulder and thought seriously, suddenly pushed him away, and asked him very seriously, “Did you sleep Molly?”

This … Benjamin raised his hand and knocked on Alice’s cranky head, “How could it be, what do you think in your head every day?”

Alice was so happy in her heart, “Just don’t sleep, otherwise Chuck will always lose out.”

Benjamin smiled helplessly, as if Molly and Chuck were really together.

After all, no matter what did they do, you have to resolve it. “Hurry up and call someone to send me clothes and I will go home.”

Benjamin was reluctant. “What are you in a hurry? We will go back tomorrow. From now on, we will have sex.”

Alice was very speechless about this person, and he should be hit on his head, thinking this thing every day.

“I didn’t have time to waste with you here. I still have to wait for my novel update.”

This woman was now more and more indifferent to him, except for the son who is the code word “I and your novel, which one is more important?”

Here again.

Alice had no choice but to answer him, “Benjamin, you are not young anymore, why ask this stupid question.”

“Alice you …”

“What am I? Benjamin, you’ve been dizzy recently. How important are you to me? Don’t you know?”

What do you mean by that?

The thief of Ben laughed, a pair of winks with smiles, a long arm stopped, and Alice was held in his arms, and his teeth were biting her earlobe badly, “I don’t know, I want you tell me.”

Alice thought, why didn’t she find out that this guy who loved pretending to be cool, was actually … cheap?

“Okay, don’t fool around. Okay? You have met Jim, right? What’s her attitude towards Janice? ”

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