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Chapter 137 Book a Room

Molly burst into tears. “Alice, I blame you. Why do you have to be with Benjamin? Isn’t it always good to be with Chuck? If you are with him, you will be the happiest woman in the world, so Benjamin can be with me, isn’t it bad? Why you have to be with Benjamin. ”

Alice didn’t know if it was a drunk remark, “Who said that I had to be with Benjamin, and I didn’t want it, because I had a child, so I just be with him.”

After speaking, she said mysteriously and whispered to Molly, “I tell you, he’s not as good as you think. Men who are better than him in the world are countless. You can find a better one. ”

Janice nodded in approval, “Yes. Molly, you can be with my brother. I have been thinking, my brother must be a virgin. Molly, You lucky woman. ”

Molly smiled suddenly, “Virgin? Let me tell you, your brother has been me …”

Alice and Janice were holding their breaths, waiting for Molly to say the following. Even Chuck, who was standing at the door with Benjamin, had taken a big step forward.

Fortunately, Molly suddenly stopped talking, especially when she saw that the two women were super curious. She was smiling and drunk, “I won’t tell you, let you guess.”

Chuck was relieved, ignoring all his reactions had been watched by Benjamin.

The two of them absolutely did something.

Janice and Alice did not let go of Molly, “Say or not, or you just drink the whole bottle.”

Really worried that they continued to drink, Benjamin and Chuck stepped forward to stop them.

Alice stumbled to see his man, “Well, look, why did he come out of the wall by himself?”

Janice looked at her brother in front of her, “Why is there my brother, brother, are you looking for Alice, or are you looking for Molly who has a secret relationship with you?”

Chuck was speechless. Just now Molly didn’t say anything. She could also imagine that there was a hidden feeling. She seemed really drunk, and her imagination became wild.

After some toss, the two big men did not subdue the three drunken women, and finally looked at them in various weird positions lying helpless.

Forgot it. Wait until they woke up and let them see what they had done.

Late at night, Benjamin did not ask Chuck, what was his relationship with Molly? He still knew the guy.

At night, it was very quiet, as if not calm.

Chuck and Benjamin each leaned on a sofa for a nap, and the drunken women slept well, regardless of their image.

Alice felt a rush of stomach in her stomach, suddenly sat up in her sleep, and ran directly to the bathroom.

Benjamin tightened his brows, thinking, ‘She deserved it. Who let her drink so much wine. ‘

Just another man, Chuck, was in a hurry.

After Alice ran to the bathroom, after Alice was vomiting for a while, he carefully poured her a cup of warm water to gargle.

Benjamin was awake, but he did not open his eyes. He knew that they were just good friends. Because of him, they could not cross the border.

Another person also woke up, Molly. She could hear Chuck’s tender concern for Alice, and she was jealous, but she would rather ignore it.

In this world, the hardest thing to find was always love.

Alice was not so drunk just now, and when she saw Chuck, she was a bit surprised. “When did you come?”

It ‘s a very common and normal problem among friends, and Chuck smiled a little, “When you can’t distinguish between real people and photos.”

Alice probably thought of how shameful the three of them were, and threatened him with a smile. “It is forbidden to tell Benjamin. If he asked me, I would never admit it.”

Chuck glanced at the single sofa on the other side of the living room. Alice could not explain herself. Why did he come here?

When she walked by, she saw that he was uncomfortable sleeping on the single sofa and didn’t find anything to cover it, so he would catch a cold.

She found a blanket and saw that he hadn’t waked up. She thought to please him first, or she was afraid he would wake up and scolded her directly.

Alice wrapped the blanket around his body, and then sat on Benjamin’s legs obliquely, letting him hug herself, covered by a blanket, and leaned obediently in his arms to continue sleeping.

As soon as she lay down, Janice in her sleep yelled, “Jim, you are a bastard. I will hit you sooner or later.”

When she shouted, everyone was awake. In fact, Molly and Benjamin were also pretending to sleep.

Benjamin looked down at Alice who was curled up in his arms like a little white rabbit. Alice looked up at him pitifully, “I am Fearful, so I let you hug and sleep.”

Benjamin didn’t say anything, and let her sleep around.

Chuck shook his head helplessly, and in the blink of his eyes, he just met the eyes of Molly who had woken up. Molly quickly turned away and said that the Alice and Benjamin, “You two can go to book a room now.”

Alice hugged Benjamin to show off Molly, “If you have the ability, you can find a man to hug and sleep.”

Is there such a shameless woman like her?

Molly got up and went to the bathroom. Before leaving, she still remembered to say a painful sentence, “Show affection, divide quickly.”

Alice said at the back of Molly, “You don’t have to wait for that day.”

The so-called war between these two women was too naive.

Benjamin stood up holding Alice and said to Chuck, “We are going back.”

“OK.” Chuck answered blankly.

On the way home, Benjamin didn’t say a word. Alice knew that he was angry because she drank too much alcohol. After all, she was still a breastfeeding mother. Her drinking behavior was really too much.

She didn’t drink at first. After Molly came, she kept stimulating her, saying that she pretended to be a good girl to make Benjamin love her, saying that she just didn’t dare to drink, because she was afraid that Benjamin would get angry and would not want her…

She didn’t hold back for a while, and started fighting with Molly. When she drank, she drank too much. She now regretted that her baby boy had to eat milk powder for at least a week.

“I was wrong. I will never do it again.” She leaned on his shoulder and confessed blame.

Benjamin was expressionless and said indifferently, “Sit down and fasten your seat belt.”

Alice pouted her lips and thought, “he is so fierce. Will he be really angry and not want her?

Obediently, the super obedient re-fastened the seat belt and sat upright, but the one who should admit it must admit it before being forgiven, “I will never drink again, I promise, don’t get angry good or not?”

Benjamin remained expressionless, focused on driving, not speaking.

“Benjamin …” Alice reached out and pulled his sleeve. “If you scold me, I will absolutely listen to you carefully.”

Benjamin had begun to be complacent, and this stupid woman was about to go on the hook.

“Benjamin …” Alice glanced at the street scene, and asked, “Where are you going?”

Benjamin finally spoke, “To book a room.”

Alice didn’t understand, “Why? Why waste money, just go home.”

Benjamin turned his head and glanced at her, “Just like you, going home does not affect the relationship between mother-in-law and you?”

Alice wanted to say, ‘Right, the breast-feeding daughter-in-law got drunk, which prevented her grandson from breastfeeding. She must be angry. ‘

She smiled and looked at Benjamin, who was attentive. “You are still terrific and so careful. I would be miserable if I went home.”

But she didn’t know he had already plotted another plan.

“I said to mother that you went out with Janice, who was broken in love. Anyway, you can’t breastfeed for at least a week. Don’t go home this week.”

“Ah?” Isn’t that good? Can’t feed or go home? She will miss her son.

“No, you can make up for other reasons, such as I have a cold and taking medicine. I can’t see my son for a day, let alone seven days, right?”

The car was parked at the door of a luxury hotel. The doorman came over to help stop the car. After getting off, Alice said, “You are right, but …”

“No, but you have to stay here for seven days.”

As husband and wife, he should book the presidential suite?

Alice said that it was wasteful. “Change another room, we just sleep anyway.”

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