Chapter 136 It’s Terrible To Be Crossed in Love

Penny stood up and jumped a few times on the snow. “It’s good to die here, but what should I do? Suddenly I find that I don’t want to die yet. Let’s go.”

Standing up and holding up John Ran, John Ran said, “You can walk on your own, and you have a better chance of living.”

When she stood up holding him, the two stood face to face.

She smiled at him with relief, “But I am mean, haven’t you ever scolded me, I’m mean. Even if you are a devil who can’t wait to break my body into pieces, I still want to be with you, to live or die with the total death.”

After that, she turned her back to him. “Come on, I’ll carry you.”

John Ran thoughtfully looked her thin back. Did she think she was strong?

He crossed her body and let her face to face with him. For many years, he had been confused by the question. He was afraid he won’t have a chance to ask her.

“”Why marry Bob?”

Penny didn’t want to answer. After all these years, was it important to answer him? She just told him ambiguous, “Because of love.”

John Ran accepted her perfunctory answer, “Love him or me?”

After going through so many things, this question was really not that important. “It’s this time, let’s not be arrogant and talk about love, just keep a little physical energy to live.”

John Ran’s eyes were gazing at her momentarily, and her dodge did not stop him, but poked him.

Penny turned around, and she walked step by step like a Superwoman carrying him. The light in front of them were out of reach. It doesn’t matter. Just stick to it and you can go to the end.

On a flat road, a woman carrying a man was a difficult task, let alone in the snow.

John Ran sneered at her, “Are you really a woman? Strong as a cow.”

She was almost exhausted, and he was still complaining. Penny pouted with him. “I am a woman. No one in this world knew this better than you.”

The man on her back would not refute to chat, “Did Bob know?”

You can’t be polite with this kind of bastard. When Penny let go, he fell from her back to the snow, and Penny politely threatened him, “Do you want to die here?”

“You are planning to kill someone.” Seeing her anger now, he was inexplicably in a good mood, and she hadn’t lost her temper in front of him for a long time.

She sat on the snow, rode her body on his, his arms around his neck, “Do you know, I already wanted to choke you to death.”

This was the truth. He always knew that, so he closed his eyes and accepted his fate, “Okay.”

Penny could not make any effort, and asked him, “Do you have anything else to say? There is no chance to say no more.”

John Ran opened his eyes and gazed at her. Suddenly, he reached out and clasped her neck, letting her body flutter into his arms, and the faces of the two were almost together.

He raised his head slightly, and his lips pressed tightly against her lips. He closed his eyes and kissed her deeply, as if he was finally saying goodbye.

He said, “Can love you?” Even if he loves her, he dared not to ask her

Penny looked at him. The breathing of the two noses blended. She wanted to speak, but didn’t what to say

He kissed her deeply on her lips again, the corner of his mouth slightly tilted up, and called her sadly, “Penny …”

He didn’t say until the end, I love you, these three words.

When Penny woke up, she found herself lying in the hospital in a single ward. Friends were very happy to see her wake up, “Are you okay?”

Penny nodded with a smile. The first person in her mind was John Ran, “Is John Ran okay?”

The friend nodded. “Yes, he was discharged yesterday.”

“Where did he go?”

The friend shook his head. “He didn’t say.”

Penny laughed lonely, he was gone, really cruel, at least wait for her to wake up and say goodbye.

In later days, he never appeared in her world, and she would look back at the empty seat from time to time. He really left, as if he hadn’t come at all.

Benjamin came home from work, and Alice was not at home. His mother told him that after he left for work in the morning, Alice was dressed up and went out. She hadn’t been back for a day.

His mother reminded him intentionally or unintentionally that Alice was always reluctant to get married. It must be that she had her own ideas.

Benjamin thought that his mother must have only watched the child at home, and began to think wildly.

He called Alice, and after that, he asked directly, “Alice, you have run away from home and you are not coming back?”

In the arms she was still holding crying Janice, “I won’t go back tonight, I’ll hang up first.”

Benjamin stared at the cell phone with the signal cut off in this way. At least the woman told him what was she doing?

The phone was just thrown on the bed and was about to go to the bath. The beep sounded twice. Then he turned back to pick up the phone.

“At Janice’s house, thanks to your good buddies, she’s crossed in love.”

Benjamin stared at this message for a while, thinking that the person who made Janice break up with love was Jim.

His wife was not home tonight, so he went to his brother to gather together.

When he went out, he kissed on his own baby son who would only call my father so far, “Baby, while your mother is away tonight, my dad is going out happily.”

Joan glared at his son, “Don’t you come back tonight?”

Benjamin and her mother explained that otherwise this menopausal mother must be sleepless tonight, “It is Jim and Janice, they are awkward. And we go and see what happens.”

“I’ll be back soon, too.”

“Got it.”

“Son, bye.”

At the bar, when Benjamin arrived, Jim and Chuck had already arrived, but the spotty bruise on Jim’s face was a little interesting under the neon light.

As soon as Benjamin sat down, he asked Chuck, “You hit him?”

Chuck gave Jim a cold glance, “He should hit.”

Jim smirked and drank without refuting.

After Jim was drunk, Chuck and Benjamin were responsible for sending him home. To their surprise, Yuna led the child to wait at his door late at night.

Seeing Jim returning, Yuna asked worriedly, “Is he drunk?”

Everyone can see it. He was so drunk that he can’t even stand still. Neither Chuck nor Benjamin knew what to say to Yuna.

Jim may have heard Yuna’s voice and looked at Yuna with a drunken smile, “You are here?”

Yuna looked at him, “Yes.”

Chuck and Benjamin threw Jim on the bed, and the polite little girl thanked them, “Thank you Uncle for bringing my father back.”

Yuna came to the fierce little girl. “How many times have I told you, he is not your father.”

The little girl was crying, as if she had become a child without a father.

Benjamin and Chuck were embarrassed. As for whether the child is Jim’, they were afraid that Jim also needed a medical report to know?

The two of them left Jim’s house and went to Janice. Chuck was not assured of his younger sister, Benjamin also remembered his wife.

How grateful they were when they went. Otherwise the three women would not let them go.

Three, yes, Alice, Janice and Molly.

This was still the living room, which was almost a garbage dump. The three of them were surrounded by a pile of garbage. There were pizzas all over the floor, all kinds of wine bottles were everywhere, and most importantly, why was there an enlarged version photo of Benjamin and Jim on the wall.

The photo was absolutely thrown by pizza, dropped by wine bottles, and doodled with a paintbrush…

Benjamin couldn’t help asking, “Why there isn’t yours?”

Chuck shrugged, “I am a good guy.”

Just when they wanted to go inside, a piece of pizza flew over to the real-life version of Benjamin. “Benjamin, you don’t like me. Who do you think you are?”

It was Molly, and it was Molly who threw the pizza. Fortunately, Benjamin missed. Otherwise she would throw it accurately.

The next thing was chaos. Alice held Molly’s hair, “Dare you hit my man and see how I fight you. I tell you, if you dare to hook up with my man again, you and I will never end.”

What’s the matter? Benjamin and Chuck were both confused?

Don’t think this was enough. There were more exciting ones in the back.

Janice also grabbed Alice’s hair in a leisurely way. “You jerk, pretending to be pure. My brother has loved you for so many years, you pretended not to know every day, and saying Benjamin was your best male friend. And you two slept together.

Are they crazy? !!

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