Chapter 60 She makes me sick

Karin suddenly feels that Mia’s words make her sick.

“Whatever you think, the only thing I can promise you is that she only will be your fiance.”

“Don’t think I will trust you anymore. In this world, nothing is absolute. Why can you be certain that he will only be my fiance?”

She is so unreasonable, Karin sighs, “It’s true, a woman as relentless as Miss Mia will one day push your man to others, of course, the other I am referring to is not me.”


Mia is angry, but fortunately Robert rushes over in time. Whispering to Mia a few words, she changes her face with a cold one.

“What did she talk to you?”

“What do you think?”

If it isn’t for her bad mood, she would have always paid attention to her tone of speech.

“I don’t guess what she said at first, Charlie asks me to talk to you.” Robert leans over her ears, “He says that Mia is sick last night. He just took care of her overnight and nothing else happened.”

In fact, Charlie doesn’t tell a lie. Mia knows that he didn’t kiss her sincerely. She was furious and had an old problem with chest tightness. Although her felt better after taking the medicine, for fear she would relapse into chest tightness, he had to have her stayed in the room.

Karin says, “It’s none of my business.”

“Look how worried you are. Obviously you have not been mad when eating breakfast. You just don’t admit it.


“How is that possible.”

“If I say no, I mean I didn’t!”

“Okay, you didn’t, but Charlie gave me a task, to get you off the plane in a happy mood, and you say what can I do to successfully complete the task?”

She thinks about it, “Actually, I’ve always been curious why Charlie has to marry Mia when he doesn’t love her?”

Robert shakes his head, “This is a secret. I cannot tell anyone without his permission.”

“Then tell me why he was hunted after two years ago? I want to be honest, don’t fool me!”

Robert shakes his head again, “This is also a secret, I…”

“Forget it, I won’t ask.”

Returning to Zurich and returning to the normal life, Karin’s only wish is to graduate and stay away from this place that does not belong to her.

However, it always is against her wishes.

On the fifth day of returning to school, she receives a notice from the school director that someone wants to see her.

On the way to the VIP reception room, she could not think of who is going to see her. She only knows few people in Zurich except Charlie and Robert.

However, they will not find her in this way, so who will it be?

She stops in front of a golden door, pushes the door open. A woman stands alone in front of the floor-to-ceiling window.

From the back, Karin has no impression on her.

“Excuse me, are you looking for me?”

She asks tentatively, her eyes staring straight ahead.

The woman does not immediately turn around. It seems that she is very picky.

“Excuse me…”

“I heard it. Don’t waste time repeating.”

So arrogant, she can see that the woman is not kind.

The woman walks in front of Karin with her hands around her chest, and looks at her up and down with a pair of sharp eyes, full of disdain.

“You are Karin?”

Taking a deep breath, she smiles and nods, “Yes.”

“Do you know me?”

Shaking her head, Karin says, “No.”

“Take a closer look, do you know me?”

The queen’s order makes Karin very upset. What she hates most is that others speak to her in a command tone.

“Sorry, I really don’t know you.”

In fact, her eyebrows look familiar with someone, but Karin subconsciously does not want to associate the two.

“Oh, then I’ll tell you who I am. Listens carefully, my name is Milan, Charlie’s eldest sister!”

In the last sentence, she emphasizes it particularly.

Karin closes her eyes, and the thing she unwillingly face most has emerged.

“Do you know why I’m looking for you?”


Milan sneers, “You really don’t know, or you pretend you don’t know?”

“Sister, you can just say what you want.”

She sighs and is too tired of dealing with these people.

“You call me sister?” she smiles ironically, “Don’t think you’ve already been approved by out family.”

“I don’t think so.”

Karin feels incredible. She has seen Charlie’s second sister, who is a kind person, straightforward and easy-going, but this one is…

Hey, she’s really annoying.

“It would be better you don’t think so. Since you study in Zurich, you are not stupid. But that’s not enough, you have to know who you are. My brothers are young and handsome. Many women would be attracted by him, and none of them can escape being abandoned. Don’t say I didn’t remind you. Even you are pretty, you will not be luckier than those girls.”

Milan’s sympathetic eyes hurt Karin’s heart. She lifts her chin and stubbornly says, “Thank you for reminding me, but you worry too much. I’m not your brother’s woman, and naturally I will end up with the same result of those women.”

“Don’t you admit it? Oh, since I can find you here, do you think I will come without understanding the truth? I never do anything unsure.”

“What do you want then?”

She doesn’t want to explain anything. She would graduate in a month anyway, and by then, everything would be over.

“It’s simple, stay away from my brother, and go on a blind date.”

“Why should I listen to you?”

“You can’t listen to me, unless you don’t want to pass your graduation.”

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