Chapter 59 Can’t go into his heart

Not every Cinderella can find her own shoes.

If you think you can find it, you must be prepared to be drowned by the spat before you find it.

Charlie returns to the room, and when the lights are on, the woman on the sofa cast him a disappointed look.

“You lied to me for her.”

Mia gritted her teeth and trembled slightly.

She really feels sorrowful. For so many years, he has never lied to her once, and now, for the first time, he lied to her for an insignificant woman.

Oh, she thought that Karin is insignificant.


Charlie walks calmly to her, “Let’s have a talk.”

Some things are destined to be faced, and some people are destined to be hurt.

Although, he doesn’t want to hurt her.

“We have nothing to talk about, just remember your promise.”

She gets up and leaves, but stopped by him, “Listen.”

Mia covers her ears, “I don’t want to listen or talk to you. If you say sorry, I will forgive you.”

Knowing that everything has changed, she is deceiving herself and refuses to face it.

“Mia, don’t do this, Listens to me.” Charlie holds her shoulders, “What I owe you I can never make up for it. Yes, I want to make up for you with marriage, because that’s what you need, but now…”

“No!! No!!”

She runs into his arms and couldn’t help crying. She hits his chest with her fist, “Charlie, you know, I have nothing, you are the only one in my world I can rely on. If you don’t want me, I have no courage to live…”

Mia’s emotions are very excited. Charlie is worried about her chest tightness, so he has to swallow the words.

“I particularly hate that you are with other women. When you face me, you are still calm. You can lie to me for her, can’t you lie to me? When I question you, you can lie to me that you are in Roberts room, or goes to eat supper, or couldn’t fall asleep so get out for some fresh air. No matter what, just don’t look at me with such honest eyes, can you?”

A man is willing to change for a woman because that woman is important in his heart, but Mia doesn’t know this.

“It’s late at night. You’re not well. Go to bed.”

He avoids her problems and at the same time sees the loneliness in her eyes.

It’s not Charlie’s heartlessness, but there is only one place in his heart. And Mia has never walked in it.

“Kiss me, can you?”

The sudden request shocks him.

“Don’t reject me, I will be sad.”

Mia’s humble eyes touch his heart, and it is Charlie’s family who owes to her.

Taking a step forward, hugging her waist, he kisses her, and his cold lips are like his kiss, without any temperature.

Early in the morning, almost the same, the doors of several adjacent suites open at the same time.

Unexpectedly, Mia comes out of Charlie’s room.

“Hi, Miss Karin, good morning.”

Robert greets her in an attempt to divert Karin’s attention.

“Good morning.”

She nods, her white face smiling slightly.

“You all get up so early.”

Mia yawns and deliberately stretches herself.

Charlie steps out later. His expression is a bit confused, but it is only momentarily, and soon, he restores his former calmness.

“Eat breakfast and go to the airport.”

In a few words, he takes the lead to go downstairs.

The breakfast is in front of him, but it is not attractive, but in order not to cause people doubt, Karin eats a bit.

She seems to be calm at what she saw, she she still feels uncomfortable.. If Charlie doesn’t come to her room in the middle of night, it would be fine. But this morning she saw Mia coming out of his room, she feels being fooled.

On the way to the airport, she says nothing, and she thinks that they’d better get as far away as possible on the plane.

At the departure hall, after security checks, Robert comes and says, “We’ll sit together later.”

She snorts angrily, “Wait and see.”

When she came last time, she asked him to sit with her, but he betrayed her. This time, who knows what tricks he wants to play.

She deliberately walks at the end of the crowd, and finds a seat according to the ticket number. It is seat with a window, and she feels much better.

As long as she doesn’t sit with Charlie, the journey will not be long for her.

With her elbows against her chin, she stares blankly out of the window, completely unaware that a pretty figure comes towards her.

When she hears the sound, she instinctively looks back, and suddenly stares at the woman in amazement, “Miss Mia, why do you sit here?”

Mia holds up the ticket in her hand, “According to the ticket.”

What? Her good mood vanishes without trance. Although she doesn’t want to sit with Charlie, no one knows that it is worse to sit with Mia!

Robert sits next to Charlie, who frowns and asks, “Why did you change positions with Mia?”

“She forced me. She said that she has a fight with you and doesn’t want to sit with you. What can I do…”

“Do you believe this?”

Charlie questions coldly. Mia’s purpose is too clear.

“I don’t believe it, but if she wants to make trouble with Miss Karin, there are plenty of opportunities. It doesn’t matter if you change or not.”

His face sinks, “Give you ten minutes, change it back.”

Regardless of whether Mia has the opportunity to trouble Karin in the future, but at the moment, he does not allow anyone to hurt Karin.

As the plane takes off, Karin’s heart hangs up in the air as well.

“I’m curious, why did you come to London with Charlie?”

“Because I’m from London.”

Mia smiles ironically, “This can also be considered a reason? There are tens of thousands of people from London in Zurich. Why doesn’t someone follow him but yo?”

“You can ask your fiance about this.”

“Fiancee? Do you know Charlie is my fiance? Now that you know, why seduce my man?”

“I did not!”

“In the middle of the night, you seduced my man to your room. Don’t you feel shameless? Which decent girl will behave like this? Have you heard the story of covering your ears and stealing the bell? If you have heard it, then you should know that you are deceiving yourself.”

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