Chapter 57 Affectionate kiss

While eating dumplings, Karin listens to Robert’s words, and gradually becomes unconscious.

“Since it has such a significant meaning, why did you ask me make it for him?”

“That’s not the case, Charlie has a deep affection for his mother. Since his mother died, his heart is like a piece of ice. Until I know you, the ice shows signs of melting. Although I am not present at noon today, I’m sure that he must have been touched by the dish you made for him.”

Her nose is sour, she puts down her chopsticks, and says, “I’m full, enjoy yourself.”

He gets upstairs and goes back to the room to pack her luggage, and her mother follows her, “Karin, don’t forget your promise.”

“OK, I know.”

Mother’s expectations are something she can never fail, even if she is unhappy.

On the way back, she thinks about what Robert said, and her mood is always bad.

When she arrives at the hotel, she is hoping to avoid Charlie and Mia. However, things go against her. The moment she steps into the hall, she meets the two.

“Have you had dinner?”

Charlie asks with concern, she nods, and stiffly answers, “Yes.”

“Me too. The dumplings I ate at her house are delicious.”

Robert deliberately shows off. Sure enough, Charlie flashes a surprise in his eyes, but soon calms down, “You go back to the room to rest first, I have something else to do now.”


She nods hurriedly, carries her luggage into the elevator, and closes the door.

It is late at night, lying on the soft big bed of the hotel, thinking about some messy things.

Tomorrow she will return to Zurich, she should not be with Charlie again, but it seems to have a lot of words to tell him, and there is no chance to say.

If Mia hasn’t come, she would speak them out. She could say what she wants to say, all at once.

It is close to one o’clock in the morning. After Charlie takes Mia out, he never returns. No, they should be back, but she is invisible in the room.

He lives next to her, across a wall, but she doesn’t have the courage to raise her ears.

Counting the sheep desperately, she finally feels a little sleepy, but the phone suddenly sounds.

Her heart is startled, and there seems to be a sense of intuition that it is him. It is. The message reads, “Open the door.”

Open the door?

She is shocked and couldn’t believe her eyes. He asks her to open the door. Is he outside her room?

Without much time to think, she jumps off the bed and opens the door without turning on the lights.

A dark figure flashes into the room, just like two years ago, pressing her against the door.

Although the moonlight is pale, it is enough to see his face.


As soon as she is about to speak, her lips are pressed by his.

The gentle kiss lasts for a long time, and Karin is almost out of breath when he kisses her. She forgets to push him away.

Instead, her arms hug his neck unknowingly, smelling the faint mint scent between his tongue and teeth.

She is extremely struggling and contradictory to herself. Two voices echo at them same time. One voice says, “Karin, you can’t do this. You can’t indulge in your feelings.”

Another voice says, “Follow your heart. Love is inherently selfish. As long as you are in love, nothing is impossible.”

Sometimes, she really wants to let herself be indulged in love, like now, she really doesn’t want to think about anyone and just follow her feelings, but can she? What after indulgence? What is waiting for her?

Perhaps, what is waiting for her is endless pain and blame.

Charlie lets go of her. In the darkness, the two looks at each other for a long time. He reaches out and takes her into his arms, whispering softly, “Karin, I will never offend you if I cannot give you a secure future.”

She may be grateful for his responsibility, but why does she feel so sad.

“Charlie, but you offend me every time.”

Karin purses her lips and pushes him angrily.

He hugs her tighter, “Sometimes, I can’t help myself.”

“But what is this? Your fiancee lives next door. If she knows it, how could I feel?”

“Sooner or later, she will know that, and I am ready.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Cancel the engagement.”

She hurriedly says, “No, absolutely not.”

“This is my business. You can’t say no to me.”

Karin feels a little embarrassed, and explains, “I mean, you need to think twice before you act, don’t be too impulsive.”

“Do you want me to marry her?”

Charlie asks seriously, his tone sounds sad.

Her heart softens, “I just want you to be happy.”

For the first time, she begins to face up to the emotional problem with him, “I know that you may marry Mia not because of love, but there must be other reasons. No matter what the reason is, I do not want you to change because of me.”

“How do you know that I do this because of you? It is also possible, but I want to take responsibility for my life.”

“If so, I have nothing to say.”

He smiles, “If not, what do you want to say?”

“I want to say, I hope you be happy.”

“Do you think I would be happy to live with someone I don’t love?”

She is always easily pushed into the corner by him. Facing his affectionate gaze, she wants to escape.

“I feel pity for your helplessness, but I’m sorry, I can’t help you.”

“You feel pity for me? I haven’t sympathized with you yet.”

Karin blushes, “Why do you feel pity for me.”

“Don’t think I don’t know, your relationship is in a mess.”

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