Chapter 56 Ignorance is happiness

The atmosphere suddenly becomes subtle, and several people looking at each other, totally unexpected that they would meet on such an occasion.

“Why are you here?”

Charlie asks in confusion, a gleam of dissatisfaction flashing in his eyes.

“I miss you, why are you upset?” Mia says meaningfully to the opposite woman, “I thought that only you and Robert come to London, I never expect that Karin is here too.”

Karin smiles awkwardly without giving any explanation.

“Why don’t you call me before you came?”

“If I call you, will you let me come here?”

She asks in a resentful tone.

Robert interrupts the embarrassing atmosphere, “Let’s eat first, I’ve booked a room.”

“You eat. I have to go home and pack my luggage.”

Karin just wants to rush away from such an embarrassing scene.

When she is about to leave, Charlie grabs her and says, “Robert will send you.”

She feels numbness in her arm for a while, and she sees the anger in Mia’s eyes.

But Charlie insists, “It’s more convenient for him to drive you home.”

Robert sighs, steps forward and says, “Let me send you home. The weather is bad.”

One mountain cannot have two tigers.

In order to leave quickly, Karin has to agree.

In the elegant restaurant, Mia is sitting opposite Charlie with a gloomy face. She has a lot of things she wants to say, but now, she has no mood to say it.

Charlie is always good to her and orders her favorite food, but he doesn’t feel sorry for hurting her.

“Don’t you explain it to me?”

She couldn’t hold her back, and asks angrily.

“Explain what?”

“Why is she with you? Is the reason why you don’t bring me to London because she takes my place?”

“No one can take your place. I have emphasized many times.”

Mia sneers, “For all these years, you have told me like this every time. Have you ever thought about it that I don’t cherish the thing you stay for me. I hope you can kiss me, hug me, to be your bosom friend. Even if you forsake me, I don’t care!”

Charlie looks up indifferently, and asks sharply, “Are you sure?”

His expression has never been more serious. It seems that as long as she nods her head, he would give her a night’s sleep as she wishes, and then abandons her.

“I’m hungry.”

She doesn’t have the courage to continue the topic.

The sky is gray and starts to rain. Karin’s mood is like the weather, gloomy.

“If it is not for Mia’s appearance, Charlie would definitely send you back in person.”

Robert sees that she is in a bad mood and tries to make up for something.

“Oh, it doesn’t matter.”

She shrugs, trying to pretend to be indifferent.

“I should be blame. Last night, Miss Mia asked me which hotel we are staying in. At that time, I never thought she would come, so I just sent the address to her…

“No. Mia is Charlie’s fiancee. It is normal she come to him.”

“It stands to reason, but…” He sighs helplessly, “How to say, there are some things you don’t understand.”

“For example?”

“For example, having a marriage contract does not mean that they are in love.”

Karin smiles bitterly, maybe others don’t understand, but how could she not understand…

In the hustle and bustle of the city, as long as the weather is bad, there will be traffic jams on the road.

“When is this going to stop?” Karin couldn’t help complaining.

“Don’t worry.”

“I’m not in a hurry, I am worry about you. You haven’t eaten dinner for sending me.” She mumbles softly, feeling sorry.

“It’s okay, I’m not hungry.”

Robert’s patience comes from a kind of cultivation. She turns her head, “Well, why don’t I invite you to my home for dumplings?”


“Of course.”

“Then how do you answer if your parents ask who I am?”

“My boss’s driver.”

He smiles, “Well, that might work.”

After finally reaching the destination, Karin jumps out of the car, pointing at the sign of the dumpling shop and says, “That’s my house, let’s go.”

Robert follows her into the shop. Although the space is small, it makes him feel at home.

“Dad, mom, I’m back.”

Mike is busy with making noodles. He hears his daughter is back and turns to glance at the man behind his daughter. He steps forward alertly and asks, “Who is he?”

“Oh, my boss’ driver, he sent me back to pick up things.”

Karin smiles and coquettishly says, “Cook us a bowl of dumplings. I’m so hungry.”

After a few words of ritual greetings, her father turns to prepare the dumplings. Jane asks her daughter with a low voice, “Will you leave tomorrow?”


Maybe she sees her mother worrying, she pats her breasts and promises, “Mom, I know you and dad will miss me, but rest assured, I will come back to you as soon as I graduate, and I will never leave.”

“It is good.”

Jane smiles comfortably and is willing to trust her child.

After the dumplings are prepared, Karin brings it to Robert, “Taste it and I am sure you will like it.”

He nods, not forgetting to tease before tasting, “If Charlie knows that I am eating dumplings in your house now, he must envy me.”


“Last time he brought you back, he said to me, in fact, he really wants to see the place where you grew up.”

Embarrassingly bowing her head, “What’s so good about it.”

“You just don’t want to understand him.”

The two fall into silence. This is a sensitive topic.

After a while, Robert breaks the silence, “Yes, did you cook the dish I told you at noon?”

“Pork with peanuts?” Karin asks uncertainly.


“Sure, but he doesn’t seem to like it very much.”

“He didn’t dislike it, but he’s afraid to eat.”

“I didn’t poison him.”

Robert sighs slightly and pauses for a while before explaining, “No. Everyone has the memory they need to survive. For Charlie, the memory that he depends on is the dish of peanut fried with pork.”


“Since his parents died, for so many years, he’s been tired innately. The dish is the most commonly cooked by his mother during his lifetime, because no one mixes peanuts with pork, and his mother wants to give him unique love.”

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