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Eye Turn Off

Chapter140 hold on to William

“Dad, it’s all about your compacity. What does it have to do with me?”

Angie asked and was puzzled. Absolutely, she was hoping to help her father, but she knew nothing about the official business. She did not know it until her father said it on his own initiative today.

“William is really promising. Originally, there was another person who was promoted this time. His background was not worse than me, but the leader knows William.”

Alan didn’t say the whole thing, but they had already understood his words.

“You mean that the key to your promotion is William.” Vanessa couldn’t believe it. William was just a lawyer. How would he know Alan’s leader?

There must be some problems in it.

How could Alan not understand his wife’s idea? He had been worked in the officialdom for many years.

He just waved his hand and said, “I’ve checked it out. I don’t know how he gets to know the leader, but my leader looks up to him.”

Then he said to Angie solemnly, “Angie, since you and William fall in love each other, you should know how to do the later things.”

“Dad, I see.” Angie was miserable in her heart. If William really loved her, she was certainly the happiest person. She could not only help her father, but also make their relationship close between William and her family.

She could kill two birds with one stone. She began to regret why she hit Vivian so impulsively.

“Well, don’t run around if there’s nothing to do. Now your every move is in the eye of the censors, which is also the standard for promotion.” Speaking of his official position, Alan’s tone was harsh.

“We all understand.” Vanessa said in a warm voice. “It’s late in the day. Let’s go to have a rest first.”

“Well.” Alan also agreed with her.

“Angie, go to have a rest first.” Vanessa let her go back to the room first.

Angie nodded and walked upstairs with a heavy heart. It seemed that she could not run away with apology to Vivian.

Thinking of apologizing to Vivian in front of William, she felt the bones all over her body hurt. For her father’s promotion, she had to lower her head again.

When her dad’s business was settled, she would make his life a living hell.

Vivian, who was in the apartment, suddenly shuddered. She looked at the weather outside. It didn’t rain. How could she feel a burst of cold air blowing up for no reason?

After returning home from work, Roe had taken his explosive head off and wiped his mole, and he was excited to say it.

“Roe, why are you so happy today?” Vivian pretended to know nothing.

Roe was afraid to see Vivian, and he said in a vague voice, “No, mum, auntie took me to eat delicious cakes today.”

Selina found that Roe had left the topic to herself. She also knew that Vivian had known it for a long time. She was more embarrassed to lie, but she could only nod her head hard. “Yes.”

One couldn’t do something bad, and couldn’t let people catch it even if he did something bad.

Vivian just touched his little head and said, “Remember not to eat too much sweets.”

“I know Mom.” Roe did not dare to express his excitement. The card hidden in his pocket looked like a hot potato. He was very ashamed.

Mom would be disappointed if she knew that he secretly ran to see his father. He just wanted to question why he had to abandon his wife and son.

But Dad behaved as if he didn’t know it, he even thought about whether to give him a chance.

How sad it would be for mother to know that his mind was so uncertain.

So, he decided not to go to see his father secretly.

“Mom, I will be obedient in the future.” Roe’s childish voice said softly.

He was reassuring his mother and reminding himself.

Vivian was shocked, as if she understood the meaning of Roe’s words, she sighed softly and said in a gentle voice, “Roe, you don’t need to guarantee anything to me, I just want you to be happy.”

Roe looked at Vivian with big eyes like black pearls, and seriously said, “Mom, I won’t be happy unless you’re happy.”

“I’m very happy.” Vivian was moved and gently held him in her arms. She was satisfied with her son who loved him so much.

Selina’s eyes were red for a while, but she couldn’t stand it. “Well. My eyes are red.”

Roe’s small head came out of Vivian’s arms. “Don’t be unhappy, aunt. I will protect you too.”

“Come, let me hug you, I will not be sad.” Selina wanted him to come quickly.

Roe took a look at Vivian first, and got a smiling look. Then he walked with his short legs and rushed into Selina’s arms like a shell.

Selina liked this kind of strong hug. “Oh, you’re a little warm boy. My old heart almost melts.”

“Auntie, you’re as young as my mother.”

Roe’s words made Selina feel comfortable all over. Her love to him was worth. “You’re also very handsome.”

Vivian looked at the two people flattering each other, shook her head and laughed, “It’s so late, should we go to bed?”

Hearing she wanted to sleep, Selina reluctantly let go of Roe, “Go to sleep quickly, my little boy.”

“Auntie, I’m a man.” Roe kept his chest up.

Selina nodded and said, “Well, a man without hair.”

“I’ve grown a lot. I’ve grown a lot on my head.” Roe didn’t understand why his aunt always said that he didn’t have long hair. He had a lot of hair, didn’t it count?

Now it’s Selina’s turn to be embarrassed. How could she explain? This was not that hair. “OK, you’re a little man.”

Roe grudgingly agreed with Selina’s words. After all, he was still young and needed to be as tall as his father to be a man.

“Selina!” Roe was too young to know so much, but he insisted that all people treat him as a man.

Selina snorted as if she didn’t hear it. Now please call her deaf Selina.

Vivian went to bed with Roe first. Sometimes, Selina was the same as Roe. The two children who hadn’t grown up were good at their feelings.

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