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Chapter139 two dead Koi

Now there were only two ways for her to choose, either going to have a blind date at home or staying with William. Of course, Angie chose the latter without hesitation. “Mom, I don’t want to have a blind date. I really love William.”

“Since you like him so much, you should learn to be patient. No cross, no crown.”

This was her experience as a mother. Despite her outer performance, she had swallowed up all kinds of grievances before.

“Mom, if William forgives me, does it mean he cares about Vivian or not?” Angie felt sad for a while. She didn’t want to show weakness in front of Vivian, or being trampled in front of her.

Vanessa analyzed for her, “Not necessarily, men care more about the power and chips in their hands. You know that she had stayed with William, and you beat her. You’re hitting him in the face.”

Angie agreed with that. If William liked Vivian, how could he agree to stay with her again? She thought that she was too angry at that time, but she didn’t want to continue to be insincere with Vivian.

She was really in a quandary.

After all, Angie was her daughter. Vanessa knew what she’s thinking.

“Angie, you think it’s against your heart to play fake sisterhood with Vivian, or you can change your mind and let her watch you stay with William. Isn’t it the best revenge?”

With Vanessa’s help, Angie suddenly knew how to do it and happily held her arm, she said, “Mom, you’re clever. As long as I’m with William, she must be angry with me.”

“Don’t torture your father’s fish now.” Vanessa showed a doting smile.

Angie was embarrassed and spit out her tongue and said, “Mom, you can’t tell Dad about it, or he will blame me.”

“You are so impatient when you are in trouble. Just calm down and think about it. In fact, there is nothing to worry about. No matter how big things are, there will always be solutions. Don’t forget your identity. That kind of bitch can’t be compared with you.”

Vanessa’s casual words classified Vivian as the bottom of the society.

“I know Mom.” Angie showed a sweet smile and there was some malice in her eyes. Vivian was just a bitch. If it wasn’t for William, Vivian would not even be a friend with her.

Now she still wanted to take a man from her. She’s a bitch. And the lowliness in her bones could never be rid of.

Angie’s eyes swept casually into the pool, her face suddenly changed, and she hurriedly pulled the sleeve of Vanessa, and said with some fear, “Mom, two fish have eaten too much and they’re dead.”

Vanessa also became a little nervous. She quickly came to check it. As expected, there were two big Koi turning their belly. There were not many fish in the pool. Two of them were dead. It was too late to buy two.

Moreover, this variety of Koi had not been raised in this city for many years.

“Mom, what can I do? Dad will come back soon. If he sees two dead fish, I’m doomed.”

Angie knew how much he cared about the fish. Now they were really dead, and she was scared.

Once a fish was sick, dad gave the servant a hit on her leg. After throwing it out, no one dared to ask that servant to work.

Although she was miserable, but she also felt that the servant deserved it. It was she who did not to pay attention to them, which also let her understand the importance of these fish to her father.

Usually, she didn’t dare to tease the fish easily.

“Why don’t you remember that? They’re dead because of the servant’s carelessness.” Vanessa soon thought of an idea. She had found scapegoats.

Angie immediately understood the meaning of Vanessa and nodded, “I understand.”

Once she thought her mother was just an official’s wife who maintained her social life. Now she knew her mother more. It was not by going to the beauty parlor that mom could have the ‘achievements’ today.

She must listen to her mother more in the future.

Alan came back to know that two of his precious Koi had died. He immediately became furious and dragged the frightened servant out.

Those two fish were given to him by other colleagues. Now that the colleague was his boss, he would be responsible for it if he knew that the fish were dead.

The servant deserved it.

He must ask someone to buy two alike fish.

Angie was also afraid and took a look at Vanessa. Although she was the only child in the family, she couldn’t avoid a slap in the face if he knew it was her who did this.

Fortunately, mom knew how to deal with it.

Vanessa reassured her and let her not to be too obvious.

After all, Alan finally had time to ask about Angie. “Angie, what’s the matter with William? Doesn’t he want to be engaged to you? Why hasn’t he come here for such a long time?”

Angie said in a coquettish way, “Dad, just give me some time.”

Looking at his only daughter, Alan’s serious eyebrows and eyes also softened a little, “Well, but you had better be quick.”

“I haven’t told William yet.” Angie couldn’t say that William wouldn’t come.

Alan deliberately reminded her, “Now Dad is at a critical juncture. Don’t make mistakes now.”

When Vanessa heard Alan’s words, she was very happy. She could not help but go up and say, “Alan, have you put on the agenda?”

“Almost.” When it came to his political career, Alan showed a trace of pride. He was less than 50 years old and he had been promoted two times in five years. Not everyone had his fortune.

So, he cared a lot about the koi in the yard.

There was a little superstition and sustenance in the minds of officials.

Vanessa immediately put her hands together and said excitedly in the east direction, “Great, it’s the blessing of god.”

“Vanessa, it hasn’t come down yet. Don’t talk to outsiders casually.”

Although Alan said this, he did not stop Vanessa’s action. He took a look at his more and more beautiful daughter. He also pointed out, “Thanks to Angie this time.”

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