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Eye Turn Off

Chapter138 taboos of officials

Looking at Roe, who had spent so much time seeing William, Vivian had a jealous feeling.

It seemed that the most important thing of herself had been divided in half.

She knew that she shouldn’t have such an idea. After all, William was Roe’s father, but she was still a little jealous.

However, she was soon relieved. As long as Roe was happy, she would be happy.

In the garden, Angie took breadcrumbs and threw them into the pool angrily, attracting a group of fish to compete for food.

Vanessa shook her head and said, “Angie, if you feed like this, the fish will die.”

“I don’t care. Buy some new fish if they die.” Instead of stopping feeding, Angie grabbed a lot of food and spilled it in.

The fish was full and happy, but she was not.

“The fish didn’t make you unhappy. I can tell that they’re valuable to your dad. You’d better stop at it.” Vanessa knew that she was unhappy.

However, if the living things die in an official’s house, it means bad luck.

For the koi fish in this pool, a servant was specially assigned to serve them at home.

Koi symbolized auspiciousness. Her husband often invited his colleagues to watch it.

Angie knew it in her heart and she didn’t dare to really let the koi die. She was still afraid of her father, she said unhappily, “Mom, I’m so sad. You still care about these Koi. Am I not as good as a fish?”

“That’s nonsense. You are my only daughter, and also the only daughter in our family. You’re the apple of my eye.” Vanessa pretended to be angry.

Angie vented and threw the rest of the crumbs on the ground. “Mom, someone bullied me.”

“Who dares to bully you? Mom will help you out.” Vanessa still took Angie’s hand and put it on her own. Since knowing that his daughter suffered such tribulation, she had been painful.

She could not see her daughter suffer the grievances.

“It’s about that bitch. How did you tell her last time? Why didn’t it work? Now Vivian is still working in the office.” Angie was angry at this.

Vanessa was very smart. Because of her cleverness, she didn’t act as a shrew for the first time.

“My child, I’ve told her not to stay with William. I don’t know she was such a shameless woman.”

Angie was holding her hand and shaking constantly. She said in a coquettish and angry way, “Mom, it didn’t work. She thought you were afraid of her.”

“Don’t worry.” Vanessa patted her on the back of the hand, and there was a flash of light in her eyes. She showed politeness to her first. If Vivian was still so disrespectful, she had some way to deal with her.

But she was worried about her daughter more. Vanessa asked with concern, “Angie, I remember you have invited William for dinner. How is that?”

When it came to William, Angie became sad and frowned, “What can I do? Since I said that, William has been ignoring me. Yesterday, I ordered dozens of lunches for his employees.”

“I’m still hungry and waiting for him to eat. At last, he went out with Selina and Vivian.”

“It turns out that you are not willing to go out because of this these two days.” Vanessa nodded.

“Then what do you want me to do? I can’t do it.” Angie was arrogant all the time. She made friends with Vivian because of her good temper. Now Vivian suddenly didn’t act as before, she was unwilling.

Moreover, the woman that she had looked down upon now had been staying with the man she loved. She couldn’t bear it.

“You are still too young.” Vanessa shook her head and said, “Men don’t like women’s sharp temperament. You just only push him further. At last, other women get into the hole.”

“Mom, what do you think I should do?” At the thought that William might be with other women, Angie felt that she couldn’t breathe out.

“Why do you like him so much? What about other men?” Vanessa admitted that William was an excellent man, but there were still many excellent men.

Even though Angie had experienced things like that, it was possible for her to conceal it.

Angie immediately said unwillingly, “Mom, didn’t I tell you that I only love William? Besides, other men were relying on their family and doing bad things outside, I despise them.”

Vanessa said with disapproval, “Look at you. I haven’t said anything about William. You are so anxious to protect him.”

The present society ran on connections. Even if they didn’t do business, they couldn’t avoid the rules.

“Mom, what can I do? Is William still angry about it? I dare not look for him now. Dad was urging me, and there is not much time.”

Angie was also worried about this. She could wait, but her father didn’t have much time for her and William.

If William didn’t want to come, then her father would find someone to meet her at once. She didn’t want to have a date with those men.

“He cared that you beat the woman. Talk to Vivian and William.” It was the point.

“Mom, you want me to make up with that hypocritical woman? I don’t want it.”

Angie refused Vanessa’s proposal without thinking. She couldn’t stand it for a second. Vivian’s existence was constantly reminding her of her original shame and betrayal.

“If you really care about William, then you should do that. If you don’t like William, I won’t force you, but you should go to blind date with the person introduced by me.”

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