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Chapter137 learning for practice

He didn’t expect Roe would answer like that. William looked at him with appreciation, but soon it disappeared in the dark. “What do you want to ask?”

William also found his behavior very strange, but he didn’t think much about it. He thought he was too busy recently, and he met an interesting little guy, so he also relaxed.

Hearing that, he couldn’t help but show an innocent smile. “Uncle, what kind of man will abandon his wife and son?”

William looked at the smiling face for a long time, only thought there was something wrong with his parents. He said in a flat voice, “No matter what happens to a man, there is no reason to abandon his wife and his son. If a man is not responsible enough, he is not a man.”

“I see.” Roe nodded suddenly. So, Dad, you are not a man.

William suddenly got up and went to Roe. He raised his hand as if to touch his disordered explosive wig.

Roe was stunned, as if he was still enjoying the feeling of touch that was different from his mother’s.

The feeling of being touched by his father turned out to be like this. His father’s hand was so warm. The place he touched made him itching and he wanted to stretch out to scratch.

The Bun’s face was a little red, which was suspicious. He would never yield so easily.

“You are a man. You need to be strong to protect your mother.” William didn’t stay for a long time. He walked to the sofa.

Roe’s little heart was beating fast, he bit his little lips, and suppressed the thrill of surging in his heart, sit beside William without any hesitation, and looked at William’s tall figure through sunglasses with his bright eyes.

Dad was really tall. Will he be tall enough to protect his mother when he grows up?

But why dad’s a heartbreaker?

“Uncle, do you have a girlfriend?”

William looked down at him, who was waiting for an answer. He said, “Selina let you ask me about that?”

“No, I’m curious. Uncle, you’re excellent. There should be many girls like you.”

Roe shook his head and learned from William’s action. He wanted to lean on the sofa but his body was too small. When he leaned back, his short legs were also raised.

It looked funny and cute. Roe felt that he had lost face in front of William. He blushed and wanted to climb down.

Suddenly his body was soared up, and he was leaning steadily on the sofa, leaving only his little feet exposed to the edge of the sofa. He found that he was sitting on the sofa with his father in his arms.

Ah, why did he sit next to him?

Roe didn’t know if he was shy, his ears were hot and dry, but he didn’t reject him.

“It’s not something you should care about. You should focus on your study.” William said slowly.

“I know. I’m about to skip to primary school. My grades are not bad.” Roe was eager to show himself that he almost said what he was still in a pre-school class, and he quickly said he wanted to skip a grade.

With his clever mind, it was proper for him to skip a grade, but his mother didn’t want him to work so hard, and wanted him to experience the happy time of kindergarten for several years.

Although it was not much fun, he still pretended to be happy for his mother’s sake.

William was not surprised, because he often skipped the grade when he was in primary school. He thought it was the result that he should have, “Read more books and broaden your horizons.”

But he forgot that few children could skip the grade.

There’s a kind of people who thought everyone was whiz kid.

Not getting the praise, Roe was still a little frustrated, he was muttering, “I’m still a child, I’ve tried very hard, OK?”

When his mother knew that he could skip the grade, she praised him several times and rewarded him and took him out to play in the evening.

William saw the small sad head beside him. He smiled and didn’t speak. He knew that pudding wanted to be rewarded, but his parents’ rewards were enough. He needed to adapt it and grow.

At this time, Selina took a small cake box and hurried in from the door. He saw Roe sitting next to William. Her eyes almost widened. Fortunately, she reacted quickly and pretended that nothing had happened.

“Pudding, your parents call me and ask me to take you back first.”

Roe immediately understood that it was time to leave. Suddenly, he found that time flied fast. Before he felt it, he had to be separated from the man beside him.

He forgot his original intention to see William.

William’s cold dark eyes glanced at her. “Don’t you want an interview?”

“I’m really sorry. William, pudding’s mother wants to see him. It seems that there is something urgent. How about our interview tomorrow?” Selina forced a smile. She would not be so soft-spoken and submissive to William at ordinary times.

For Roe.

Roe cleverly climbed down from the sofa, holding his small hands tightly. It seemed that he was hiding a certain mood, and he said in a low voice, “Uncle, I will go first. See you next time.”

He didn’t know when he would see him next time, or maybe he wouldn’t have a chance to see him in the future.

Looking at Roe’s inexplicable depression, William felt like he had been hit by someone. When he came to himself, his hand had fallen on Roe’s shoulder.

He didn’t take it back immediately. He took out a card from the card box with his other hand and put it on Roe’s hand. Not as usual, he said gently, “Call me if you want to come to me.”

Selina was shocked. What’s happening? She just went out for less than an hour. They got along well with each other.

Is this the power of kinship?

“Well, I know, uncle.” Roe immediately put on a happy smile, and nodded his head hard and carefully put away his business card.

“Roe, hurry up, or your mother can hardly wait.” Selina began to urge, feeling that something more terrible might happen if he stayed.

Roe nodded, waved to William and said, “Goodbye, uncle.”

William nodded in response.

Roe happily took Selina’s hand and left.

Vivian stood at the corner and looked at the smile on Roe’s face. Her heart was sour. Maybe she should listen to Selina.

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