Chapter136 making him angry on purpose

“Calm down a little, and listen to me.” When Selina saw Vivian, she felt guilty for a while. What should she do? Say it or not?

She would be certainly angry if she told the truth. If she lied, she must return to pick up Roe.

When Vivian saw she’s guilty expression, her heart was desperate. Her lips were trembling. She held a trace of fluke and asked, “Selina, did you leave Roe in it?”

Looking at Vivian’s faltering body, she quickly reached out to stabilize her. She no longer concealed her plan with Roe and told Vivian everything.

She made sure that Roe would not be discovered by William.

But Vivian couldn’t calm down any more. What she was thinking now was that Roe was staying with William. Her face turned white pale. Suddenly, she pushed Selina and ran to William’s office.

There was only one thought in her heart. She must bring Roe out.

“Vivi, calm down first. Roe will be found out if you go in like this.” Selina hurriedly pulled Vivian back.

“How? How can you leave Roe to him? If he knows Roe was his son, what should I do? No, I must bring Roe out.”

Vivian was already a little nervous and incoherent. She didn’t care about anything now, she just wanted to take Roe out.

“Vivi, I know you are worried, but if you rush in and let William doubt about it, then how can you take Roe out?” Selina couldn’t help raising her voice, hoping Vivian could calm down and think about it.

Vivian seemed to suddenly realize this and something took away all her strength. As long as she thought that William would know the truth, her hands and feet were cold, “What can I do? Selina? Roe cannot be known by him. I can’t lose Roe.”

“Vivi, I’m sorry, I didn’t think about it.” Selina said with great regret that she did not consider her fear.

Vivian closed her eyes and shook her head. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be angry with you. It’s not your fault.”

It’s her own fault. It’s her selfishness to take Roe’s comforting words as his sincere words. She was the one who was afraid that Roe would go to see William. She had no right to stop Roe and William from meeting.

But if William knew Roe’s existence, he would take Roe away from her by all means.

Then what she had worked hard would really vanish.

“Don’t be so pessimistic. Roe is very smart. He knows he’s coming in disguise, and William doesn’t find out. I’ll take him out now.” Selina was also a little upset and comforted her.

Vivian also knew that it was too abrupt to take away Roe now. William would doubt it. Moreover, Roe wanted it. Why should she destroy it? If he really knew the truth, she would find another way.

This is what Roe hopes, isn’t it?

With those ideas in mind, Vivian also calmed down, “Selina, there’s no need to tell Roe that I know this, just do as you said.”

“Are you OK?” Selina was still a little uneasy about her.

“I’m fine. I’m too nervous.” Vivian shook her head again and said. There was persistence in her eyes.

Selina nodded and said nothing. “I’ll buy a cake first.”

“Well, I’m going to work first. I’ll be doubted if I stay too long.” Vivian adjusted her mood and showed a forced smile.

“Good.” Selina hesitated for a moment and got up to leave.

She would not let William discover Roe’s identity and she would bring Roe back safely.

The two people in the office didn’t know that.

Roe looked at William boldly and seemed to think that the man in front of him was unqualified to be his father.

William was not angry. He let the little boy in front of him look at himself and calmly read the documents in his hand.

After all, Roe was still young, he had not experienced the tempering even if he was mature. He couldn’t help clearing his throat and asking, “Uncle, can I ask you some questions?”

William slowly put down the document in his hand, looked at the exaggerated wig and said in a low voice, “If you want to ask, you should show your face first.”

The sun was really strong outside, but it was not dazzling at all in the office, and there was a pair of sunglasses on his small nose.

It was suspicious.

Roe pushed the sunglasses on the bridge of his nose and answered, “Uncle, don’t you think it’s awesome?”

William glanced at him lightly and said, “I don’t think so.”

“I think it’s very good. You see, my hairstyle looks like my father’s. I don’t need to braid it when I get up in the morning. Many girls like it very much.”

Roe seemed to make William angry on purpose, he stretched out his fleshy little hand and touched the hair beside his ears.

He had heard from his aunt that his father didn’t like men dressed in strange clothes. He thought it was girlish. Although he thought so, he still wanted to see his father’s reaction.

As expected, William’s straight eyebrows were frowned, and his cold voice was with a trace of unhappiness that he didn’t understand. “Didn’t your parents tell you that men should be more serious?”

William felt that the little boy in front of him should not be dressed like this.

But he couldn’t say it clearly for a while.

Roe acted if he didn’t understand, he pouted, “But Uncle, I’m still a kid.”

As if to show his innocence, he blinked with his big soft eyes towards William.

It was too early for him to know these things, but he just couldn’t help but want to teach him a lesson, “I know it’s a wig.”

“…” Roe immediately stopped the action of braiding his hair. He approached the tall man with his short legs. He was not as tall as the table. He still tried to look up at him, “Uncle, you haven’t answered my question yet.”

William looked at Roe, who was not as tall as the table. He still tried to look at him with his little head up hard. This stubborn look made him absent for a moment. A few days ago, a little woman looked at him stubbornly like this.

But William wanted to take off the little boy’s glasses and see if his eyes were as stubborn and unyielding as the bright ones he remembered.

Roe didn’t expect that William would reach for his sunglasses. He quickly backed up and said, “Uncle, it is not serious of you to take other people’s glasses without their consent.”

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