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Chapter 164 Lily, I am Wrong

Lily doesn’t know how she gets out of his office, she only knows that her heart was crumpled and crushed by Karl’s words. His every single word becomes a picture that flashes through her mind. She can even picture the poor days of Rex.

It is her who is deceived, but why does she feel so guilty?

Lily is at a lost. When she stops, she is already in front of the ward.

Separated by a heavy door, she couldn’t see anything in the ward, but a picture of that person lying weakly on the bed appears in her mind.

The word “weak” never matches him. So when it shows up, she feels distressed.

Lily raises her hand to knock but then quickly lays it down. She does this again and again for at least five times, and then she finally takes a deep breath before pushing the door.

The light in the room shines the door. Standing at the door, she can only see the foot of the bed, and his legs under the white blanket. She walks in quietly, approaching step by step, then she sees his feet, waist, and chest… Finally, her vision fixes on the pale yet handsome face.

He is in a blue hospital gown. She can smell the remaining smell of alcohol once she enters the ward. The smell still hasn’t dispersed after a whole night, which tells that he has drunk much last night.

His stomach has always been bad. He seldom eats spicy food, and now, he drinks till bleeding.

Lily looks at his depressed face; her heart is anxious yet irritating. Originally, she just wants to look at him from distance and leave. But after a long time, she can’t help but softening up and just wants to get closer.

A few steps away, Lily walks to the bedpost and stands still. His breathing is heavy, as though something is pressing his chest. His thick brows frown slightly; he is really uncomfortable, which lets her soften a bit.

He is in this state because of her, how should she stay out of it?

He punishes himself in this way. Even if he doesn’t mention it, she is aware of it.

Lily lowers her eyelid; her vision stays on the man on the bed for a while. There are two villains fighting inside her mind. She struggles for quite a while before she is defeated.

‘If you are willing to look after him, wipe his forehead and palm, it will cool him down faster’.

Karl’s word flashes into her mind. Lily turns to the bathroom and twists a towel and carefully bents over, afraid that she will hurt him. She then carefully compresses the sweat pearl in his forehead, then the neck and palms.

She rinses the towel over and over again, and also wipes him over and over again. It makes her sweat all over her body after three rounds.

After things are all done, she checks his temperature again; it’s thirty-eight point two. Fortunately it doesn’t rise. Karl says that it is a normal symptom after alcoholism.

Lily is relieved. When she is ready to put the thermometer back to the place, she unexpectedly bumps into a pair of deep dark eyes as soon as she lowers her head.

Their eyes meet each other. The room is quite, the surrounding air seems to freeze into ice, making people tremble.

For a few seconds, Lily’s first reaction is to run away. She doesn’t even have time to put down the thermometer in her hand and turns anxiously. When she has just taken a step, her wrist is pulled from behind.

Rex’s strength is not strong because he just wakes up. She actually can run away from it, but….

Lily looks at the needle hidden in the blood vessel of his hand. The strength that has just been accumulated loosen up immediately, she barely leaves a sentence, “Let go.”

“No.” His voice is unprecedentedly hoarse, which could make people feel dry.

Lily’s heart beats fast. She doesn’t turn around, but only entangles with him awkwardly.

Rex feels the pulse beating wildly on her wrist. He stares at her back, “I know you take care of me.”

Once the word fell, Lily bites her lower lip hard. Her small face is hot yet swollen. There is a sense of embarrassment that she feels like she is caught doing some bad things. She then asks him angrily, “You pretend to sleep?”

“No.” Rex softens up, “You’re so rude that it wakes me up.”

Lily is speechless; she wishes to find a hole and buries herself.

The atmosphere becomes a little more subtle. Just when Lily is about to unable to endure, the man’s hoarse voice comes from behind, “Lily, I’m wrong.”

Lily’s tears, which has been holding for the whole time, finally falls down by these words. She lowers her head and looks down. The big droplets hit the ground vertically, leaving a dark stain.

She sniffs her nose, and gets angrier when thinking that he makes himself hospitalized, “What is your fault? You torture yourself like this to make this my fault!”

“I don’t.” the man holds her wrist with a few forces; all the words in his mind become two words, “I’m sorry.”

His force makes Lily tremble, afraid that the needle in his flesh will break.

Lifting up the other hand to wipe away her tears, Lily takes a deep breath and faces the man behind her, smiling bitterly, “What do you want me to say? It’s okay? Or should I say I forgive you?”

Rex twists his eyebrows and looks at her for a moment. As if being choked by her, he suddenly coughs violently. His face is flushed with a bad breath; he doesn’t even wait for it to stop and eagerly says, “You may not forgive me, as long as you don’t leave me.”

What he fears the most is not her blame or complain, but losing her and unable to see her again.

Lily’s heart seems to be hit hard. After a short pause, it quickly jumps. She looks at the man on the bed and sees the fragility and softness behind his arrogant figure for the first time.

It turns out that he is also afraid, afraid of her leaving, and afraid of losing her. It turns out that she is not suffering from this alone.

Lily’s ears suddenly echoes the sentences that Karl has just said in the office–

‘Can you give him a chance?’

How can’t, even if she hypnotizes herself, she couldn’t escape the fact that she has fallen in love with him. After listening to those words and learns about the fact, the suspicions and doubts in her heart are driven away, and now she is just distressed on his miserable past.

The man has experienced bereavement. He has shouldered such a heavy responsibility that he is more tired than anyone.

On the path of love, he walks like an old man. He is already staggered, yet still needs to move forward.

At this moment, Lily’s haze is drifted away. She sees her own mind clearly, as well as his’.

The two of them keep silent. They stare at each other for a long time. Their pupils reflect each other’s faces. Lily sees the tension in his eyes and bluffs him, with her eyes red, “If you deceive me again, I will leave you forever!”

As she finished, Rex slightly closes his eyes, but the strength of his hand is not released. His chest is undulating, and his voice has changed, “Lily, Lily…”

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