Chapter 163 Can You Give Him a Chance?

Her words successfully mute Karl. When he saw Rex being sent over this morning, he has thought of this reason. Something serious must have happened that a self-controlling man like him can indulge himself.

But even if it is expected, he has never thought that it is related to Marina.

Karl’s complexion slightly changes. What Rex worried the most has happened. He has used so much effort to conceal it, but in the end, Lily still discovers Marina’s existence.

Thus, this makes him panicked that he doesn’t know what to do and can just indulges himself with alcohol.

Karl feels complicated, there are countless of excuses that could obscure Lily’s question. But in the end, he still chooses to tell the truth, “I know.”

Lily’s clenches her fist violently, her fingernails fall into the tender flesh of her palm, and it is really painful. She uses all her strength to utter these words, “Do you guys all know about it?”

Her voice trembles into an out-of-tune tone. It seems that if Karl replies her with “yes”, she will collapse.

“Lily, calm down. Things are not like what you think; I know you feel deceived and betrayed now. You can doubt anything, but you have to believe that Rex will never fall in love with others except you.” Karl looks at her with sorrowful eyes; he is also distressed to see this twenty-four little girl being painful like this, “I can tell you everything I know, you can just ask anything.”


Lily’s eyes flicker, she stays silence for a long time. It feels like that she is a spy who is suddenly granted, which makes her get lost at the moment. There are so many doubts in her heart, and they are intertwined together, densely packed. This makes her breathless.

Karl sees that she is bewildered and adds in, “The woman in the North Villa is called Marina, and she is two years younger than Rex. I don’t know whether Rex has told you about their relationship. For Rex, Marina is like her sister, there will definitely no other emotions.”

Lily suddenly thinks of the words they said at the door of the Villa last night, and says mockingly, “They are not related by blood, aren’t they?”

Karl freezes for a moment and nods, “Yes.”

He lowers his eye slid, as if he is recollecting something and then says again, “Are you curious about this? They have no blood relation, but they are brother and sister.”

Karl’s question has penetrates into Lily’s heart, this is what she cares the most.

Rex is definitely not a passionate person, he will never give an effort for no reason, but from his behavior towards Marina, he can sees why she is really concerned about the woman called Marina.

“Marina’s parents saved Rex’s life. When he went to study in the U.S., he could hardly afford to eat. Even if he took countless jobs a day, he still needed to pay for a lot of expensive tuition. It was Marina’s parents who helped him. Thus, Rex had made up his mind that he must repay them once he earned money. But, unexpectedly, on the way to Rex’s graduation ceremony, they crashed into a car accident and died, which become the biggest scar in Rex’s heart.” Karl tells her, signing with emotions. He once thought that this was not real, but this was really the truth, “When her parents died, they entrusted him to take care of their daughter, Marina. So, Marina is not only a sister, but also a life-time responsibility that can never shed on.”

Even though he has done all he can do, and has repaid everything that he owed. The man feels that it is still not enough.

Lily doesn’t expect to be like this. After listening to it, she feels nasty. Before, Orson told her that Rex’s life was not good before. Thus, when he was in misery, Marina’s parents subsidized him. What’s more, they ended up dead indirectly because of him. For that man, this must be a devastating blow.

These are things that Lily has never been aware of.

Karl takes a sip from the tea cup, the fragrance of the tea spread out, making it less difficult for him to tell out, “Later, Marina suffered from an extremely rare H2 blood disease. There are only a few cases in the world. The symptoms – sunlight repellence, wounds that cannot be healed without medical treatment, blood rejection, and so on, have tortured her for so many years. So Rex also put a lot of effort into this, now that her condition is improved, Rex takes her back here. Afraid that you will misunderstand him and also afraid that it will affect Marina’s condition, he concealed everything, this is not his intention, it’s just a hopeless choice.”

“Blood disease?” Lily remembers the pale yet feeble face last night. Now that she recalls it carefully, it really reveals a sickly pale color.

“Yes, there is no treatment that can help the patient to recover. They can only relieve the patient’s pain as much as possible. All of this is supported by Rex. He bears a lot, whether from material or mental.”

Lily covers her mouth in surprise, “He never told me….”

If he is willing to mention a little, it will not evolve into the situation like last night.

Karl sighs and persuades her like a warm brother, “But you can rest assured, Rex definitely has no affections for her. Lily, I hope you can believe him.”

He has known Rex for so many years; he knows everything about this man. His will never do such a thing.

The clutter in Lily’s heart is slightly loosened; her question is actually more like grievance, “Why didn’t he tell me the truth. For him, am I not worthy of being trusted?”

“Just because he values you so much that he hide it.” Karl smiles, “If you aren’t so important to him, maybe he will call it out. The reason why he doesn’t tell you is because it’s too heavy, and he is afraid that you will mind, so he doesn’t dare to take any risk of losing you.”

He is the onlookers of their love. As an onlooker, Karl knows that Rex loves Lily more than he thinks, and so does Lily.

If none of them care, how can they torture each other like this?

“Rex is also a person with chaotic feelings. He has an unpleasant past, so he resists woman and rejects sexual relations. You’re an exception, so you don’t have to worry that he may fall in love with other. He gives everything to you.” Karl looks at her deeply, thinking of it, he couldn’t bear it, he really hope that someone can accompany him. There is a trace of sourness in his warm eyes, “He always bears everything alone and solves everything silently. It is not that he doesn’t want to tell you, but he is used to suffer alone. Lily, can you give him a chance? It has been so hard for him to should these alone all these years.”

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