Chapter 162 Drink Till Bleeding in the Stomach and Hospitalized

Pehry is stubborn, “Who, who drank too much, I… I still can drink…”

He talks verbally, manager does not understand, and he even doesn’t know what he is talking about. The manager glares at the waiter who peeks at them. He couldn’t let him get a bad reputation and directly supports him to the elevator.

Pehry is a strong man and trainer who is over one meter eight tall, whereas the manager is only in one meter seven. On the way to his bedroom, he keeps on stumbling. Finally, they arrive at the bedroom, but before he could breathe out, the man on the bed suddenly vomit.

“…” After being so long with Pehry, this is the first time he sees him like this.

He quickly picks up the intercom and dials the cleaning staff. After the entire room has been cleaned up, half an hour has already passed.

After the manager left his room, he gets back to the track and goes to the private room, only to find to Rex is still on the sofa, drinking alone. He doesn’t look strange; at least he is much better than Pehry.

“Rex, Pehry has drunk too much, I’ve help him to rest, why don’t you also take a break?”

In the room, only the lamp on the side of the wall is on, the dim light fall on the man’s shoulder. Rex crooks his head, which makes him unable to see his expression, but only with this look, he can feel his gloomy spirit.

The manager stands at the door, waiting for his reply. After half a minute, the man speaks quietly, “No need, go out.”

The man’s voice is hoarse, which is because of drinking too much alcohol.

The manager looks at the wine bottles on the table and wants to persuade him, “Rex, it’s late, you…”

“Go out.” Rex interrupts him, his tone is already impatient.

His attitude is determined, which makes the manager dare not to say more and closes the door.

There is only him left in the room, everything around him is quite. Rex leans back on the sofa behind him and glances at the watch. It is fifteen minutes to four in the morning. There is no news from the guards on the Villa. She might have fallen asleep.

Rex lifts his head, it is already dizzy. His stomach is painful because of the wine. However, he doesn’t feel it and keeps on pouring the wine and drinks it.

Just let him indulge once and get drunk, thus he will not think of the disappointed look of her.

Lily wakes up at less than six o’clock in the next morning. After spending the night on the floor, her eyes are swollen, her legs are sore, her head is slightly hot. She might have a fever.

It takes a long time for her to get up from the floor. She then gathers courage to open the door. Yet, the Villa remains calm. He didn’t come back last night.

She can’t tell what it feels like in her heart, is it disappointment? But she is afraid to open the door and face him. Is it a disappointment? Facing the deserted room, she feels a bit cold.

Lily stands at the door in a daze. Suddenly, the phone on her pocket rings madly, which makes her body stiffen. She thinks it is Rex, but doesn’t expect it will be Karl.

Why does he look for ‘me’ at this hour?

Lily subconsciously guesses that it has to do with Rex; otherwise, Karl will not call her at this time. When she is still thinking about it, the other party has already hung up. However, within a few seconds, he calls again.

Why does he keep on calling her at this moment, did something happen to Rex?

There is a ‘throb’ in her heart and she has already presses the green button with her fingertip, “Hello?”

“Lily, Rex didn’t go home last night because he had been drinking in Red Club. Now he is poisoned with alcohol and the stomach bleeding has made him into coma. I will give him some serum; you come to the hospital…”

Poisoned with alcohol, stomach bleeding, coma.

These words break into Lily’s ear and shock her heart, made her panic in a second. What about last night? Hearing his bad news, she couldn’t help but whimpering, “How is he now?”

“Unconscious, he’ll have a gastric lavage first”

Lily’s heart twitches abruptly. Before she could change her dirty clothes, she goes downstairs hastily and gets the car key, “Karl, wait for me, I’ll go right away!”

After hanging up the phone, Lily goes to the garage in a breath. Thinking that Rex is in the hospital right now, she is so frightened that she has to pinpoint the seatbelt for several times before snaps on it.

She has never driven a car at such a high speed in her life. Even a little faster can made her scared. But now, although the dashboard shows the speed is more than one hundred, she doesn’t feel any fear. What she thinks in her mind is only that man.

He didn’t come back last night just to drink all night? Drink till stomach bleeding, drink till unconscious?

Lily’s eyes are red. She rubs it in a random way, afraid that it may block her eyesight and make her unable to see the way ahead. When she thinks that he’s abusing his own body, she is breathless.

It turns out that not only did she hurt, he was also hurt.

If she knows that things would be like this, she will not drive him away without any guts.

After an anxiety all the way, she finally arrives. Lily goes straight to the department where Karl said. As soon as she gets out of the elevator, she sees Karl and a group of doctors and nurses who are pushing Rex to the ward.

She runs a few steps and looks at the man whose eyes are close and face is pale. Lily feels like being bitten by thousands of ants.

A generous big hand falls on her shoulder; Lily looks at the side and asks in a choked voice, “Is he… all right?”

“He’s all right for the time being; only his stomach is not good. He will not be able to eat recently and can only rely on nutritional food through liquid.” Karl looks at her appearance, which makes him, as Rex’s best buddies, couldn’t blame her. When he sees her wanting to enter the ward, he blocks her, “Lily, are you free, I want to talk to you.”

Lily’s looks at him with her red eyes and then at the man who is pushed into the ward. After hesitating for a few seconds, she nods her small head, “Okay.”

Karl silently sighs and leads her all the way to his office.

In the office, Sally is also there. She is sorting out something. When they come in, she leaves for giving them some space. On her way out, she pats Lily’s shoulder to comfort her.

“Sit.” Karl pours a cup of tea and puts in on the table, “Rex’s condition is not that serious. You don’t have to worry too much. He has a good physic which can cover his illness.”

The last sentence is obviously uttered with anger. The man is so mad that Rex doesn’t care about his body.

Lily puts her hand on her legs and clasps them together, not saying a word.

“Did you guys quarrel with each other?” Karl tries hard to make his voice chill, afraid that Lily will become more tense, thus he act as a warm brother to console her, “the thing that can make Rex drunk might be serious, can you tell me about this?”

Lily meets his gaze, her eyelashes are trembling. After entangled for a long time, she asks him uneasily, “Karl, do you know that person in the North Villa?”

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