Chapter 161 Drunk in the Middle of the Night

Lily, who is indifferent all the way home, enters the Villa. Instead of going to the bedroom, she enters the guest room on the side, locking the door. She even doesn’t have time to go to bed and directly lies on the wood floor.

She doesn’t turn on the light, the thick curtains cut off all the light. She embraces her knees with two hands, forming a small space for herself. The heater inside is quite sufficient, but she feels cold and stiff.

She has suffered from the feeling of being betrayed by someone she trusted the most once before. It is enough to kill half of her life. At first, Rex rescued her from the abyss of suffering. Now, this man also lies to her.


Lily is aware of the emotion in Marina’s eyes. The woman has something for Rex. This is a a woman’s understanding.

And Rex?

She believes that he will not do something sorry for herself, but is it right to deceive her?

Lily feels like an outsider. If he tells her about Marina’s existence, she might not be so sad. The weakness and sadness emanating from her bones makes her wonder how to face it.

She stupidly believes his words for so long. When watching her trusting him like a fool every day, will he feel sorry for her in his heart?

Lily dares not to think, for fear that all she sees is an illusion of self-righteousness, and that the man she falls in love with is not like what she know.

Her trust is squandered by him. Thus, even the explanation seems to be so useless at the moment, she couldn’t believe him anymore.

Lily doesn’t know how long she has cried, how long she has sit. She only knows that the man who is on the car has left again. She hears the engine sound in the yard of the villa, the car restarts again.

Lily hugs her arms even harder, as though it could build a wall for herself. Closing her eyes, tears falling, Lily’s sobbing gradually becomes howling. Where did he go? Company, other residence, or return to the North Villa?

No one can answer, no one knows. The feeling of panic and anxiety overwhelms her again.

Before Rex drives away from the Villa, he has sent someone to watch around it. If Lily leaves or anything happens, they will notify him as soon as possible.

She said she wanted to be quiet, but he couldn’t help but want to find her as long as he is there. Therefore, he could only control himself by leaving.

The time slowly turns into dawn. It’s clearly at night, but he is at lost and doesn’t know where to go. He is usually busy at work and is not keen on having fun. After thinking, he only thinks of Pehry alone.

He dials Pehry in the state of distress. The other end is quickly connected, accompanied by a loud music in his ears, “Rex? You are calling me at this time, fantastic…”

His voice is a little erratic, it sounds like he has drunk a lot.

Rex is lazy for more nonsense, “Where are you?”

“Where can I still be, of course Red Club, why are you looking for me?” it seems that the sound around him is too loud, Pehry turns off the music, which makes the girl beside him complains, “Pehry, why do you turn the music off…”

Pehry perfunctorily coaxes, “Wait for a moment.”

Rex turns around and drives to Red Club, “I’m going there.”

“You’re coming!?” Pehry voice increases twice, very surprise, “Now?”


“No problem!” Pehry couldn’t hide the excitement in his voice, “I’ll ask the manager to bring the best wine. Come here quickly, I’ll wait for you in the private room!”

Rex hums a sound and hangs up. He steps even harder on the throttle, his anxiety needs to be diluted with alcohol.

Forty minutes later, the car stops at the door of the Red Club. The bell boy recognizes his license plate and takes the key respectfully to park his car.

The manager of the club comes down personally to greet him. When Rex enters the private room, Pehry is sitting alone on the sofa, like a big boss smoking tobaccos.

Seeing him coming in, he quickly gets up and greets, “Rex.”

Rex has a bitter face, he walks straight to the sofa and sits down, picking up the expensive wine to pour it into the glass. Without any toasting, he pours it directly into his mouth.

The hot liquid cut the throat and flows into the stomach through the esophagus. Even the whole body is burning; he finally feels the numb inside. Rex pours for the second glass, but is stopped by Pehry.

“What’s wrong?” Pehry will not take it as a joke when he saw Rex’s abnormality, his expression becomes serious.

Rex snorts, rubs his teeth twice and chews, “Upset.”


Pehry takes his own glass, secretly thinking about what kind of thing that can make Rex upset and get drunk in the middle of the night. Except for the uncontrollable Lily, there is no one else.

“Because of my sister-in-law?” He has used to call Lily sister-in-law, only to find out that the word are inappropriate. He sweeps across Rex and after he knows that he doesn’t have any respond, he eases up.

“She… went to Marina today.” Speaking of the thing that just happened, his eyes are as dark as an ink that could not be melted.

Pehry’s long peach eyes unconsciously widen, “She knew it?”

“Yes.” Rex puts his hand on the knees, half of his face is buried in his palm, “She knows Marina’s existence, but doesn’t know what our relationship is.”

Only then Pehry understand why Rex will come to drink with him in the middle of the night. If this happened to him, he might be even more distraught, not knowing what to do.

“Did you explain to her?”

Rex inhales deeply, saying helplessly and sourly, “She doesn’t believe it.”

And now, he has no position to ask her to believe.

Pehry doesn’t know how to comfort him. He glances at the glass at his hand and grits his teeth, “Rex, if you have anything to vent, let’s vent tonight!”

Rex laughs, but there is no much temperature in it, “Okay.”

The two keep on toasting. The wine on the table is drunk just within a short moment. Even though Pehry is a good drinker, it is his first time to drink so much at such a speed. He doesn’t even sober up. There is obviously a toilet in the private room, but he still goes outside. He stumbles within a few steps.

The manager of the club behind him is frightened and quickly steps forward to support him, “Pehry!”

Pehry vaguely hears someone shouting his name, but he is really unstable and says ambiguously, “What, what?”

“You’ve drink too much, let me help you go upstairs to rest.” The club manager is choked by the strong alcoholic smell of Pehry. If he was not his boss, he really thinks that he is a street alcoholic.

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