Chapter 160 Until When Are You Going to Hide from Me

The latter simply says a few words, “Say it honestly.”

Marina doesn’t expect that she will become the key in an instant. She really wants to say several things between her and Rex. They are childhood sweethearts, and they are bound to be together and no one can tear them apart.

However, by looking at Rex’s nervousness now, she knows very well that if she talks nonsense, her relationship with Rex will come to an end.

Marina takes a deep breath and withdraws her sight, then looks straight at Lily. After a few seconds, she speaks softly, “Although we’re not related by blood, for me, Rex is like my brother. We didn’t have any special relationship; you don’t have to think much.”

At first glance, this sentence might seem normal. But what did she mean by think too much? Even if she misunderstands, everything is still normal for her, why did she say much?

“Brother without any blood relation?” Lily sneers, “What kind of acting is it?”

Rex purses his lips, “Her parents are my life-saver.”

Lily turns her head to look at him, her bug red eyes are swollen from crying, which make her couldn’t help but questioning him, “Then why do you hide it from me?”

Even though he has nothing with Marina, Rex keeps on sighing, “Marina is still not in a good condition, and she is still on recuperation. I want to tell you when she is better.”

“When will be the time when she is better?” Lily is like being soaked in a water tank. The urgency of suffocation makes it difficult for her to breathe, “If I didn’t come here today, until when are you going to hide it from me? Do you really want to make me look like a fool, didn’t you feel guilty at all?”

After speaking, without waiting for his answer, she immediately adds in, “Rex, I never really know you.”

This is not the man she knows. In Lily’s eyes, he is a person who disdains lying. His every sentence can be trustful, if he doesn’t do it right, he will never say it, he is a trustworthy person. But today, she sees everything.

She suddenly remembers that every time he left late at night, or occasionally stays outside for the night. In the end, this is the reason behind his lie, wandering between two women.

Horrible, really horrible, her trust has completely withdrawn. All her cognition on him has destroyed; this person is not the one she knew.

Her eyes are so desperate that Rex is afraid of losing her, “Lily, I am always worried about her condition, so I come to accompany her and there’s nothing else, I…”

“What else do you want? Isn’t it enough to lie to me?”

Facing her interrogation, Rex is speechless. Everything he worried has happened. He does deceive her. Whether for a good purpose or not, he ultimately disappoints her.

“Sorry, Lily, sorry…” He apologizes in a really low voice.

Marina has never seen Rex like this. He is so arrogant, so cold, there is countless of people admire him, but did he become so humble just because of this woman?

This man is born with nobleness, never bow down to anyone, but now he becomes humble into a dust for Lily.

Marina’s heart seem to be plugged by a dagger, so painful that she is about to stand unsteadily. The man that she has loved, why did he beg for Lily’s forgiveness in such a low profile?!

Marina stares at Lily fiercely and observes Rex’s attitude. She is even feared that she will be alienated by Rex for Lily’s sake.

Thinking of not being able to be with Rex again, Marina feels a chill in her heart and sees the two in stalemate. She takes an initiative to walk over while closing her eyes to block the hatred in her eyes. “Lily, I’m sorry if I’d caused a misunderstanding. I really have nothing to do with Rex. My parents used to help Rex and later left the world because of him. I’m suffering a strange disease helplessly and can only rely on him. I hope you can understand, just pity me.”

Lily hears the relationship between the two and also about her parents. The family affection make Lily couldn’t find any problems, even though she has great grievances in her heart. She just doesn’t want Marina to be here, but now it seems that it cannot be avoided.

Thinking of which, Lily is exhausted. When will she chose?


Rex still wants to say something, but Lily interrupts him, “Stop it, and let me calm down.”

There are too many things happen tonight. All of her strength seems to be overdrawn, her head is in chaos, and she needs to sort things out carefully.

Rex holds her wrists, feeling a resistance under the palm, which makes him press harder, “I’ll take you home.”

“I want to be alone.”

“I’ll send you.” He repeats again, his tone is impatient. He is really worried that something will happen with her under current condition. He is even afraid that once she left, she will disappear again.

Marina knows that she couldn’t keep him, thus she doesn’t force. She even opens the door for Lily, without showing any reluctance, “Drive safely.”

Lily doesn’t even lift her eyelids. Rex only makes a soft response and starts the car to leave.

Standing at the door of the empty villa and watching as the car disappear; the softness on Marina’s face also becomes jealous. Rex loves the woman more than she thought, she will never allow any woman to overwhelm her feelings, and she must take back his heart!

On the way home, the atmosphere in the car seems to stay still. The light on the street outside the window passes over their faces. Suddenly, the dark mood is covered at this time.

Lily closes her eyes and looks very exhausted. Rex knows that this silence is her resistance. She neither talks nor looks at him.

The man’s hands on the steering wheel clenches secretly, his chins is tight, there seems to be a string between two of them. Whoever makes a little effort, it will break.

Silence overwhelms all the way, when the car arrives at the Villa; it is almost early in the morning. With the sound of parking, the car parks steadily in the garage. At this time, Lily reaches out to open the door handle.

Rex presses on the central lock, the atmosphere suddenly becomes tense.

“I want to get off.” After half a minute, Lily speaks first.

The man’s throat knot rolled, hardly put his eyes on her. The tip of his tongue widen bitterly. He uses an effort to call her name, “Lily…”

The tears that Lily held back just now fill her eyes again. She doesn’t look at him, her tone is sarcastic, “Rex, you don’t have to force me, let me calm down, or else I didn’t know what will I do again.”

She needs a place to buffer, really needs a place to calm down. As long as he is there, she cannot calm her emotions.

Rex really wants to hug her into his arms, and to explain clearly to her, but by looking at her pale face and forbearance, his heart seems to be torn apart, the pain is inexpressible.

He turns his head to look at the front of the garage; his head slightly rises against the back of the seat and he closes his scarlet eyes. He opens the lock with his trembling hand.

She told him not to force her. Okay, he won’t force.

Lily slightly purses her lips. It takes only a second for her to open the door without turning back. She doesn’t look back and closes the door. The light on the roof of the car is turned off once again, leaving the man alone in the darkness.

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