Chapter 159 I Will Never Trust Him Anymore

Lily quickly raises her hands to cover her mouth, being afraid that she will cry. The strength of her body is pumped away in an instant, and she leans firmly on the wall besides her.

How come…

Hearing the sound, Rex pauses and turns to look at Marina who comes over. His thick brows are frowning, “It is so cold, and why are you here?”

“Rex, today you may not leave me, okay?” While talking, Marina’s eyes flashes and finds that Lily is hiding in the distance. Jade has informed her just now, thus she comes.

Rex is back to Lily and doesn’t find anything strange. When he is about to say something, he sees Marina’s body crooked, he then stretches out to support her with a little bit bewilderment, “What’s wrong?”

“I’m fine. It’s just that I’ve been dizzy occasionally.” Marina says that she is okay, but her body relies on Rex’s body to be closer, “It’s so late, are you staying today?”

Marina’s voice is very low, Lily could hardly hear it. But from her perspective, the two people are overlapping as if they are hugging each other.

Tears rage up, blurring everything in front of her. Seeing the woman calling him intimately, Lily really wants to escape and avoid it. But when she sees that the two are embracing each other, she seems to be nailed in the place and is unable to move.

Although he pushes her away and turns around and leaves, it is not enough to restore the wound in her heart.

Lily watches him as he gets in the car, starts it and turns on the light. He lowers the window and waves at the woman patiently.

Lily closes her eyes vigorously, blinking away her tears, then leans on the wall to walk to the door of the Villa in a state of prostration.

A bunch of dazzling light come but Lily only walks straight to the middle of the gate as if she doesn’t notice it.

With a squeak, the tires rub against the ground. Because of the rapid speed, they leave a light black trace behind. It seems that there is still a bit of fire in the cold night.

Rex is quite steady inside the car. When he lifts his head to see who it is, he meets a small face with tears in her eyes. He is totally stunned and even forgets to get off the car. And his pupils are trembling in shock.

Lily looks at the man who is sitting in the car with tears in her eyes. What else to say, what else could be said. He looks at the woman in front of him with shock. His expressions tell everything.

Marina quickly runs over, watching the scene in front of her. She hides the joy in the bottom of her eyes, while looking at Lily anxiously, as if she pities this lonely woman.

Lily shakes her head fiercely and is unable to restrain it and takes a step back. That person who asked her to believe him, who said that he would never do something sorry to her, runs out from a woman’s house at this moment.


Lily cries and laughs at the same time. It turns out that everything he said is a lie.

The blood in her body seems to be coagulated. The body is cold and numb, which makes it difficult for her to take a step forward. She doesn’t want to stay there any longer, because it makes her gasping hard.

Lily turns around to leave him, shaking in very step, giving a chill to people who watch it.

Rex unfasten his seat belt and gets off the car, then chases at a high speed and grabs her wrist, “Lily, let me explain…”

“Let me go! You go away!” Lily shouts out uncontrollably, the tears crisscrosses together, making her look crazy. The wind blows her hair, which makes her like an insane woman.

Rex grabs both of her wrists and wants to pull her into his arms, but she makes ruthless desire to leave, she is really out of control.

“Go away! Don’t touch me!”

Rex’s heart is cut by her scream, he looks at her tears and also feels distressed, “It’s not like what you think, we have nothing…”

“So you still want to lie to me now?!” Lily stares at the man in front of him with red eyes, as though it will burn him alive, “How long has it been? Since you keep on socializing frequently, or earlier? Rex, am I that stupid for you to lie? Do you think I will believe in your unconditionally? Well, you’ve succeed, you’ve succeed to make me so pathetic!”

“Lily!” Rex cuts her off; his deep dark eye is also red. He ignores Marina behind him and has fully taken a lot of care for Lily, “I won’t allow you to say so!”

Lily is like hearing a joke, and her voice suddenly weakens. She looks at him in an extremely ironic way, “You didn’t allow me to say so, but you did it.”

“I don’t!” Looking at Lily who is really desperate, Rex clearly hears a throb in his heart. He uses a lot of strength to hug her, and is afraid that if he doesn’t seize her this time, he will lose her forever. “I have nothing with her, we’re very pure. If you didn’t believe me, I can let her explain to you, she is like a sister for me.”

Speaking of the ‘sister’, Lily remembers it. One day, when she accidentally broke into his office, she saw a photo with the woman behind him on his desk. At that time, he also says that she is his sister.


Lily titles her head to look at Marina behind him. She has a very pale face, with thin cheeks and prominent cheekbones. But still, she is beautiful. Lily doesn’t like her expressions because her eyes are full of pity and sympathy, as if she is a loser.

The sour bitterness is about to drown her. What could be more heartbreaking than the situation right now?

Lily shudders and exhales, she forces herself to calm down, or at least, try to appear calm. She stops the resistance in his hand, and her tone is calm, “Rex, let me go.”

Listening her calling his name without any emotion, Rex shudders, and he dares not to continue to force her.

After being released, Lily slowly approaches Marina. It is just a few meters away, but it has exhausted all her strength. As watching the woman’s face getting closer and closer, and clearer and clearer, Lily is also more nervous.

Finally, she stands in front of her. Lily looks at this lifeless face, opening and closing her mouth for many times before finding her sound, “What is your relationship with Rex?”

Her trust has gone when she sees Marina today. At this time, she couldn’t believe what Rex said anymore.

Marina doesn’t expect that she wouldl ask her in such a direct way. There is clearly a panic in her eyes. When she comes back to her sense, she even subconsciously glances at Rex.

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