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Chapter 158 Discover Marina

Lily takes a little effort to withdraw her hand, “I have nothing to tell you.”

“Are you sure?” Jade is wearing a black hat on her head, covering half of her face. Fortunately, it is quite pretty that it wouldn’t be so obvious, “Maybe you can know a lot from me.”

“Haha.” Lily chuckles and looks at her from top to bottom. “Are you sure you’re in the mood to tell me this? Have you forgotten that you’re a wanted criminal?”

Jade’s hands under her sleeves are clenched tightly. She tries to maintain the calmness on her face, “Since I’m here, I am not afraid that you’ll call the police.”

Lily has no idea about whether she really means something or she is just bluffing around, but this doesn’t matter at all. Just with the surveillance, you will know where she is.

Lily doesn’t want to be entangled with her for too long and passes her for leaving. Unexpectedly, Jade steps forward to block her path and looks at her provocatively, “Did Rex just call and tell you he won’t come here?”

Jade’s speculation makes Lily stops. She slightly frowns and looks at Jade in puzzled. How did she know?

Looking at Lily’s expression, Jade knows that she is right, which make her become proud instantly. Her words are unobstructed, “Do you think that Rex is always socializing? You’re really naive; he already has another woman outside.”

Lily doesn’t take it seriously at all, “If this is the reason why you are here for today, I’m afraid that I will disappoint you.”

“Lily, how should I tell you? You’re always lack of sensitivity. Should I say you’re too kind? Or you are just so stupid?” Jade doesn’t feel guilty, she even stands in front of Lily, “It’s true, I’ve been paying attention to Rex’s location, and I found a lot of secrets. Don’t you want to know?”

Being a woman, Jade knows what kind of words can arouse Lily’s curiosity. Not to mention that Rex is really abnormal recently, this could really sting her.

Lily’s hands on the side loosen and tighten. It’s true that she wants to know it. However, in this way, she would rather deceive herself to the end.

Jade is waiting for Lily to ask her. However, after half a minute, Lily doesn’t ask her but turn around to leave!

Jade’s eyes widen and she looks at Lily’s slim back in disbelief. The delicate shoulders seem to be able to bear tens of thousands of weight. The small body contains countless of determination and firmness.

Jade stomps her feet. She knows that she’s here with some goals. Even if she doesn’t get the desired result, she still catches her and shouts at her, “The five-story house in the North! If you don’t want to be a fool for the second time, just go and see. Rex must be there!”

She still wants to say something more, but helplessly, Lily has gone far away.

At the entrance of the door, the cold wind blows past her. Her voice is so loud that some people around them have already noticed them. Jade bites her lips uneasily and pulls down her hat to leave hurriedly.

Lily walks to the corner and stops. After making sure that no one is following her. She sighs in relief and then gasps.

The North Villa!

Those words seem to be stuck on her ears. It echoes over and over again.

She knows this place. To be precise, everybody in J city will definitely know it. It is the most luxurious with a great geomantic treasure. It attracts a lot of attention when it was first built. Although the villa is built in suburbs, it is more expensive than those in the center of the city. It is the residence of many high-ranking officials and wealthy people. It is not a problem for Rex to buy a house there.

She doesn’t know what Jade’s purpose is for telling her these, but she knows that once she went there, her wishes will be fulfilled.

Her mind keeps on telling her to be calm and don’t be impulsive. However, with Rex unusual attitude lately, she still takes out her phone to call that man.

The phone rings for quite some time. Just when Lily thinks that he will not pick up and wants to hang up, the man’s steady voice is heard from the phone. “Hello?”

Lily tenses up, her heart beats rapidly, “You…”

Only a word and she has been trembling. Lily moves her phone away, trying to calm her voice before saying, “When will you come back?”

“I think it’s gone be late. Don’t wait for me.” He replies quickly, there is no emotion in his voice.

“Are you still socializing?”


Perhaps there is some suspicion in her heart, which makes her feel anomaly. His background is too quiet that it is like… in a house.

Socializing? Will socializing be quite like this?

Lily bites her lips and says nothing for a long time.

Rex waits for a moment before calling her softly, “Lily?”

“I’m listening.” Lily recovers, her eyes blinks a few tears out, “Well, I’ll go back home.”

Rex chats for another words, but Lily doesn’t seem to hear it. She hangs up the phone absent-mindedly. Her heartbeat is amplified for many times. The throb sound vibrates in her chest, shocking her head in inflation.

Before making a judgment, she goes to the street quickly to call a taxi. She reports the taxi driver the address in an unstable voice, “North Villa please, Sir!”

“North Villa? It can be quite far away and taxi is not allowed to get in there, are you sure…”

“Sure!” Lily cuts the driver off, “Let’s go.”

After the peak hour, the road doesn’t have quite a lot of cars. The driver drives quickly, her palm has also squeezed out a layer of sweat, which is the result of her anxiousness.

She has never thought of stalking this man, but lately, everything is too strange. He keeps on avoiding her doubt and questions. Today, when Jade blocks her, her every single word has made her collapse.

How did she know about Rex’s unusual attitude?

This kind of feeling is too horrible. As if everybody knows what he is doing, and she is alone in the dark.

Thus she does an action like this out of impetus. Lily clenches a fists. It’s okay, as long as Rex is not there; if he is not there, she will believe him and will never ask anything again.

The car speed through all the way, but it still takes an hour for them to arrive at the gate of the villa. The main gate is very luxury and is 20 meters tall. There are strict security guards on the duty post. The taxi parks on the roadside and Lily pays before getting off.

In the breeze of the cold wind, Lily is in a hurry and tries to find an opportunity to slip in. Maybe the God is also helping her, and there is a small gap in the corner of the villa’s courtyard. There is a cable on it, with a worker working on it not far away.

Lily slips in through her waist. Fortunately, her body is slim, which makes it right for her. The sky is dark so the worker on the side doesn’t notice her.

There is some distance between each villa. Lily walks for almost half an hour before finding the villa that Jade mentioned. The Villa is divided into a main building, which has three floors, and a wing building. The main building is bright with light.

Lily is hiding on the side of the wall, while stretching out her head to look around. She only wears a wool coat. At this winter time, the temperature is below zero in the night and the wind sweeps coldly. After a while, her hands even freeze stiffly in the pocket.

After standing for a while, there is no movement in the Villa. Just when she is about to give up, the door of the Villa is suddenly opened from inside. Following the sound, she sees a tall figure walking out from it.

That people is backlight, which makes her difficult to see his face. But with that walking posture, and also the familiar figure, Lily has a throb in her heart.

Tears fill her eyes within a second. Seeing the woman following him, she is completely torn apart.

“Rex!” Marina walks out of the house with only thin pajamas. Her short hair is blown by the wind, which exposes a delicate yet pale face.

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