Chapter 157 The Tranquility Before a Storm

“Then what should I do?” Jade could hear the hatred in Marina’s tone through the phone. She thinks that she herself is toxic enough, but little did she expect that she is more inferior to Marina.

Especially, after hearing her plan, Jade almost claps her hands. When wonders what Lily will encounter later, Jade feels freshen up, “You can rest assure. This task will be completed successfully. As long as you promise me, I will do it.”

Marina smiles in satisfaction, “You can check on your bank card, I’ve paid the deposit just now. As long as you finish your task, I promise to send you abroad safely.”

“Okay, it’s the deal.” After Jade finished, she is aware that she will hang up soon, so she adds in hurriedly, “but I’m really curious, how can you be so inconvenient to show up?”

“It has nothing to do with you.” After that, Marina hangs up without adding any words.

Jade immediately opens the information system. She has been wanted by the police; and all the tradable bank cards and accounts are suspended. The money has been transferred to a virtual network account.

Seeing the amount shown in the account, the big rock that has been hanging on her heart for long finally lands. Marina doesn’t lie to her; she really gives the money she has said before.

If things are done, maybe she will be able to get through this dilemma as soon as possible. Thinking of this, Jade raises her head and looks at the crude environment around her. She secretly tightens her fists. The only thing she wants is to use this money to go abroad without any incident. Until then, she will not be afraid of being wanted by the police anymore.

Fortunately, there is finally a chance; and she will never let it go!

After the old people left, although Lily is hurt by their words, she is still blessed by the God of luck, because it makes her gets out from the cold war with Rex. But even if they stop dodging each other, Rex is still the same. He always comes back late or even early in the morning.

Lily’s heart is empty and unsteady, but thinking of what he said before, she still chooses to believe him.

One day, after working hours, Lily receives a call from Abby. The two go out for a dinner in a western restaurant next to Han Yu Law Firm. Lily calls Rex to inform him about this, the latter says that he will pick her up after the dinner.

When she arrives at the restaurant, she sees Abby sitting and looking at the night scene outside the window from a distance. She walks quietly and surprises her, “What are you thinking!”

She thinks that Abby will jump out and scolds her, but little did she expect that she would meet a pair of red eyes.

Lily freezes, “What’s wrong?”

Abby purses her lips and chuckles, “Nothing, sit down.”

The waiter pulls the chair for her to sit. Lily sits down and looks straight at the woman opposite.

Abby is uncomfortable under her sights, and takes a drink from the stemware at the table and says, “Don’t look at me like this. I’ve ordered the meals; you look like you’re going to eat me…”

Lily’s eyes don’t move. She stares at her face and finds out that not only her eyes are swollen, but also her face. She has cried for a long time.

Her heart tightens and she asks again, “What the hell is wrong with you?”

Abby puts down the cup on her hand and slightly looks down at the table, trying to cover up the sadness and sourness at the bottom of her eyes.

When she looks up again, she is as carefree as she was before, “I’ve made a decision in these two days.”

“What decision?”

“Didn’t you always want me to go abroad for further study? Now there is an opportunity, my dad’s company have an education program, I’ve joined them.” after one sentence, she blinks for a few times, as if it will ease up her confusion.

Hearing it, Lily’s eyebrows slightly tighten, “Didn’t you always want to be here, why you suddenly changed your mind?”

“Isn’t this a chance? It is a waste if I don’t grasp it, so I’d better go.” Abby adds another glass of water to herself. The waiter at the side wants to help her but is declined.

Everything seems be very normal, but the slightly tremble hands still expose her inner tension.

Lily takes the glasses in her hands, and her voice becomes serious, “Is it because of Orson that you want to go abroad?”


Abby bites her lips. This name has been stick on her mind since that night; she couldn’t forget it at all.

She says nothing, sitting silently on the chair. Her proud head is lowered for the first time in her life, Lily who watches it feels sourness in her heart.

“Abby, you….”

“Stop!” Abby interrupts her anxiously and takes a deep breath, then slowly spits it out, “Don’t persuade me, I’m fine.”

“…” Lily looks at her sad expressions, and blames herself and also feels distressed. If she is not drunk last night, if she is still sober, maybe it won’t be like this.

Orson is right. In the adult world, mutual consent is needed. But it’s a pity that Abby is not so open-minded and indifferent. She just pretends to be so. But deep down inside, she has always been a self-preserving and even a conservative girl.

Unfortunately, there is no one to be blamed.

The dinner is very depressing. Abby pretends to be relaxed but it doesn’t work. Lily is unbearable to watch it. When it is about time to pay and leave, Lily takes her hand, “Abby, no matter what happened, as long as you need me; I will definitely be by your side.”

Abby’s eyes turn red again and she smiles, “I know. It’s cold outside, you go in quickly, and I’ll get going.”

After she finished, she doesn’t dare to stay any longer and turns around to leave, leaving Lily a free and easy back. However, her face is covered with tears.

After watching her getting in the car, Lily leaves and stands at the door of the hotel while taking a deep breath. She takes out her phone and glances at the time. It is about time for her to meet Rex, but she doesn’t see him.

Just when she wants to call him to urge him, the man calls in first.

Thinking that he has arrived, Lily walks to the roadside while picking the phone up, “Hello, where are you?”

“Sorry Lily. I have an errand to do now, I can’t leave. Wait for a while; I’ll let the driver to pick you up.” The man’s slightly hurrying voice comes from the microphone.

Lily is stunned, even her footsteps pauses. She looks at the icy streets and the snow on the branches, which make her chills coldly. After thinking for a few seconds, she forms a wry smile and gulps in all the blame and complains, pretending to be considerate. “It’s fine. Just take care of your business. Abby is still here, I will let her send me home, you don’t have to call the driver.”

“Are you okay with it?”

“Yes.” Lily couldn’t wait to hang up the phone after he speaks, “Abby is calling me, and I’ll tell you when I’m home, bye.”

After hurriedly hanging up the phone, Lily’s smile suddenly freezes by the cold wind. She holds her phone in her hands and presses it against her chest. When she turns back and leaves, she sees a familiar figure.

The woman is standing right in front of the hotel, wearing a black coat and black sweater. She is in back from head to foot, which is incompatible with the festive decoration of the New Year.

It is Jade.

Lily’s eyes cools down, she meets her gaze and looks away in just a second, not wanting to stay any longer.

She walks back to the hotel, but is grabbed by an arm when she passes the door. “Why are you leaving in such a hurry? We haven’t met for quite some time, didn’t you miss me?”

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