Chapter 235 You’re my only woman

She has an impulse to eat something and die. The more she wanted to hide her relationship with James Grayson, the more he highlighted it.

At this time she was helpless, she was unable to bear the consequences, she was worried, tangled and wanted to ask for help, but she did not know who can help her.

The assistant was surprised, “officer Bella, when you were on the train, you were with Mr. Grayson all the time?”

Bella lowered her head and didn’t answer.

“Yes, she was with me.” James Grayson answered instead of Bella.

“You both are girlfriend-boyfriend?” the assistant seemed to found a new topic to discuss.

James Grayson was silent.

Bella couldn’t stand the pressure. She had no choice but to bounce back and explained, “No, Mr. Grayson and I are not boyfriend and girlfriend. My good friend is a doctor in their military area, so I know Mr. Grayson.”

James Grayson looked at Bella coldly. His eyes seemed very complicated, and his face showed his displeasure.

“So, they are not. Let’s talk about the case.” Bryan Damon said, “I has watched this video. Although we are not clear about the shooting time, but it can’t be recorded 25 years ago, there is a wide gap in technology.”

“It’s true. With face recognition, we found the identity of this woman. Her name is Camila Verbeek. She was 35 years old. She was from Ciara village, Wolli Township, Pingyan.

She once had a sister who went out to work 25 years ago and disappeared. Her sister was the first female victim, named Laura Verbeek. Their parents had died in their childhood, and both sisters had a very good relationship.

And these two sisters have almost the same appearance, Camila Verbeek specially made up the appearance same as Laura Verbeek.” Mr. Wolff said.

“It means Camila Verbeek is the murderer. How did she murder them?” the assistant smartly said.

“The problem is that during the death, she was filming and a lot of people were watching her video so many people can testify.” Mr. Wolff frowned.

“This Camila Verbeek must be the murderer. With a little conspiracy, she can produce evidence of absence. Grab her and investigate.” Bryan Damon said coldly.

“I have another question that is very strange. Why didn’t anyone find the connection between the deceased before? It seems that they had a good relationship in these 25 years.” The assistant asked.

“Twenty-five years ago, computers were not widely used. At that time, people used letters to communicate with each other, and they may have written their names on letters.

We used our resources to check the Internet, mobile phones, but forget that there is also a primitive way of contact, i.e. by sending letters. They all were from Abrinam City. They should have contacted each other in the secret way of sending letters.” Bella analyzed.

James Grayson said to Mr. Wolff, “go to the military region and find out if Stephan Lewis and Isaac Lewis had contacted each other by sending letters.”

“In addition, the three killers of 25 years ago and the victims of now, Wyatt Lewis, Isaac Lewis, and Stephan Lewis, all have the surname Lewis, and maybe they get to know each other by this Lewis family name. If their acquaintance is related to their surname, you can also ask Wyatt Lewis’s sister, Jessica Lewis.” Bella suggested.

“Let’s catch Camila Verbeek. I want to talk to her first.” Bryan Damon said, got up and walked ahead.

Bella also got up and her cell phone rang.

She watched James Grayson staring at her all the time. Her eyes were too aggressive. She didn’t look at her phone screen and answered it.

“Bella, Jessica told me that you are back.” Sierra Walker’s voice came.

Bella was stunned. She walked out of the meeting room and answered, “Yes.”

She walked towards the balcony.

“Don’t meet James, you know, you can’t provoke him.” Sierra Walker went straight to the main point.

“I’ve already met him,” Bella said and looked at the air coldly.

“He doesn’t remember you and also forgets the things between you. If you want to live well and want him to live better, you also forget him.” Sierra Walker said with great emphasis.

Bella heard the warning of Sierra Walker and recalled their hysterical torcher in the past. Her heart sank down in an ice lake and her eyes looked empty and hopeless.

“I have a friend named Amelia William. She is now a doctor in the special military region. I need her 100% safety. If any harm reaches her, I don’t know what I will do. Can you guarantee her safety?” Bella asked.

“Don’t worry, don’t provoke James and I promise you her safety.” Sierra Walker promised.

“Give me some time,” Bella said and closed her eyes.

Deep in her heart, she felt heavy, sour, astringent and very sad. She and James Grayson met again but before they could start it, they have to be separated.

This was her destiny.

She opened her eyes which were clear, desperate, and cold.

She turned back.

James Grayson was standing behind him.

She was shocked. She didn’t know when he came, how long he has been standing beside, and how much he had heard.

Her eyes drooped down and her heart also sank in a bottomless lake.

James Grayson looked at her. His eyes were sharp. He ordered, “Look up.”

Bella took a deep breath, raised her eyes and looked at him. Her clear eyes reflected his clear and meaningful appearance.

“You’ve been avoiding me since morning.” James Grayson said a declarative sentence.

She was hiding from him and didn’t want their relationship to be exposed.

She thought if it got exposed, Sierra Walker will pressurize her.

Now even if their relationship has not been exposed. Sierra Walker still called her and warned, which showed that Sierra Walker really cared about her and maybe she will keep an eye on her.

“What does the chief think of my relationship with you?” Bella asked directly.

“You’re the only woman I’ve ever touched. What do you mean by this question?” James Grayson said coldly, with his sharp eyes to lock her.

“But you have a fiancee. Your fiancee’s father is the vice president of discipline inspection. He has great power. If George Wilson finds out what happened between his future son-in-law and me, what do you think he will do to me?” Bella asked rationally.

“With me, they won’t hurt you.” James Grayson promised.

Bella’s eyes were a little red and mist-filled them. In the past, James Grayson also said the same and even if she was broken, she stayed with him.


She gave her everything and waited to taste the betrayal.

His heart just remembered Scarlett Evan, not her.

He can never imagine her heartache and despair.

“When you determine your feelings for me, come to me to say this to me. Otherwise, the chief’s behavior is no different from that of a playboy.” Bella said politely, passing by him.

James Grayson held her wrist and stared at her. His eyes were deep and he pursed his mouth.

Bella estimated that he would not say anything. She spoke again. “Don’t tell me that you fell in love with me after sleeping with me several times.”

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