Chapter 234 Dared to laugh with other men

She told Bryan Damon that she had given birth to a child. She thought after knowing this. Bryan Damon would not pester her again. She didn’t expect Bryan Damon to ask this question in front of James Grayson purposely.

James Grayson looked at her, his eyes were dark and deep like a bottomless hole.

She was speechless.

Bryan Damon smiled. “You lied to me?”

Bella took a piece of watermelon and looked at Bryan Damon. She thought about how to answer his question. She can’t let James Grayson doubt or to take this thing seriously.

However, the more nervous she was, the harder she felt to figure out how to answer.

“Is Mr. Damon very free?” Bella tried to say something unrelated.

“No, I am just interested in knowing, why you pretend to be a woman with me and a girl with other men?” Bryan Damon asked.

“I think Mr. Damon likes me, so I don’t want to let you have a hope of something that you can’t have,” Bella said directly.

“What?” Bryan Damon was shocked and immediately denied, “I like you? How can I like a hypocritical woman like you? You’re too imaginative.”

“Is that my misunderstanding? You’ve been targeting me since I met you.” Bella looked at him suspiciously.

“I’m aiming at you because I cannot bear to see you. I don’t like you, don’t you know I don’t like people easily?” Bryan Damon said sarcastically.

“Really?” Bella deliberately used a skeptical tone, “If I cannot bear to see a person, I definitely keep a distance, and won’t always chase the place with his sense of existence. In addition, Mr. Damon shouldn’t have a big problem in doing it, after all, he doesn’t like to have many people around.”

Bella picked up her eyebrows and raised a smile with a provocative meaning.

“Don’t smile.” James Grayson suddenly ordered.

Bella looked at James Grayson in a daze.

“Exactly, what an ugly smile. Dong Shi imitates Xi Shi’s frown! I think it has been said for Miss Bella.” Bryan Damon said for James Grayson.

“Enjoy your time. I’m full.” Bella picked up the bag and got up.

James Grayson saw that she didn’t eat anything. His eyes were a little deeper and he looked at Bryan Damon.

Bryan Damon was already looking at James Grayson and judged, “do you like her?”

“What does it have to do with you? At half-past ten, ask everyone to gather in your room.” James Grayson also got up.

“Why in my room, not yours?” Bryan Damon stood up and said indifferently.

“Then gather in the meeting room of the hotel.” James Grayson said that without giving Bryan Damon any room to refuse.

Bryan Damon frowned, he was very unhappy. He thought that Mr. Grayson was really arrogant. He saw that Bella didn’t eat much, and he didn’t want to take it for himself, so he ate Bella’s food.

At ten-thirty, Bella was informed to come to the meeting room. She went, and she was the first to come.

James Grayson came in and put a plastic bag in front of her.

Bella looked at the plastic bag in surprise. There was bread and cake. He quietly sat down on her opposite side and looked at him profoundly.

He didn’t say anything but it seemed as if he was saying a lot of things.

Bella was also hungry. She took a piece of bread and ate a big piece. Besides bread, he also bought a box of yogurt.

James Grayson seemed as caring as before.

Soon, everyone came in and Bryan Damon was the last one.

He saw Bella eating bread, and sat next to her and said, “You girls are really strange. Didn’t eat breakfast and now eating this bread.”

Bella didn’t answer him.

“Hello everyone, the purpose of gathering all of you here is to analyze the case together.” James Grayson’s subordinate Mr. Wolff said.

“The forensic department has sent the information to you people?” Bryan Damon asked displeasingly.

“Yes.” Mr. Wolff did not deny it.

Bryan Damon smiled. “The official has power.”

He said it for James Grayson but it was heard by everyone.

Bella thought that it is just a miracle for people like Bryan Damon to not be killed by their enemies.

“Go on.” James Grayson ordered.

Mr. Wolff continued, “The first female corpse died due to strangling her neck with steel wire or something like that, her main parts have been blocked with the foaming agent so the forensic department found the DNA belonging to Wyatt Lewis, Isaac Lewis, Stephan Lewis and Kevin Rowan, the four people are already dead. She had been gang-raped before her death.”

“Who is Kevin Rowan?” Bryan Damon interrupted.

“One of the missing teenagers. The first boy in the glass jar.” Mr. Wolff explained.

Bryan Damon nodded to show that he understood. “What about that little baby?”

“According to the DNA match, the baby and Wyatt Lewis had a parent-child relationship. The woman who was in the same glass jar with the baby was that baby’s mother.” Mr. Wolff said.

“There were dark cells in that secret room. What do you find in the dark cells?” Bryan Damon asked immediately.

“I found the ID card, luggage of three dead females in the dark space of the secret room and diary of Laura Verbeek. Laura Verbeek was the first one in the glass jar.

According to the diary, these three women came out to work and were cheated here by Wyatt Lewis and suffered various inhuman treatment.

People say that they heard women’s voices. They might have heard their voices.

The other two men are teenagers who have disappeared. According to bone growth, they should have died at the age of 18, exactly the year when they disappeared. The murderers were Wyatt Lewis, Isaac Lewis, and Stephan Lewis.”

“How many years have been passed since they have disappeared?” Bryan Damon asked.

“Twenty-five years.” Mr. Wolff replied.

“My God, isn’t it the ghost who claimed his life?” the assistant guessed, and just after saying it she felt even scary.

“If it’s the ghost who claimed his life, these three people have died 25 years ago, would not have lived to this day,” Bella said.

“The murderer should have something to do with Laura Verbeek, the first female corpse.” Bryan Damon said and looked at Bella, “All of them have logged into adult websites and browsed the same video. The women in the video are very similar to Laura Verbeek.”

“Mr. Damon, have you seen it?” His assistant asked naively.

Bryan Damon, “…”

Bella smile, his assistant’s question was really awesome.

“I watched it to solve the case.” Bryan Damon explained to Bella and his face was unusually red.

“Oh,” Bella answered.

Bryan Damon’s face was even redder. He put his hand on the chair behind Bella. “Why do I lie to you? Besides, is it abnormal for a man to watch? You don’t watch?”

Bella felt that he was too close, and he asked this question too vaguely, “Don’t compensate.”

Bryan Damon moved closer to Bella and took a deep breath. “You have also seen it, that’s why you’re not surprised when I say that.”

Bella, “…”

James Grayson looked at their interaction coldly. His face was livid. “She has seen it with me.”

Bella, “…”

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