Chapter 233 How old is the child?

“Why you are here?” Bella asked in surprise, rubbing her wet hair with a towel.

James Grayson got up, took the towel from her hand, wiped her hair, the voice was deep, “I asked you to send a message to me. My words seem to go in one ear and out the other.”

Bella noticed his displeasure.

She didn’t want to send him a message. She wanted to have a good rest tonight. But he has already found her.

If she told him that she didn’t want to send him a message, it would be like chasing her own death!

“I decided to text you after taking a bath. I felt so dirty, that’s it.” Bella found a reason, nodded and looked at him. “Would you like to have a bath, too?”

James Grayson put the towel on the chair and looked at her deeply.

Bella pursed her lips and stayed quiet as if to avoid saying anything wrong.

“Trust you this time.” James Grayson went to her bathroom.

Bella watched him going to the bathroom.

She suggested him to take a bath, just to be polite. She didn’t expect James Grayson to take a bath here.

He won’t sleep with her tonight, or will he?

If Bryan Damon caught them here, her previous statements would be like a slap on her face.

She went to the bathroom door and asked, “Do you live in this hotel, too? Your luggage is here?”

James Grayson opened the bathroom door.

Bella was startled after seeing his deep eyes, “What… what’s the matter?”

“I’m staying with you tonight. My luggage is in the car. My soldiers will bring it to me later. What else do you want to ask?” James Grayson said.

“Well, don’t you think it’s inappropriate for you to live here? It’s not good to be found out together, after all, you also have a fiancee.” Bella tried to persuade him.

James Grayson looked at her and his eyes reflected her look. “Anna Wilson and I have been engaged for more than three years. Do you think I will marry her?”

For a moment, Bella stared blankly at James Grayson.

He didn’t let her see clearly and closed the bathroom door.

Bella stood at the door, her eyes were looking at the ground. Her heart had a kind of sour and astringent feeling that was flowing in the blood.

The past memories came to her present.

Once, she thought that James Grayson loved her. At that time, she even got to know that six years ago, he had raped her and left her alone but she still chose to forgive him.

After that he lost his memory, she still loved him until she heard him saying, “Scarlet, I miss you so much.”

At that time her persistent, steadfast, loyal, sincere and self-righteous love collapsed!

The woman James Grayson loved the most was not Bella, but Scarlett.

That kind of heartbreaking pain was deeper than David Wilson’s betrayal, so deeper that she had no courage to live.

James Grayson was an unfathomable person. Even though she has studied psychological research for three years, she still can’t enter his mind. He was among the kind of people who live alone, die alone and no one could understand them.

She used to love him, even if he didn’t love her, she still hoped that he would do even better in the future.

Bella walked out of the room with her luggage and asked the front desk receptionist for a new room. She went to her new room and purposely locked the door.

James Grayson came out of the room and saw that Bella was no longer there.

He called her.

“Where are you?” James Grayson asked in a deep voice.

“In a room right opposite to your room. I am going to sleep. Good night, chief.” Bella said coldly and hung up the phone.

She took a pill out of her bag, took it, lay down and fell asleep.

She slept for a long time and woke up in the morning. She took a look at her cell phone. It was 9:30 a.m. There were several missed calls.

Bryan Damon, James Grayson, a strange caller ID.

She went into the bathroom, brushed her teeth, and washed her face. She came out picked up her cell phone, stood near the window, opened the curtains and looked out.

The weather was very good. It was sunny and warm.

She called that strange caller ID and when it was connected she spoke first, “Hello, what can I do for you?”

“Are you Bella?” A woman’s voice, with unbelievable surprise, sounded, she seemed a little unfriendly.

“Who are you?” For a while, Bella didn’t figure out who this person was.

“Jessica Lewis.” Jessica Lewis said.

Bella knew her, Jessica Lewis, David Wilson’s mother.

“What can I do for you, Mrs. Wilson?” Bella asked calmly.

“You are Mrs. Wilson.” Jessica Lewis said rudely.

Bella smiled. “Then how about Miss Jessica Lewis?”

“Please call me Madam.” Jessica Lewis’s ordered

Bella nodded indifferently, “what do you want from me?”

“I called the psychological research institute. I heard, that you are in charge of my brother’s case, and you also handled Julia Patrick’s case. Aren’t you a gynecologist? How do you become a psychologist?” Jessica Lewis asked curiously.

“Time can change a lot of things, such as career, environment, and relationship, these all things don’t affect my way of handling the case. A very professional detective and a very professional team is in charge of handling your brother’s case. It must be solved soon. Don’t worry. If you have nothing else to ask, I will go out to work now.” Bella said.

“Have you met David?” Jessica Lewis asked tentatively.

“It’s better for him and me to not meet each other. What does madam think?” Bella asked.

“I hope you have self-knowledge. I don’t like you.” Jessica Lewis said clearly.

“Same here.”

Jessica Lewis, “…”

Bella hung up the phone, although her mood was a little bad after receiving such a call early in the morning.

She put her cell phone in her bag and came to the front desk. “Is there any breakfast now?”

“Yes, the dining hall on the second floor, till ten o’clock.” The front desk said with a smile.

“Thank you.” Bella walked into the dining hall on the second floor and saw James Grayson. He also looked at her in a cold and deep way, his eyes were asking questions.

Bella looked away, took the plate, scooped some fried rice with eggs, took two pieces of bacon, a ham, and shredded cabbage.

She has seen James Grayson, and he has also seen her. If she didn’t sit with him, it would look weird.

So she walked over and said hello as if nothing had happened, “hello.”

James Grayson looked at the opposite side with his chin down. “Sit down.”

Bella put down the plate. “I’ll get some milk and fruit.”

“Ok.” James Grayson answered with a voice, which was the answer.

Bella took some watermelon and tomato, brought a cup of milk and sat down. As she sat down, she listened to James Grayson asking, “Why you didn’t answer the phone?”

“Actually, I fell asleep early and didn’t hear it,” Bella explained and ate fried rice with eggs.

James Grayson didn’t speak either, he had finished eating, but he didn’t leave.

She ate slowly as if she was trembling with fear.

“Oh, you got up early.” Bryan Damon’s voice came to them.

Bella thought that she got up late, but Bryan Damon got up later than her.

Bryan Damon sat down beside James Grayson and looked at Bella and asked, “Why you didn’t answer my call yesterday?”

“I fell asleep and didn’t hear it.” Bella quickly explained.

“You told me yesterday that you have a child. How old is the child now?” Bryan Damon asked another question.

Bella, “…”

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