Chapter 232 Trying to rob my woman, are you blind

“Bella. You don’t have to come up.” James Grayson said solemnly, swept inside, and his eyes became sharper.

Bella didn’t understand, “What’s the matter? What’s in it?”

“He asked you to not come it means you don’t have to come. Why you have to bullshit.” Bryan Damon pushed Bella away and stepped on the ladder.

He had rich experience in solving cases, and even his face was ugly when he saw the scenes inside.

Mike followed up and stepped on the ladder, just after a while, he came down and supported the wall, he seemed terrified.

Bella wanted to go up, James Grayson’s two subordinates stopped Bella, “Sir has said that you don’t have to go up.”

“I’m not afraid,” Bella said, I am just going up.

Bryan Damon came down and called the police.

James Grayson also jumped from above.

“What’s there?” Bella asked James Grayson.

“I just looked at it briefly. There should be six bodies.” James Grayson explained.

“Six? Shouldn’t it be two? I’ll go up and have a look.”

James Grayson held Bella’s arm. “The bodies have been found. First, determine who it is through DNA, and see if you can know the time of death. Now go back to the hotel and analyze the case again.”

“Are you worried that I can’t see the body? Don’t worry, when I was abroad, I even had cases in which I have seen dissected bodies and I wasn’t afraid.” Bella wanted to go up and have a look.

“I advise you not to go up.” Bryan Damon finished his phone call and warned.

“I want to go up. I used to be a doctor. I can handle.” Bella was determined to go her own way.

James Grayson looked at Bella.

She was not only cold and proud but also stubborn.

“I’ll go up with you.” James Grayson took over his flashlight, adjusted the light in the middle of the chamber. He went first.

Bella was ready, she stepped on the ladder and went up.

There was a certain distance between the ladder and the entrance. James Grayson gave her a hand.

For a moment, Bella thought of the past. That’s what he did, he gave her his hand.

But this time, she wanted to go alone. She didn’t hold James’s hand. She jumped on her own.

James Grayson’s face was a little bad.

She saw many glass jars in the secret room.

From the exit, the largest jar was as tall as a man’s body, with a tan liquid in it, and a naked man and a woman.

Bella saw the woman’s face, “James Grayson, this woman, she is the woman in the video.”

James Grayson has recognized it at first glance.

He was afraid that Bella would be afraid. He put his arms around Bella’s waist and said softly, “I am by your side.”

She was not afraid. She has seen it a lot in the lab. She has seen a lot more in America.

However, she also did not push away his hands and looked at the people in the jars, and said, “This woman’s body, neck, all four limbs are injured. The private place is injected with a foaming agent and other things are also injured. She is tortured to death and put into the glass tank. If we are lucky, we may find male DNA in her body.

For the man, his face is blue and purple, his eyes are wide, and his abdomen is bulging. He was thrown into a glass jar while he was alive.”

She looked at the two glass jars next to her. There were the corpses of a man and a woman who had been dismembered.

In the last jar, there was a woman and a newborn baby.

“The murderer is cruel.” Bella judged.

“Let’s go down. Police will come to take photos. We can study the details of the photos.” James Grayson said.

Bella nodded. “Did you notice that the secret room looks clean?”

“This should be the first crime scene. In a moment, the forensic department will find more clues and evidence here.”

“By the way, James Grayson, I remember that the ceiling is a triangle, but it’s really flat here. Will there be a partition?” Bella guessed.

“I thought the same. I guess there’s a compartment. I’ll wait for the policemen to come and let them deal with it.” James Grayson went to the ladder first.

Bella climbed down carefully. Before reaching the ground, James Grayson held her and put her on the ground.

He hugged her in front of so many eyes.

Bella’s heartbeat was fast, but soon she adjusted.

Bryan Damon looked at Bella’s face, she looked calm and steady. “You are still not afraid. Are you still a woman?”

“When you made her scared she screamed, you forgot it?” James Grayson hit back.

“Why are you protecting her?” Bryan Damon was unhappy.

“I think due to the same reason why you’ve been targeting her.” James Grayson directly replied to him.

Bryan Damon was speechless. He raised his arm, looked at Patek Philippe’s watch on his wrist, and said to James Grayson in a cold voice, “It’s 2:20.”

James Grayson looked at Bryan Damon deeply. “My people will stay. Mr. Damon can go back to have a rest.”

“Okay then, Bella, let’s go.” Bryan Damon turned around and walked downstairs.

Bella looked at James Grayson, nodded, and followed Bryan Damon.

James Grayson grabbed her arm and whispered. “Send me the hotel name and room number when you check-in.”

Bella, “…”

Why she has the feeling that he will find her in the middle of the night.

“I’ll go now.” She didn’t answer him directly.

Bella thought if this goes on, the two of them will be exposed.

She didn’t dare to expose them. She was still not sure whether James Grayson just cared about her because she was useful for his memory recovery or something else.

She was really afraid to continue falling in the same place.

Bella left the castle and sat in the car.

The four people were sitting in the same car.

Bella and Bryan Damon were sitting in the back seat.

She was about to close her eyes and rest, when Bryan Damon suddenly turned over and put her hand beside her, covering her in his arms.

Bella was startled and put her hand on his chest. “What are you doing?”

Bryan Damon narrowed his eyes. “Do you want to have a love affair?”

Bella estimated that he talked about James Grayson, her face turned a little red.

She didn’t want her relationship with James Grayson to be exposed. Bryan Damon’s insight was too high. “I’ve been married, divorced, and had a child. I don’t believe in love. I don’t want to fall in love. For me, there is nothing like love.”

“Then mind your behavior, and don’t fly like a butterfly everywhere.” Bryan Damon sat back in his seat, frowned again, and looked at Bella. “Do you really have a baby?”

“Yes.” Bella did not deny it.

“Old woman.” Bryan Damon said to himself.

Bella, “…”

They checked into the hotel.

She went to her room, took a bath, came out and saw James Grayson sitting on the sofa in her room.

Bella, “…”

She intentionally didn’t text James Grayson.

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