Chapter 231 What are you afraid of

Bella looked at James Grayson in surprise.

She didn’t expect that James Grayson would say such words. It seemed his words deliberately aimed at Bryan Damon. Moreover, his words showed as if he was interested in her.

“If I am not wrong, Mr. Grayson already has a girlfriend, right? I’m afraid it’s not appropriate for you to call yourself a drinker not really interested in alcohol.” Bryan Damon said in a strange way.

“If you know that I have a girlfriend. It’s not appropriate for you to use this sentence to describe officer Bella.” James Grayson hit back directly.

Bryan Damon, “…”

He was speechless.

To be honest, she felt that Bryan Damon’s poisoned tongue, had been angry with Bryan Damon several times, but she knew that he was team leader so she endured.

On the contrary, for James Grayson, it was easy to put Bryan Damon in. James Grayson’s ability to trap people was invincible in this country.

Bella couldn’t stop herself from giving him a compliment, and the corner of her mouth was slightly raised.

“That’s boring.” Bryan Damon turned and walked to the second floor.

“Let’s see the kitchen first,” Bella said.

“All right.” James Grayson held her hand.

His palm was very warm, he was holding her and she wasn’t afraid anymore. Although she knew it was not good, still she did not want to take out her hand.

Two people went into the kitchen.

The kitchen was very big. There were six stoves, which can hold six pots.

It can be seen that once the owner of this castle was very luxurious, and many people lived in this castle.

James Grayson opened the lid of the pot. The pot has not been used for a long time. They were rusty. There was a spider web in it, but there was no spider.

Bella looked inside the kitchen stove hole there were some black lumps of ashes. Because a long time has been passed, the ashes were hard.

James Grayson took out the ash under the six pots in a sealed bag and wrote 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 on the sealed bag

Bella looked at him.

He explained to Bella, “Go back and let the forensic department find out if these ashes are of the same time period and about which time period.”

Bella smiled. “Can you tell which time period? If it can be tested, the antique will be valuable?”

James Grayson also smiled.

He felt that Bella just looked cold, but the blood in her bones was hot.

“I didn’t expect you to be a little moneygrubber. Just ask me how much you want.” James Grayson doted on her.

Bella’s heart was beating fast, and she bowed down her head.

He looked at the good shape of her shadow falling on the wall, raised her chin, bowed his head and kissed her on the lips.

Bella’s reflexively retreated, “Someone will see us.”

James Grayson clamped her waist and looked at her deeply. “So what?”

In Bella’s mind, Anna Wilson, Sierra Walker, and Oscar Grayson flashed.

There was a dull pain in the little finger.

“Don’t be so domineering.” Bella’s tone was uncontrollable. It seemed like she had some complaints and some grudges.

James Grayson’s burning eyes were at her, and the two were in a stalemate.

She pushed him away but he didn’t move.

There was a sound of footsteps outside the door.

James Grayson released her and took a step back.

Mike came to the kitchen. “Officer Bella, Mr. Damon asked you to come over.”

Bella thought that Bryan Damon has found something. She went out with Mike and entered the first room next to the stairs on the first floor.

“Someone used to live in this room.” Bryan Damon judged.

Bella swept around the room and walked towards the window. The window was closed, but there were Boston ivy leaves on the window, and she can’t see outside. “How do you know?”

Bryan Damon stared at Bella and said, “Intuition.”

Bella, “…”

She controlled her anger, walked out of the room, looked at the ground, and an idea flashed through her mind.

James Grayson was going downstairs, she called him, “Mr. Grayson.”

“Don’t call me this.” James Grayson was not satisfied with the name.

Bella was stunned.

He was a newborn calf who was not afraid of tigers. He didn’t know what happened to them in the past and she didn’t dare to expose the dark relationship.

She ignored him and without calling his name, she said, “maybe someone has lived here, there is no dust on the ground, and it seems unreasonable.”

“It’s remote here. There are no cars passing by. The houses are sealed. There are also layers of Boston ivy leaves. Naturally, there won’t be much dust coming in. Your judgment is not accurate.” Bryan Damon came out and retorted.

“But this place itself has a long history. It should fall off naturally. Look at the top.” Bella pointed to the ceiling on the third floor.

The light fell vertically. Maybe the ceiling was too high, so it was dark and couldn’t be seen clearly.

Bella turned on the flashlight of her mobile phone and moved it to the ceiling. “James Grayson, help me.”

This time her voice seemed very familiar, there was strangeness and indifference as before.

James Grayson looked at his subordinates with satisfaction and signaled.

His men took out military flashlights from their backpacks.

These flashlights had long-range and the light was very bright. It shined on the ceiling. The ceiling looked wooden, triangular and had no hole.

Bella frowned, turned out the photo, looked at the castle, looked around again, and looked at the photo of the castle again.

She lighted the top of the castle and asked James Grayson, “What do you think what is the material of this triangle top?”

“Green bricks. What’s the matter?” James Grayson asked.

“That is to say, there is wood under the green brick. If the green brick leaks, the wood will get moldy, right? Look at the wood, is it wood? Or fake wood?” Bella looked suspiciously at the ceiling.

“In general, lime powder, or cement, asphalt will be used for waterproofing under the green bricks.” James Grayson said, took the photo in Bella’s hand, and compared it.

If it wasn’t for Bella’s warning, he wouldn’t have found out the problem. Now he knew where the breach was.

“Bella, I have always suspected that there is a basement or something in this place. When the three teenagers came in, they should have been bound somewhere. One of them escaped and the other two didn’t find it. I think I know where the secret room is.” James Grayson analyzed.

Bella lightened the ceiling. “The secret room is not at the bottom, but at the top.”

James Grayson nodded, “the person who came to check before was cheated by the Cognitive inertia and eyes. How would he have thought? It can be at the top.”

Bryan Damon listened to their judgment and took the photos in the hands of James Grayson.

He also saw, “knock on the ceiling of all the rooms on the second floor, hear the empty sound, and use the weapon to directly pry open.”

“It’s of no use. I think I know where the entrance is.” James Grayson said, leading the way ahead.

Bryan Damon looked at James Grayson’s back and squinted.

James Grayson asked his men to bring the ladder. He went up and pushed away from the top block and there was a secret chamber.

Bella was surprised. “How do you know that the entrance is here?”

“Architectural space, appearance and built-in are compared to match the logical structure.” James Grayson said simply.

“Is Mr. Grayson responsible for building houses in the military area?” Bryan Damon asked.

James Grayson ignored. He looked into the secret chamber. He saw it and….


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