Chapter 320 Molly’s tombstone

In the late winter morning, there were very few people in the cemetery.

The cemetery seemed to have just been cleaned. It was very clean and there wasn’t even a leaf.

Although Jack told me the area of the cemetery Sean bought for me, he didn’t tell me more specifically.

When I arrived, I found that the third area was very large.

I pulled my coat tighter and walked around the cemetery. After walking for about an hour, I finally found a tombstone.

But it was not my name.

It was Molly.

This tombstone was obviously new.

“This tombstone was renewed the other day.”

When I looked at the tombstone, there was a hoarse voice behind me.

I looked back and saw an old gentleman standing behind me. He was a little hunchback and had a big broom in his hand.

I guessed he knew this very well, so I asked, “why?”

The old man shook his head. “I don’t know, but when the tomb was just buried, a man often came here. I heard that he seemed to be a big boss with a lot of money.”

“Really?” I knew that was Sean.

“Yes, he came not only in the daytime, but also in the evening. Sometimes he was drunk. That was about the same time. I was afraid he would be frozen, so I would let him stay in my house.”

As soon as he finished, I said, “thank you.”

When the accident happened, it was January. Even if it was later, it was February.

It was cold in York at that time. If he stayed out all night, he could really freeze to death.

After I said thanks, the old man asked me, “do you know the boss?”

“Yes.” I nodded and looked at Molly’s name on the tomb and said, “the owner of this tomb is my sister.”

“But it was not the name that was written in this tomb before, but another one, which was changed a few days ago.” The old man explained to me.

“Well, I know.” I nodded.

The old man stood beside me and looked at the tombstone with me and sighed, “at that time, the boss often burned letters here. He never said a word at a time. He may be too sad to cry.”

Was he too sad to cry?

After a while, the old man left.

I continued to stand alone in front of the tombstone, wondering how Sean felt when he stood here five years ago.

However, all things were wrong step by step.

I couldn’t go back.

I turned and left.

In the afternoon, I went to Linda’s studio to do the revision of the design drawing with her.

Because we only modified and didn’t redo, at this time, the design drawing had almost taken shape.

That night, I still went back to Daisy’s house.

To be honest, I didn’t know how to deal with Ming.

I spent the night with Daisy.

The next morning, I got up on time. When I went out and was going to work, I saw Ming’s car parked at the door.

He saw me and got out of the car. The morning sun shone on his gentle face.

It was harmonious but I felt extremely cold.

It was really easy for Ming to find me.

“Let’s go. I’ll take you to work.” He smiled and waved to me.

Daisy was standing behind me. She saw Ming and froze. Then she immediately hugged me. “June is mine, not yours! Get out of here. I’ll take her to work!”

Ming was not angry when he heard it. “Can I take two ladies to work?”

“No.” I got out of Daisy’s arms and said to Daisy, “I’ll just let Ming take me.”

“No way!”

Daisy was hostile to Ming.

But we couldn’t continue the stalemate.

Sean couldn’t beat Ming, let alone ordinary people like Daisy and I.

I patted Daisy on the arm. “Bye, I’m going.”

Then I went to Ming’s side and smiled, “let’s go.”

Ming opened the door for me. After I sat down, he closed the door and put himself in the driver’s seat.

When he got on, I said, “you follow me.”

Ming started the car and said, “do I need to follow you? Even if I close my eyes, I know you will come here.”


Was that so?


Ming drove downstairs to Linda’s office. When I was about to get off, he suddenly grabbed my hand.

I looked at him in surprise, but I didn’t speak.

He smiled. “Can you stay with me this weekend? Let’s go and choose engagement rings. After all, we will be engaged next week.”

“… OK.”

Originally, I wanted to refuse.

But I knew I couldn’t refuse.

Now that I had decided to marry him, I could only accept everything.

Ming looked at me and seemed to want to say something, but finally he let go of my hand.

This week, Linda and I were busy designing drawings.

Because of our tacit understanding, we soon completed the design drawings of the resort.

When the first version of the drawing was rendered, I stood with her.

“Great! President Well will be satisfied with it!” Linda said.

I thought the same as her.

I looked at the drawing and said, “why not call this work Pass Through?”

“Pass Through?” Linda looked at it and I looked at the drawing. She grabbed my hand and nodded desperately, “I think that’s a good name! It’s not good, it’s great!”

The name Pass Through made us full of expectation for the final effect of this work!

In a flash, it was the weekend.

It was the day Ming and I made an appointment to choose engagement rings.

Ming picked me up at Daisy’s house every day a few days ago. In the end, I couldn’t resist the pressure. I came back to Grand Bay.

I lived in this house that belonged to us.

After all, I would live here sooner or later, wouldn’t I?

In York, even if we didn’t have a wedding ceremony and we didn’t get marriage licenses, we were husband and wife to some extent.

At Grand Bay, I slept with Ming. I got up at 7 in the morning and didn’t stay in bed.

I washed my face and brushed my teeth after I got up. I sat at the table and waited for the servant to bring the breakfast in front of me.

I was really like a noblewoman.

When I finished eating, it was still early. I took out my cell phone and began to watch the news.

I subconsciously searched for news about the Giant group.

Sure enough, the Giant group continued to study AI.

It seemed that the contents of that hard disk were really AI data. Ming didn’t lie to me.

“Master.” Several servants shouted as I watched the news.

I knew Ming was here. I looked up and saw that he had changed his clothes and started to eat breakfast at the table.

The morning light shone on his face through the huge landing glass and seemed to set a layer of gold border on his soft features.

I looked at him in a trance.

Many years ago, the day after I married Sean, I watched Sean eat breakfast like this.

Now it looked like another life.

Ming seemed to realize that I was looking at him. He looked up at me and smiled softly, “what’s the matter?”

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