Chapter 319 If he marries you, he has to step over my body

“No, Sean angered the underworld for her. He never does this in business. He used to tell me to try not to associate with underworld, or we can’t get away from it later. But he did it for June!”

Jack said excitedly.

I stood at the door and the hand holding the handle trembled a little. Was that so?

Jack seemed to be drinking water. I heard him put the cup down and go on, “Sean had a fight with them about it. He was almost kidnapped at the time. He escaped back and was badly hurt. He had a broken rib and it was a long time before he recovered!”

“Really?” Daisy seemed surprised, too.

“Yes! It was an extraordinary time, and Sean wanted to protect her! And Cindy. Lewis Group does business, but in fact it has ties with the underworld!

Why did Sean marry her? He wanted to protect June but now he’s hurt and married a woman he doesn’t love.

June and Ming have been together for several years. Is she worthy of Sean?”

Jack was complaining. I listened and felt sad.

Was that so?

Why didn’t Sean tell me?

If he told me, I would definitely wait for him.

Daisy’s opinion was the same as mine, “why didn’t Sean say that? Does he think he’s cool?”

At this time, I finally couldn’t help but walk out and look at Jack, “how’s Sean doing these years when I’m not here?”

At last I wanted to know.

I wanted to know whether he had had a good time these years.

When Jack saw me, he suddenly covered his mouth and stood up, “don’t say I tell you. If Sean knows I tell you, he will kill me!”

“Then tell me how he’s been these years.”

I looked at him quietly.

I felt extreme heartache.

Jack looked at me with a complex expression and said, “he thought you were dead. Of course he didn’t live well. And he bought you a cemetery for two. He said he would be buried with you after he died. For a while, Sean stayed in front of your grave every day…”

“Grave? Where?” I looked at Jack.

“It…” Jack hesitated and said, “now that I’ve said it, I’ll tell you everything. It’s in the third area of East Eemetery.”

“Thank you.” I remembered the address.

Jack sat down and said, “Sean is sincere to you. I wonder why you don’t feel it. Later he became a workaholic. He wanted to live in the company all the time. We called him to the party but he didn’t come!”


It turned out that Sean had lived like this in recent years.

In contrast, I had Lester with me and I learned from Murray. I seemed too happy.

Daisy asked me, “what happened to you today? Talk about it.”

I sat there and said roughly what happened today.

I knew I couldn’t trust Jack even if he promised he wouldn’t tell Sean.

So in the end, I specially stressed that Ming didn’t really touch me. I said the last thing Ming said.

Daisy listened and sneered, “what is this? You found him cheating and he wanted to make excuses! All the men in Jessop Family are bad men!”

“Sean is not!”

“Well, he is not.” Daisy turned to me and asked, “are you going to marry Ming?”

I looked at her. Although I was helpless, I nodded.

Ming was now significantly richer than the Giant group.

Sean helped me a lot. I could sacrifice and keep him and his company safe. Wsn’t it good?

“Are you crazy?” Daisy pulled me in front of her and pressed me on the sofa, “he did this to you. Do you want to marry him?”

“Yes, why not?”

When I told her, I convinced myself in my heart.

“I disagree.” Daisy put her hands around her chest. “If you want to marry him, I’ll lock you in the house. If he’s going to marry you, step on my body first.”

“Oh, no! Don’t do that!” As soon as Jack heard it, he said, “I’ll stand in front of you. He can step on my body first. I don’t want you to die.”

I saw them both like this, and I was relieved immediately.

Daisy and Jack often quarreled, but they matched unexpectedly.

If they fell in love later, they may be very happy.

I smiled. “No. We’re just getting married. Besides, Ming is rich and kind to me. It’s good.”

“You can’t fool me.” Daisy looked at me and was not happy.

But Jack understood, “come on. Let’s leave this matter alone. It’s not a simple matter. Let’s not get involved.”

He usually looked like a playboy.

But I knew that he saw it very thoroughly.

It was true that outsiders really couldn’t make decisions.

“No, marriage is a lifetime thing. How can…”

“I’ll figure it out.” I interrupted Daisy and hugged her with open arms. “Don’t worry. I won’t hurt myself.”


“Well, I’m tired. Can I sleep here tonight?” I interrupted Daisy.

I knew she was good to me, but this was my own choice.

Daisy looked at me and wanted to say something, but eventually she nodded, “yes, as long as you want.”

I went into the bedroom and Daisy helped me wash the sheets and covers and put them in the closet.

I made my own bed.

I heard Daisy and Jack fighting outside the door. It seemed that they had a good relationship in recent years.

Maybe because I was far away from Ming, I fell asleep soon.

In the evening, I had a dream.

I dreamed that on the night of Sean’s wedding, I was standing in front of the window. It was raining cats and dogs.

And Sean was standing in the rain. He looked at me sadly.

When I woke up, it was daylight.

It was sunny outside.

The snow had stopped. I looked at my watch. It was 10 o’clock.

I hadn’t slept in for a long time.

There were three or four calls and text messages from Linda on my mobile phone. She was worried about me.

I texted her back and told her I wanted to have a rest today. Then I changed and came out.

The house was in a mess, but there was a sandwich on the table with a sign on it.

I walked over and saw Daisy’s message, “remember to have breakfast.”

My heart was warm for a while.

After breakfast, I helped Daisy clean up the room. There were several used condoms in the trash can.

I understood what happened last night.

When everything was done, I sat on the sofa and thought about what Jack said last night. I put on my coat and went downstairs and took a taxi to East Eemetery.

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