Chapter 317 The arrow was fitted to the string

Especially one of them was lying in front of Ming and lowering her head.

I knew what she was doing, even if I was stupid.

Some women fed Ming grapes in their mouths. Some women were pouring him wine.

Although I had made psychological preparations, I was still surprised and shocked to see the scene in front of me!

In my impression, Ming was clean and gentle. He had such a side.

When the door opened, everyone looked to the door.

Ming saw me, too.

He didn’t wear glasses today. His cheeks and clear eyes were particularly sharp.

He looked cold when he looked at me.

When he recognized me, his face immediately became gentle. He pushed the woman directly away from her legs. The zipper could not be pulled. He put the clothes down to cover it.

He stood up and came to me.

He frowned. “Becky, why are you here?”

“Sorry to bother you, Ming.” I stood at the door and clenched slightly and pretended to be calm.

Even if it was an irrelevant person, I couldn’t accept this pornographic scene.

Let alone Ming.

But it was good.

Today’s negotiation was for the sake of no more disputes in the future.

“Ming, who is she?”

“How did you get in?”

“Ming, get rid of her. Let’s go on.”

The women behind him were unhappy with my arrival. They told Ming to get rid of me.

Ming stood in place and turned his head slightly and ordered, “get out!”

His tone was terrible and oppressive.

All the women shut up.

Especially the woman in the middle said unwillingly, “Ming, I…”

“If you don’t leave, I’ll take you there.”

Ming interrupted her.

When he said “there”, the women behind him turned pale. They stood up and dared not speak and ran out in panic.

I was blocking half the door so they could only go out one by one and nobody dared to touch me.

I could see from their looks that the place Ming said was very horrible to them.

After they left, Ming came up and reached out and closed the door next to me.

He took my fingers and put my hands on both sides of my head and pressed me against the wall.

The light in the room was dim. He looked at me and put his thin lips on my clavicle. “It’s so nice. Just now I closed my eyes and thought about you. I thought about them as you. Then you came.”

“Ming, I’m here to talk to you.” I was a little nervous.

He had a lot of strength. He pressed my hand and I couldn’t move at all.

“But I’m hungry now. I was just about to eat when you came. Now everyone’s gone. Are you not going to satisfy me?” Ming’s voice was small but I thought it was evil.

The ambiguities spread between us.


As soon as I opened my mouth, my lips were sealed by him!

Sweet fruit mixed with wine spread in my mouth.

I really wanted to resist. I wanted to move but I was controlled by Ming!

For the first time, I didn’t think this man was as gentle as he seemed. He was strong and violent. He controlled my hands with one of his hands.

His other hand touched me rough!

I was wearing a coat and sweater. He was impatient and tore my clothes directly.

The neckline of the sweater was torn open!


I struggled desperately, but there was no result.

Finally, when he found it inconvenient, he picked me up and threw me on the sofa. He was on me!

“No, Ming, calm down!” I looked at him in horror. “You’ve touched other women. Why do you touch me!”

“I’ve touched other women?” Ming lowered his head. His once gentle eyes were now terrifying. He grabbed my chin with one hand and said, “haven’t you been touched by Sean? How do you make love? Is his dick bigger than mine?”

I stared at Ming.

He pressed on me and blocked all the lights behind him. I could hardly see anything.

At this time, I only thought he was strange.

It was like I went into the wrong house and the person I saw wasn’t him!

I didn’t believe these words came out of Ming’s mouth!

“You, you…”

“What?” Ming sneered, “I’m driven crazy by you!”

He pulled the hair off my cheek and roughly touched my facial features and said, “I’ve been caring for you these years because I know we’re the same kind of people. I had a mother when I was a child, but you didn’t even have a mother. I know you are more painful than me, so I’m very good to you, but what did you do?

You trampled my kindness!

No matter how much I do, Sean can easily shake you with a few words!”


I said subconsciously.

“No?” He squeezed my chin hard. “I’m not stupid. I just pay silently and hope that one day you can look back and see my kindness and turn around and hold me!

But you never did. I need to take 99 steps to get you, but Sean only needs to take one step!

You just love money! Now he has nothing! But I’m ten times richer than him!”

I couldn’t see Ming’s expression, but I could feel the cold he sent out.

I could feel his hatred!

And his hatred for the injustice of reality!

I shook my head gently, “because I love him. If I can choose, I don’t want to love him, but I can’t choose. I try to forget him and I understand that to love someone is not to possess, but to…”

“No, I must possess you!” Ming wanted to attack directly there.

“Well, I’ll be yours. I’ll be yours later.”

I said calmly.

We were going to be engaged. There was a week or two left. Why didn’t I agree?

I was an adult and not a virgin.

Why couldn’t we have sex?

Ming heard what I said. He was obviously stunned, but he didn’t stop.

I closed my eyes and I was thinking about Sean.

I belonged to Ming after today.

If he possessed my body, he could rest assured.

But when the arrow was fitted to the string, he suddenly stopped.

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