Chapter 316 A woman got out of Ming’s car

Ming put his hands on the steering wheel and looked ahead.

Though his face did not change, he turned a deaf ear to what I said.

I was nervous and didn’t know if he heard me. Even so, I didn’t have the courage to say it again.

I held the edge of my dress tightly in my hands. I didn’t know when I became so timid in front of Ming.

Maybe since I saw so many guns.

The car was about to arrive at Grand Bay. When the car stopped, Ming looked at me and unfastened my seat belt. He raised his hand and touched my cheek gently and said with a smile, “OK, I won’t pick you up for a while.”


I wanted to say thank you. But I thought about what happened before and didn’t say it.

At night, Ming still slept with me, but he didn’t do anything else.

The next day, Linda and I received the architectural design drawings of the resort and began to modify the design drawings of the two of us.

Because the resort was not only indoor but also outdoor.

According to the requirements of Well Group, we would design the landscape.

Because this was a combination of two designs, Linda and I had to work simultaneously, so we had been together these days.

We went to work together in the morning and went off work in the evening.

One night a week later, the two of us worked overtime until more than 10 o’clock.

We had a lot of inspiration at night so neither of us had dinner.

We were already hungry.

So the two of us decided to go out to eat.

Since we were partners, we needed to grow fat together.

There were many office buildings near Linda’s office. Then all the shops were closed. We took a taxi to a busy place at night and ate.

We ate for over an hour before we came out.

Because we ate a lot, we decided to walk.

As we walked on the sidewalk, a Rolls Royce passed us and stopped on the side of the road ahead.

I looked at the car number subconsciously.

Ming’s car number!

I grabbed Linda and hid.

Soon the door opened. It was not Ming but a woman who got off first.

It was winter now. The woman was wearing a thick down jacket and skirt and her white legs were exposed.

She was wearing thin high heels.

Then another woman got out of the car and dressed like the last one.

I stood by and saw three women getting out of the car.

“Aren’t they cold?” Linda said.

Obviously she didn’t understand what I was looking at.

When the three women got off, I saw Ming get off slowly.

As soon as he got out of the car, the three women immediately surrounded him!

“What do I see?” Linda rubbed her eyes next to me.

I shook my head.

When I saw Ming doing this, I was not angry at all but relieved.

I finally didn’t have to feel guilty about not being able to solve his physical problems.

Linda was sure it was him. She pulled me and said, “go! I’ll go with you!”

She said and wanted to go out.

I held her and shook my head. “No, it’s great to have someone help him with his physical problems.”

“What?” Linda looked at me and was shocked.

I smiled and stood there and thought a lot.

If I went in now and saw this, could I have a good reason to leave Ming?

Or could I have a legitimate reason not to have sex with him?

I thought about it and said to Linda, “you go first. I’ll go in.”

“I’ll be with you.”

Linda thought I was going in to fight Ming.

I shook my head. “No, don’t worry. I’m glad he can come here. I won’t make any trouble.”

Linda disagreed at first and worried about me.

I persuaded her and she left.

I didn’t enter the bar until Linda took a taxi and left.

I didn’t know what floor Ming was on, but based on my understanding of his current identity, he must be upstairs.

Fortunately, this was not a membership bar.

No one stopped me when I went in.

I went to the third floor. When I wanted to go to the fourth floor, a staff member stopped me. “I’m sorry, the fourth floor is chartered.”

“What?” I looked at him and seemed to understand something. I calmly said, “President Jessop asked me to come here.”

The staff member looked at me and said, “I’m sorry, no one is allowed in without the permission of President Jessop.”

His attitude was the same as that of the staff member in Noah Center.

There were many such liars.

But now I was different. Ming was very good to me so I had been known.

I stood at the door with my hands around my chest and calmly said, “call your manager and see if he knows me. Ming and I are on the news every day. Don’t you know me?”

The staff member looked at me suspiciously and seemed to think of something.

He quickly took out the internal telephone.

In less than two minutes, their manager arrived.

When he saw me and heard that Ming asked me to come, he doubted but dared not let me call for confirmation. He could only respectfully let me in.

“Which box is Ming in?” I asked the manager.

The manager was in a dilemma. “Miss Jones, is it really President Jessop who asked you to come? Don’t fool me. We work here. If you come to make trouble, we will be fired!”

“Don’t worry. I won’t make trouble.” I smiled at the manager.

“Really? You…”

The manager didn’t seem to know how to persuade me.

After all, in the news recently, Ming and I had a very good relationship, and he dared not offend me.

“Don’t worry. I won’t embarrass you.”

I persuaded him.

Now that I was in, the manager had no choice.

At last he told me which box Ming was in.

Since Ming made his fortune public, he had become more and more high-profile. He chartered the fourth floor of the bar, but he used only one box.

I went straight to the innermost room. Before I got to the door, I heard a very light laughter from the women.

The manager was just a few steps behind me.

I took a deep breath and finally pushed the door open.

When I saw the scene in the room, I was stunned!

To be honest, I had countless fantasies about the scene in the room one second before I opened the door, but what I saw in front of me was more exaggerated than I imagined!

The whole room was dimly lit.

There was a big, long sofa in the room, in front of which was a huge screen.

It was playing porn.

Ming was sitting alone in the middle of the sofa. There were not only the three women I saw just now, but also other women in the room.

They wore very few clothes and they were all around Ming.

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