Chapter 135 I’m Just Shameless

Carol started to feel afraid because she saw what had happened to Amy and Alex. Now she was pale when Jessica said that.

It was really convenient to scare people in the name of her brother. But he hated her, and if it was not for the sake of family reputation, he would not help her this time.

Jessica smiled ironically. She pressed her lips together and continued on her way to the set.

Seeing that she still wanted to go, Carol was anxious. She covered her face which was slapped and followed Jessica closely.

“Why are you still following me? Are you addicted to the beating?” Jessica stopped and looked at her impatiently.

Carol was afraid of being hit again. She reflexively stepped back and looked at Jessica warily. “I am telling you, don’t be so arrogant! Do you think Mr. Howard really likes you? No, he’s only using you as a plaything.”

“Remember the explosion accident during the filming of ‘Spy’? That’s what President Ryan did. Why do you think Mr. Howard gave me so many good resources? He bought me to get the blame for it!”

“He planned this accident so you could fall in love with him. Playboys always do that, but nobody did such a dangerous one. If anything was wrong with the blast, you would lose your life.”

“It’s a gamble with your life. Do you think Mr. Howard wouldn’t care about your life if he really liked you?” Carol was afraid of being beaten in the middle of the speech, so she stood far away from Jessica.

Of course not.

If he liked a person, how could he be willing to risk her life? But that was her elder brother, and he wouldn’t have any amorous affection to her, so he wouldn’t play “The hero saved the beauty”.

Then why did he do that?

Wanted to kill her? And then changed his mind at the last minute so he came to ‘save’ her?

Jessica’s eyelashes that looked like butterfly wings couldn’t stop trembling. She moved several steps back. Her heart seemed to have stopped beating, and her limbs were cold.

Why was her brother so cruel?

Seeing that Jessica was so upset, Clara frowned and said loudly, “Carol, don’t sling mud at Mr. Howard. Do you think we’ll believe a lie you just made up?”

Then she said to Jessica, “Don’t be sad. She’s talking nonsense!”

Carol was always against Jessica, so she must be jealous of Jessica because Mr. Howard was so nice to Jessica. And that was why she was here making mischief. She was no stranger to such things in the circle.

Listening to this, Carol became anxious. “I’m not talking nonsense absolutely!”

Clara said instantly, “Then you show us the proof.”

She didn’t have any proof. Why was Clara so nasty, bitch!

Carol swore inwardly, but she didn’t dare to argue with them. She was so anxious. “I…I can swear to God, what I said is the truth!”

“If you don’t believe it, you can find a private detective to investigate. The accident that happened in the blasting scene was planned by Mr. Howard absolutely!”

She vowed so solemnly that it did not look like a lie, but Clara still didn’t believe.

But before she could speak, Jessica beside her said, “Why are you telling me this? Why?”

Carol used to be hard in front of her, so she couldn’t say anything to supplicate immediately. She held back for a long time, and did not say a word.

When she saw Jessica was impatient to go, she said recklessly, “I am telling you secretly at the risk of being found by Mr. Howard.”

“I don’t want you to return anything to me, as long as you help me plead with Mr. Howard not to do anything to me.”

Even if she had a problem with her brother, there was no reason to plead for a woman who was always against her.

Besides, her brother hated her so much that her plea was not necessarily useful.

Jessica held back the sorrow in her heart and curled her lip. “You just said, Mr. Howard doesn’t take my life seriously, so what’s the use of my pleading?”

“Of course it is useful! He’s not that into you, but he’s trying to pick you up, so I’m sure your talk will help. Jessica, I tell you such a big secret, so you are not going to repay with nothing, right?”

“I didn’t ask you to tell me. Did I beg you to tell me?”

Jessica didn’t ask her, but she told Jessica a big secret anyway. Why wouldn’t she even do her a little favor?

Carol flushed with anger. “Jessica, you’re shameless!”

“Yeah, I am shameless. Bite me!” Jessica made a face at her, ignoring her scolding and pulling Clara away.

But just the moment when she turned around, the smile on her face had disappeared, and tears flowed down her cheeks.

This scene happened so suddenly that Clara was startled. “Jessica?”

“Clara, could you tell me, if my brother really wants to kill me, what…what shall I do?” Why she couldn’t keep control of her tears recently? She hated crying, which she thought melodramatic.

Jessica wiped the tears from her face and looked up at Clara.

Clara comforted her. “This is impossible. Jessica, don’t overthink it. Those are made up by Carol, who just wants to drive a wedge between you and Mr. Howard!”

“No, she didn’t.” Jessica shook her head. With her brother’s temper, he would fix those who he was displeased with directly. He seldom did in such an indirect way.

But in dealing with the matter of Carol, he gave her good resources first, and then played trick in those resources. This was not the right way to do it.

Clara still wanted to say something, but before she could say, the director already shouted out with a sullen face at a short distance. “Jessica, are you stupid because of your vacation? Do you know the shooting is about to start? What are you doing over there?”

He had been staring at them for hours.

“Coming, director…” Jessica tried to suppress those messy thoughts, forcing a smile, and trotted over with Clara.

But such an explosive secret was not that you could ignore if you wanted to ignore.

Although Jessica had been trying to change her mood, but her state of filming was still unsatisfactory…

“Cut, cut, cut! Jessica, what’s the matter with you today?” The director threw the script out of his hand and came over with a livid face.

She was not in a fit state today. Even the first few shots were just barely passed!

Jessica knew that her performance today was too bad. She lowered her head and said in a small voice, “I’m sorry director. I…”

“Don’t tell me you’re sorry. I don’t want to hear it. Just tell me why you can’t do it and how you can do it?” The director was not a patient person. He didn’t give her a chance to explain at the moment

This was Mr. Howard’s mistress. If she was offended, the subsequent investment would be withdrawn.

The producer went forward hurriedly. He glared at the director and said to Jessica who was blushed gently, “Jessica, don’t be nervous. As you know, the director is just like that.”

“Are you not in a good state because you’re out of shape? Why don’t you take another day off today?”

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