Chapter 134 Why Did He Make Her Cry

Jessica pressed her lips and gave a wry smile. “My brother said that no matter what I do, he won’t like me as his sister.”


Clara did not know how to comfort her.

Not far away, Mark asked Jeffrey confusedly, “Doesn’t Ryan like Jessica? Why did he make her cry?”

Jeffrey smiled. “A year ago, Ryan made a confession to Jessica, which also made the little sweetheart cry and scared her away to a foreign country. Maybe he did something similar this time.”

He looked at Jessica from a distance and sighed.

Sweetheart, it was better to stay away from the Howards.

After Ryan left the hospital, he went to the office.

In the afternoon, there was a meeting of three companies, and all the attendees felt the cold pressure of him. They were nervous all the way through. When it was their turn to speak, they tried all the best to be careful.

Even so, they had not escaped criticism.

And almost everyone found that their president Mr. Howard who was always conscientious, was distracted during the meeting, which was a rare occurrence.

The atmosphere at the meeting was so tense that several executives couldn’t help questioning the special assistant what had happened with their eyes.

The special assistant just smiled but didn’t say anything. He didn’t know exactly what had happened, but it wasn’t hard to guess that it had something to do with Jessica. It’s a good feeling to know something that everybody didn’t know.

Almost as the idea flashed through his mind, Ryan’s cold eyes fell on him. “Are you very happy today?”

All eyes fell on the assistant at once.

He was shocked and stopped smiling immediately. Then he said with a strong desire for survival. “I’m very happy that the rumor about Miss Rosen has been cleared up and she has gained a lot of fans.”

Then all the people saw their president grunted, and his face softened at a visible speed.


Who was this Miss Rosen? She had such a great influence on Ryan!

Everyone was shocked and made up their minds that they should find out who this Miss Rosen was.

Ryan’s mind was not on his work, so he dismissed the meeting, and only asked the assistant to stay.

“The matter about Amy and Alex, how did you handle it?” The rumors had been settled, and he no longer had to worry about the effect on Jessica. It was time to punish them.

The special assistant said respectfully, “According to your command, after we broke Alex’s hands and feet, and his genitals, we threw him to his door.”

“As for Amy, although you gave her commercial endorsements deliberately before, those companies terminated their contracts with her because of her scandal. And due to her personal image problem, she will have to pay a large sum of damages.”

“I made a rough estimate, more than twenty millions dollars. As for all the information of her stains, I’ve given it to the media and now she’s being attacked online.”

Ryan pinched his eyebrows. There were dark circles under his eyes. He nodded, got up and left the room.

Scandals about Amy and Alex had been heated discussed for a few days online before it calmed down. During these days, they tried to go to the hospital to beg for mercy from Jessica, but there were Jeffrey and other people, so they could not even get through the door of Jessica’s room.

After that, Alex sent her a threatening text message with an unfamiliar number.

“Jessica, you bitch put me into this, and ruined my life. I will never let you off! I don’t care if you are the Howards’ daughter! In a few days, you’re going to stick your butt up, let me fuck you and beg for mercy. I know it for sure!”

It’s rude and offensive.

“He is a severely disabled people who needs a tube to urinate, and needs to be fed by others. Don’t be afraid of him!” Mark was livid about it. He grabbed the phone, and deleted the message.

However, Jessica was afraid of it because she had suffered for something similar. She frowned and said, “Last time Clara and I felt we should not pay attention to him, so this happened. Mark, arrange for some people to keep an eye on him.”

“…Ok.” Mark agreed casually, but did not take it seriously.

Jessica was relieved to hear that he agreed. Then she realized. “Is Alex severely disabled?”

“Yes.” Mark was surprised and said, “Didn’t Ryan tell you? He had the scum’s hands and feet and even his genitals disabled, to get back at him for you.”

Jessica would think so in the past. But a few days ago her brother just said, he did this, just for the sake of their family’s reputation.

It was right. She was one of the members of the Howards, but was bullied many times by other people. It never sounded good.

Seeing that she was unhappy, Clara changed the subject quickly. “Amy is a bad person, but her assistant is pretty good, and she once warned you. Jessica, I can help to contact her and ask her to come and be your assistant.”

Amy was done, so her assistant must have no place to go.


The doctors of the hospital and Mark gave her a checkup respectively. After making sure that there was nothing wrong with her health, she went through the discharge procedures, and went to the set directly with Clara.

But they didn’t expect that they met an uninvited guest when they just arrived at the gate of the set.

Carol was muffled, sneaking around the set. When she saw Jessica and Clara get off the car, she took off her mask and came to them gloomily.

Ever since she saw Amy and Alex come to a sticky end, she had been worrying. She had inquired about it secretly. They had come to this end was because of Mr. Howard.

And he would do this to his girlfriend and Alex just to take revenge on them for Jessica.

At the thought of what she had done to Jessica, she was afraid. After much consideration, she decided to come to her for a deal.

Clara stood in front of Jessica warily. “What are you going to do?”

“I’m alone. There are two of you. What can I do? I just want to have a heart-to-heart talk with Jessica.” Carol was somewhat anxious. She had never seen Jessica so delicate before.

Jessica pulled Clara away, and said shortly, “Don’t make me sick. I don’t want to have a heart-to-heart talk with you. Say what you want, or I’ll leave.”

The matter of Amy and Alex was known to all, so she thought Carol was probably afraid, and came to her to beg for mercy.

“I said it is a heart-to-heart talk, so it’s not good to say in front of outsiders!” Carol glanced at Clara. Her meaning was obvious.

Clara nearly exploded with rage. She was going to swear at Carol with her arms akimbo.

“I have nothing to talk to such people.” Jessica curled her lip, dragged Clara and walked to the set.

Carol stamped her foot in anger. She trotted to stand in front of them and said angrily, “Jessica, can you understand? I told you…”


Jessica let Clara go and gave Carol a slap with a cold face. She was in a bad mood and the constant presence and talking of this annoying person was enough to kill her!

Carol’s face was burning, and she was stunned.

How dared Jessica hit her?

But before Carol say anything, Jessica said angrily without a break, “You always swagger around in front of me. Who gave you the confidence? Amy? Were you blind and didn’t see what happened to her after she schemed me?”

“Don’t annoy me, or I will let Mr. Howard ban you from our circle!”

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