Chapter 132 It Seemed That the Corner of His Lips Curved

Ryan was dressed in an expensive bespoke suit. He looked noble and elegant just sitting there. He looked straight at the phone, waiting for it to ring twice patiently. However, he did not answer, but hung up.

Since he was not going to answer, why didn’t he just hang up directly?

The director complained inwardly, but said nothing, and wondered if it was an illusion. After Mr. Howard hung up the phone just now, it seemed that the corner of his lips curved.

But when he looked carefully, he found that Ryan’s fine and handsome face was as cold as before.

Although he was young, he was always so calm that nobody could tell what he was thinking.

It was just an illusion. Nobody would be happy when he hung up the phone.

“Mr. Howard.” Seeing that Ryan had been silent, the director could not help speaking courageously. “If there is nothing else, we have to leave now. We have to look for another supporting actress quickly and we have to do the whole thing again.”

The producer’s eyelids twitched and he tugged at the director’s clothes secretly. Why didn’t the director control his temper in front of Mr. Howard? What if he annoyed the investor?

He glanced at Ryan with some trepidation.

The expected fury did not materialize.

Ryan looked down at the call records, and seemed to be in a good mood. When he heard the director speak, he didn’t even look up when he answered casually.

The director was in a hurry, so after he heard that, he got up, called the producer, and got ready to leave. Only when he reached the door, he stopped again.

“Anything else?” Ryan looked at the call records in a good mood. So he showed them a rare degree of patience.

The director met his dark eyes. He bit the bullet and decided to risk it.

When the producer saw him, he felt anything but reassuring for his years of understanding of the director. He tried to stop him hurriedly, but he didn’t.

“We’re in same the circle, so I’ll cut to the chase. It’s common that people in the circle has sugar daddy. Even those best actors and best actresses had sugar daddies in order to go more smoothly, not mention those Z-list artists.

Personally, I think Jessica has good prospects. She used to be a paparazzi-type journalist, but it won’t affect her prospects at all because she has good acting skills and she’s studious.”

Ryan stood up, the sun shining on his handsome face, giving him a bit of unreal beauty, who looked too perfect to be real.

“So?” He said coldly with no emotion in his words.

The producer looked at his expressionless handsome face which sent shivers down his spine. He shouted through gritted teeth in a low voice, “Director, you…”

“So don’t be attracted to her just because she’s pretty. She is a simple child. You can’t cajole her into being your lover with sweet talk, money and power! You had ruined Amy, so don’t get her involved.”

The director spoke almost without pausing for breath.

This Ryan Howard, had fallen head over heels in love with Amy the other day. But now, he was tired of her, and spent big price to change her role.

Silly Jessica better stayed away from such a temperamental big name. Otherwise, she would offend him and be kicked out of the circle before she got famous for her acting.

The producer looked down, desperate. Mr. Burwell should have been more successful with his ability. But he was so grumpy… Well!

But the storm that the producer had expected did not come, and he even heard Ryan’s laughter.

Laughter? Mr. Howard?

Maybe he heard it wrong.

The producer looked up and happened to see the smile on Ryan’s face had not dissipated. He knew that Mr. Howard was good-looking, and better-looking than those male stars he had ever seen. But when he saw Ryan’s smile at the moment, he was dazzled even if he was a man.

“She’s not a lover.” Ryan’s face still looked indifferent, but his eyes tinged with unnoticeable softness. How could the person he doted on be a lover?

Not a lover…What did he mean? Did he agree or not?

The director wanted to ask again, but before he could speak, Ryan said coldly, “I still have jobs to do. I’m afraid I can’t see you off.”

“No problem. We’ll leave you go!” The producer said in an obsequious way, and dragged the director who still wanted to question away quickly.

Jessica only made one phone call, but Ryan didn’t answer, and she didn’t call again. She was struggling inwardly about whether she misunderstood him or not.

However, after three days, only Jeffrey and Mark came every day. Ryan did not come, and did not call her.

Instead, the online rumors were getting more and more serious, and countless self-righteous netizens flooded to Jessica’s Twitter to abuse and criticize her.

Clara was well annoyed by these people distorting the truth. But she was worried that Jessica would be upset about it, so she didn’t dare to let her surf the Internet.

At the height of the rumor trend, the entertainment company that Jessica worked for released a video.

“Jessica, the public opinion has changed! I wonder which boss helped you!” Clara took the iPad and ran excitedly to Jessica.

In the video, the standing man’s face was pixelated and his voice was inaudible. Amy and Alex could only be seen lying on the ground, begging for mercy, and their voices calling men was also inaudible.

The two people blamed each other for it, but it was not hard to see that they had cooperated and wanted to rape Jessica. And their purpose was to tie Jessica to Alex.

The netizens just found that they were used. They were furious and attacked Alex and Amy with greater fire than they were attacking Jessica.

“What the hell! They two united to scheme Jessica, and even said Jessica wanted to seduce Alex. They are so shameful”

Alex looked sanctimonious and gentle, but he was actually so disgusting! I just heard one of my friends on set said today, when they were filming “Spy”, Alex sexually harassed Jessica. And he even got an erection on the spot. And he didn’t dare to do that anymore after Chris beat him up. That’s disgusting!”

“Amy is also wicked! She took people to catch them. Obviously when they arrived, Jessica has been rescued. But she still lied through her teeth and said that Jessica didn’t let Alex go and she was trying to seduce him. Go to hell! Amy.”

Meanwhile, the topic of an apology for Jessica had been trending in the search engine. The number of Jessica’s followers increased by half a million suddenly and continued to increase.

But Jessica used to be a paparazzo, so she knew those netizens were easily swayed. She didn’t care but just stared at the video.

Seeing Alex again, even if it was only video, Jessica still felt sick, and her stomach was churning.

Clara put the iPad away quickly because she noticed that Jessica didn’t felt good. “These two people are simply too bad! No wonder Alex that scum was so nice to you before. He knew you are the daughter of the Howards. He just wanted to become a member of the upper class through you.”

“Look at these netizens, they didn’t know the fact when they criticized you blindly before. If it hadn’t been for the man in the video, you would still be scolded by them!”

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