Chapter 131 Did She Misunderstand Her Brother

“…I see.” Jessica was unwilling to be restricted like that, but she was just the nominal daughter of the Howards. She didn’t have any real power so her words naturally carried much less weight than her brother.

And in those days she didn’t let anyone know who she was in order to avoid being bothered, so few people knew her real identity.

There was still a lot of work to be done at the office, and the candid photos and online rumors also needed to be dealt with. So Ryan didn’t stay any longer and left.

After he left, Clara felt more comfortable breathing. “What does Mr. Howard mean? Care about your health, but don’t fix Amy?”

“He was not concerned about my health. He probably wanted to detain me in the hospital so that I wouldn’t hurt his sweetheart.” Jessica snorted coldly, and then sat on the bed.

She was going to say, ‘Now that you are like this, why do you still provoke Amy’, but thinking of Jessica’s previous feats, her eyebrows throbbed and she held her tongue.

Those people who had provoked Jessica all came to a bad end. At least she hadn’t seen her let anyone off since she knew Jessica.

“By the way, Mr. Howard said he sent two people to take care of you. Where are they?”

Just then there was a sound of hurried footsteps outside, and then the door of the ward opened with a bang.

“Jessica!” Mark rushed in first, his face full of anxiety and worry. After he came in with his medical box, he rushed to the bed and looked up and down at Jessica, and couldn’t help complaining.

“Who help you dress the wounds? Why did the bandage look so ugly?”

“Have these wounds been cleaned up? How did he get to be a doctor at that level?”

Jeffrey followed him with a smile. After coming in, he looked carefully at Jessica. Seeing that she was in a good condition, he withdrew his eyes from her and sat lazily on the chair.

Jessica, “…”

Were they two people who her brother sent to take care of her?

Thinking of they were in tune with her brother, she wasn’t very friendly to them.

“It will not affect the recovery if the bandage looks good or not. You don’t do it again.” Jessica drew back her leg. In addition to venting, there was now some resistance to heterosexual touching.

Seeing this, Mark did not continue, but just grabbed the alcohol swab to stand up, as if thinking of something. “As Ryan said, your wounds are not serious, but the sequela is more serious.”

Her brother had talked to Mark about this. Was he…caring about her?

As soon as the idea came into Jessica’s mind, she denied it by herself. How could he care about her when he hated her as a sister?

Perhaps he was afraid that if the sequela was too serious, it would attract the attention of her parents and grandparents, which was bad for Amy.

After all, they were not like her brother who favored a malevolent outsider.

Jeffrey raised the tip of his brow. A hint of darkness flashed across his glittering eyes. “The sweetheart was badly hurt, but Ryan is still protecting that star. I don’t know what he thinks.”

After he finished, he stole a glance at Jessica.

Jessica also knew the truth that her brother was protecting Amy, but she just felt bursts of pain in her heart when she heard that.

“What does he think? He just doesn’t punish that Amy and Alex temporarily. He is not protecting them.” Mark put away the medical box and said casually.

How could Ryan who had loved Jessica for so many years, watched her suffer and did nothing? It was impossible to think about it.

Jeffrey chuckled and yawned lazily. “How can you be so sure? After all, Amy is Ryan’s girlfriend now. I don’t know if he will choose his lover, or his sister.”

Jeffrey also knew Amy was just a fake girlfriend. Why was he talking shit?

Mark glanced at him surprised and turned to look at Jessica who looked upset. “If Ryan were protecting Amy, did he need to protect that Alex together? It’s obvious that Ryan is in a difficult situation and can’t punish them for the time being.”

It’s obvious that there was a lot of sense in what Mark said. Even if her brother wanted to protect Amy, he didn’t have to protect Alex.

And today when they were at home, her brother looked really angry when he was asking her if she did not believe him.

Did…did she really misunderstand her brother?

Her heart missed a beat. She was hesitating and wanted to believe the conjecture, but she was afraid that it would turn out to be a false dawn.

Watching the expressions on her face, Jeffrey’s eyes flashed with obscurity and struggle which was fleeting. And then he didn’t say anything again.

Although they were sent to supervise Jessica, Jeffrey and Mark had their own things to do. So they didn’t stay long before they left, saying they would come again tomorrow.

Jessica was out of condition both mentally and physically, so she was about to call the director and ask for leave. But before she could do that, the director called her first.

“The supporting actress is changed and her parts are going to be reshot during this period. You don’t have to come. Just wait for me to inform you.” The director sounded grumpy.


Jessica hung up the phone, and bit the lip. She was struggling. Had Amy been replaced? So…did her brother really not intend to protect Amy? Did she misunderstand him?

“What’s the matter?” Seeing her look wrong, Clara asked.

“The director said Amy had been replaced and all her parts will be reshot, so I could not have to go.” There was a complex expression on Jessica’s face.

Clara was very surprised, “Amy’s character is bad, but her acting is good. How did the director suddenly change her? How much more it will cost to reshoot all the scenes!”

After a pause, she patted herself on the head again and said, “No. Even if her parts should be reshot, they shouldn’t let you rest. There are quite a lot of scenes where you have to play opposite her.”

Clara had thought about it many times, but she still felt there was something odd about it.

“If…If my brother did it. That makes sense.” Jessica lowered her head, her heart like a mess.

The director and the producer would not replace Amy for no reason because that would lose a lot of money, but also delay the shooting schedule. If her brother invested, it would make sense.

And letting her rest was probably what he meant, too.

But didn’t he hate her?

Jessica was confused.

“You mean, Mr. Howard had Amy replaced? Is he starting to punish Amy? God, we misunderstand Mr. Howard. You should call and ask immediately. ”


Jessica took out her phone, took a deep breath, and dialed Ryan’s number a little nervously. But after two rings, he rejected the phone.


The Howard group’s headquarters,

In the president’s office,

On the black leather sofa for receiving guests, the director Mr. Burwell and the producer was sitting bolt upright. Neither of them was timid, but sitting in Ryan’s office, they couldn’t help being nervous.

Especially when Ryan’s mobile phone suddenly rang, they were startled and almost stood up.

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