Chapter 135 I Don’t Like You Anymore

Her frosty face stared at him angrily, and he stared at her momentarily, his hands hanging from the side. He wanted to hold her face and helped her warm.

Penny pushed him aggressively, because in the heavy snow, he stepped back, and he almost fell.

Penny turned and walked angrily forward. Both felt abnormalities under their feet and turned around to see. John Ran held Penny’s hand tightly and ran, “Run.”

She ran with him desperately. The snow was too thick, and every step was extremely difficult. Besides, she still had to run. In fact, at this time, running was not very useful.

Penny felt that there was a strong force behind her to push her down, and then it was dark, she couldn’t move, and could see nothing. The only thing she could feel was the weight of a mountain resting on her back.

Before he was depressed, he covered her mouth and nose with his hands. Penny could not feel the response from him, so he called him, “John Ran …”

He sternly ordered, “Don’t talk, save energy, lie here, don’t move.”

She soon felt that there was movement of him. He was trying to save himself. She didn’t know how long he had tossed. Penny felt that his weight was getting lighter and lighter, but from time to time snow would suddenly collapse and fall on them.

Penny whispered, “I don’t like snow anymore.”

Fortunately, they ran beside the avalanche just now, and there was not much snow on them. John Ran heard her mutter and ignored her.

When they were still in love, every time they quarreled over a little bit, she would say, ‘I don’t like John Ran anymore. ‘

It turned out that some things had come true.

When the two climbed out of the snow, he became frozen after picking up snow. He wiped the snow on her face and asked her nervously, “Is there any injuries?”

Penny’s palpitations missed several beats. How long had he not been so nervous about her?

She shook her head numbly. “No.”

He froze the corners of his lips with little or no voice, and said a word very quietly. Penny couldn’t hear it, but he seemed to be able to hear it. It seemed like, “That’s good”

He shook his snowy head this time, and his two big hands moved on her, helping her clear the snow on her cotton clothes, and asking her, “Can you go by yourself?”

Penny looked at him and nodded, “Yes.”

He lifted his eyes and looked at her, gently and tidying her messy hair, and smiled slightly at her, “You will eat more in the future. How thin you are.”

His words made Penny wet her eyes. What happened to him suddenly? He was hit by the snow just now, so become silly?

He took a difficult move to take off his own cotton suit and put it on her.

Penny refused, “I don’t want it. I’m not cold.”

John Ran frowned angrily, commanding, “If you want to wear it, just wear it.”

“I …” Penny also wanted to refuse. He had already started to help her pull the zipper on the cotton shirt.

He interrupted her and said to himself what he was going to say, “There was a compressed biscuit in my pocket. Do you see the light in front of you? If you keep walking in that direction, then you can go back.”

After speaking, he looked at her and smiled slightly again.

His smile was obviously what she had been looking forward to, but at this moment it seemed so helpless. What was he trying to say?

In the end, he helped her put on a hat on a cotton jacket, and put her little face on his hands. He suddenly became so funny that her heart was almost broken when he laughed.

He said lightly, “Leave me, and you will never be unlucky again.”

Penny looked at him, looking at the man in front of her, as if back to five years ago, who said to her every day, ‘Penny, after we graduated, I will find a job and buy you a diamond ring. At that time, you are not allowed to avoid it. ‘

‘Penny, we’ll rent a bigger house when we have the money. We must have a separate kitchen. I’ll cook it for you every day. ‘

“Penny …”

A lot of warmth, all crowded in her mind for a while, she thought that she could forget, it turned out that it was just that she had been running away from the pass.

He said to her, “OK. Go.”

Penny turned around passively, feeling that the hands behind clasped on her shoulders were slightly harder, and then let go of her.

She walked awkwardly because she was wearing too much clothes. After walking a few steps, she wanted to turn back to him and say, “It’s too hard to walk.”

Before she could say anything, when she turned back, he was not behind, and she went back to him and asked, “Let’s go.”

He smiled warmly at her, “You go alone.”

She left alone? Why?

Penny looked at him up and down. He stood firmly in front of her, not seeing anything unusual, and she still asked him uneasily, “Are you injured?”

John Ran didn’t hide it, nodded, “Huh?”

Penny panicked, holding his arms with both hands, “Where?”

Looking at her in anxiety, John Ran was bitter and astringent, and this fool would just don’t go.

“Leg.” When he flung her in his arms just now, there should be a hard object like a sleigh in the snow that came flying and hit him in the leg.

Penny bent to take a closer look. When she bent, John Ran grabbed her arm and did not let her bend over to look at him. He looked at her calmly and said, “Not serious, you go back first, and then find rescue team to pick me up.”

Is he a fool? The cotton suit on his body was given to her, and she was still injured. It was impossible for her to find someone to rescue him here.

Penny said angrily, “Even if I go back alone, I can’t find someone to save you.”

He smiled lightly, “Then there is no need to save.” Death, for him, was definitely the best fate.

Penny pushed him hard, pretending to be pitiful in front of her, and he deserved it.

John Ran did not expect that she would suddenly push him. He had no strength on his legs. He was pushed suddenly, and his body fell backwards on the snow.

Penny squatted in front of him. “That leg?”

“Small injuries don’t kill anyone.”

Penny stared straight at her, and the two looked at each other for a while. Penny said, “First, even if you are a stranger, in this case, I can’t ignore you.”

“Second, if you disappear, it’s my relationship with you. I’m afraid the police will suspect that I murdered you.”

“So, it isn’t that I want to interfere with you, but I have to.”

When she picked up his pants, the frozen wound was crusted.

Putting down his pants again, she got up and took off the cotton shirt he had just put on her, and put it back on him again.

John Ran refused, “I’m not cold.”

Penny became stubborn. He was not an opponent. She helped him to wear it and said, “It doesn’t matter whether you are cold or not. I don’t need the warmth you give.”

John Ran looked at her, thinking this should be her true thoughts.

Penny lifted him up, reached out and slid away the snow on his leg, raised his arm on her shoulder, as a crutch he supported.

“Hold on, as long as you can go back alive, it doesn’t matter to me whether the legs will be abolished.”

Both could not deny that they were walking together in the snow and ice, they suddenly did not feel that cold.

After a long walk, the sparkle-like light was still so far away, and Penny couldn’t take a single step.

She turned to ask him, “Just take a break.”

John Ran didn’t speak, and the arm resting on her shoulder was loosened.

Penny sat directly on the snow, and she all wanted to give up. If he died here, it was not a bad thing, at least she was relieved.

John Ran took out the compressed biscuit in his pocket and gave it to her, “If you are thirsty, you can only drink snow water.”

Penny stared at the compressed biscuit in his hand and asked him sloppily, “Will we die?”

John Ran told the truth, “I don’t know.”

“Are you afraid of death?” Penny didn’t know. When she asked this question, she also carefully put on the hat on her cotton jacket, or she was worried that he would freeze.

Such a natural move of her was warm to his heart.

In fact, he wanted to say, ‘He is fearless with you by his side. ‘

But it was this sentence that said, “I deserved it.”

Maybe they were all very clear that in such cold weather, they will do before the rescue team came. It was very likely, really, that’s how they died.

Since he came to Britain that day, she had always wanted to ask him, “Why did you come to Britain?”

John Ran looked at her with an indifferent expression and a cold voice. “Coincidentally.”

Coincidence? It was not persuasive.

It’s a coincidence to meet her in England, but what happened later? Penny stubbornly asked him that she didn’t even know what she was expecting, “Why don’t you leave?”

“The ticket was to leave tomorrow.” He didn’t hesitate. It should be true, but it was indeed true.

“Don’t you plan to tell me you are leaving?” If it wasn’t for tonight, would he leave her world silently tomorrow, and if she didn’t go back, he would never come to see her?

John Ran answered her relentlessly, “No need.”

Penny knew that she shouldn’t have any expectations of him. If he really loved her, how could they have become what they were today?

Penny looked at the firefly-like light in the distance. “Maybe we can’t go back?”

John Ran said, “You can go by yourself.”

Penny turned to look at him and smiled bitterly, “I’m too timid. I would be scared to go alone. I would rather stay here and wait for death.”