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Chapter 134 Is It A Meeting Again

Penny, who had been in the UK for a month, seemed to really say goodbye to her former self, and lived peacefully in another country, living a life without him.

She worked as a private doctor at the home of an overseas Chinese friend. Whenever she had time, she went to medical school to have a good and comfortable day.

She thought that this state would continue forever, and God’s will fool people. If fate was destined to entangle with him, you can’t hide it.

When she returned home from school that day, she received a call from a friend, saying that a guest had come from the house, and accidentally injured, letting her come over.

As a doctor, Penny went to his friend without delay, but she never thought that her friend’s friend was John Ran.

Her friend did not know their relationship, and gave them a brief introduction. It happened that John Ran was injured by a hand, and a polite handshake could be avoided.

Penny looked down on herself, thinking she could really forget it, and thought that she could be light even if she met again, but the short time did not make her change his heartbeat in any way.

And John Ran, his expression of indifference was really like a stranger who met for the first time.

Penny sneered in her heart, he could be a stranger, and she could as well.

She lowered the medicine box and sat opposite him professionally, every movement was calm and vivid, just like the injured patient was met for the first time.

She first disinfected the wound on his palm. When preparing to remove the glass slag from his palm, she reminded calmly, “It hurts a little.”

And John Ran seemed to have heard nothing, no slight reaction, a pair of bottomless eyes blinking on the wound of his palm, and deliberately did not look at her small white hand in his palm.

She didn’t ask him how he was hurt, and he certainly wouldn’t say. Their friend looked a little awkward when they were so silent. Two fellows who had a chance to meet in a foreign country, even if there was no simple greeting, how could they be strange?

“Don’t you know each other?” Asked her friend curiously. In this state, he could only think of this reason.

John Ran remained indifferent. Penny also remained silent. When the bandaging was over, Penny said briefly, “Don’t touch the water, and take some anti-inflammatory medicine.”

In fact, she knew that these were nonsense. He was also a doctor. He knew what to do and how to protect himself.

The friend wanted to stay Penny for dinner, but Penny declined, it would be better to stay away from that person.

After Penny left, the friend looked back at John Ran, who had a deep pair of eyes and stared at Penny’s distant back. He can’t help shaking his head.

John Ran looked away. A friend pointed to a photo of him and Penny on the wall of his house. “So, you saw the photo of me and her. So you crush my cup?”

John Ran’s gaze turned to that photo, her smile was fixed next to another man, so brilliant and beautiful.

The first time he saw the photo, he became jealous and mad. He didn’t expect to come to Britain and see her again. He just wanted to see where she lived.

Penny didn’t know how she got home. She was sitting in the cozy nest of her own room, and her two hands that had helped him to wrap her wounds were shaking, not for fear, nor was it nervous. It was uncontrollable heartache.

She hated herself for being unproductive, and hated that she couldn’t be as shocked and unfamiliar as he was.

She said to herself, maybe it was just an accidental encounter, her friend happened to be his friend, and he definitely didn’t come to see her.

It’s just why, when she went to class the next day, she saw that familiar figure in the classroom. Is it really a coincidence? He came to Britain to study in the same school as hers?

His current medical knowledge was almost the same as a professor here. What as he for?

His seat was in the back two rows of Penny, so that she had no mood to listen to the class, she had been guessing, will he look at her and keep staring at her?

But she didn’t dare to look back and see. She could only sit and think uneasily.

The professor needed two students to go up to demonstrate CPR. Coincidentally, he ordered the names of two Chinese people, John Ran and Penny.

Penny was mind-absent in the class at first. She suddenly stood up when she heard her own name, and made all the students around her laugh.

How much Penny wished she could run away, she didn’t want to have any contact with him.

As it turned out, she was more worried. John Ran stretched out his still bandaged right hand and explained it to the professor. His hands were accidentally injured and he couldn’t complete such an action.

After that, he stood in the back row and looked at her standing in the first two rows clearly. She relaxed and breathed, his heart was bitter and sad.

She really didn’t want to have any contact with him, so why should he?

After the professor said the importance of the hand to the doctor, Penny and another classmate completed the presentation.

As he stepped off the demo stand, Penny glanced at the seat where he was seated. He lowered his head and didn’t look at her at all, and the pen in his hand wrote something seriously in the notebook.

She thought too much.

The three days proved that Penny had thought too much. He really just happened to be in the same school as her, because he had never spoken a word to her, and he was stranger than a stranger.

It’s snowing, and the school had accumulated a lot snow during the end of the class. Just when she reached the stairs, a friend called Penny’s name. She looked back suddenly, slipped under her feet. Friends laughed.

Penny sat embarrassed on the snow, watching their laughing, and she grabbed the snow on the ground and threw it at them.

Then a crazy snowball game was started. Penny didn’t notice that the friend helped her sitting on the ground and just played a snowball fight with them.

From the moment she fell down, he felt his heart struck his throat, and then she naughtily threw a snowball, and the look of the big boy who raised her up, was taken by John Ran on the other end.

It would be fine if she was happy.

On the weekend, many friends went to skiing. Penny did not expect that he also participated.

As soon as she arrived at the ski resort, Penny put on a sleigh and fell to the ground embarrassingly. All friends taught her how to stand firmly. Only one person was expressionless, John Ran.

Penny stood up with the help of a friend. The big boy who always liked Penny took the initiative to teach her to learn to ski. There was no reason for refusal. As a result, she hurt the other party and fell like her.

The two fell on the snow again, and the big boy lying next to Penny turned his head and looked at her, smiling silly.

Penny covered his eyes with a thick gloved hand. His blue eyes could speak, but she didn’t want to read.

Friends teased and said that they were very suitable for couples, let them try to date. The two looked at each other and smiled silently, and everyone felt that they might be dating.

And the one, who had been sitting in the far corner, got up and left.

At night, when everyone was returning to the hotel, John Ran didn’t go back, and he couldn’t be connected by calling him on his cell phone, maybe there was no signal.

Some people say, had he gone back? It was also said that he was lost and could not find the way back to the hotel.

No matter what it was, he can’t be found now, and Penny can’t sit here and guess, “I’ll go out and look for him. If I don’t come back in two hours, you can call me for help.”

The big boy was not assured that she would go out alone and let her wait here. He went out with a few boys to find him. No one knew that at this time, Penny was so anxious that she desperately go out to find.

Walking alone in the snow, she called his name, “John Ran … John Ran …”

“John Ran …” For more than an hour, she burst into tears, but where was him? Gone back? Still missing?

She was so tired that she fled here for the sake of not seeing him, but he appeared somehow in her life, and he turned her back on her, thinking that this would not bother, but how could he know she’s been in trouble.

She glanced around, snow-covered, now that she’s lost.

She sat weakly on the floor, curled her knees and hugged herself. Her frozen face buried in her leg, and a trembling voice choked, “John Ran …”

The familiar baritone came from above, strong and powerful, “I’m here.”

Penny suddenly looked up. In the snow of the night, he was like a god from heaven, standing high in front of her.

She was so anxious to find him, so afraid that she would never find him again, and he now stood in front of her so calmly and indifferently, looking at her expressionlessly, just one sentence, he was here.

Raising her head high, looking at him, she was really tired. Penny lowered her head, and the smile on the corner of her mouth was sad and weeping. She stood up, turned around and walked back.

He looked better than her now, and she had too much anxiety about hos, and his thick voice spread again behind her, “This way.”

Penny’s feet paused. She couldn’t be stubborn because she was angry with him. She turned around and walked towards him. She accidentally twisted to her feet. She pretended not to be injured and continued to move forward.

John Ran followed her all the way, she stumbled, he was afraid she would fall, and he could not help but reach out to help her.

She didn’t fall, and his hands never touched her body, just following her to protect her with high tension.

Penny became angrier. If it were not for him, she was now sitting by the warm fireplace and talking to her friends, all because of him. She now felt that she was going to freeze to death, and her legs were cold and hurt.

Suddenly, she turned and glared at him angrily, “Do you know? As long as you show up with me, I will be unlucky.”