Chapter 133 Making Me Cry Every Time

After speaking, he could not wait to bite his tongue. In fact, his thoughts were simple, but in the presence of the sensitive Alice, it seemed he cared about Penny in his heart.

Benjamin quickly shifted the topic, “What did she say? I wanted to ask her fiance’s heart, did I take good care of it?”

Alice hurriedly stared at the guilty Benjamin, and did not care about him for the time being. “She said that she was going to Britain, so let me take care of Dr Ran.”

When Benjamin heard it, he was anxious. “What’s so good about that person, is he handsome or not? You are not allowed to go.”

No. The point seemed to be that Penny was going to Britain.

She is going to Britain, that is to say, she had finally broken up with John Ran and she was so heartbroken that go to Britain.

So, should he tell her about that truth? Yes.

Anxious to call Penny’s number, disappointed that it was no longer available.

Benjamin ran out, and said to Alice, “I’m going to the airport.”

He was so anxious that Alice was very angry, and she yelled at him angrily. “I tell you, you’d better go with her, and I will celebrate with champagne every day.”

Under Benjamin’s measurement, going to the airport is more important than coaxing his wife, so he shouted at Alice, “I’ll explain it to you when I come back.”

Huh, who would listen to his explanation? If he didn’t explain clearly, she let him kneel on the keyboard with his left leg, and durian with his right leg.

Alice was still cautiously jealous. Joan came over holding Pippi. “Where is he going in such a hurry?”

“Go see the old lover.” She didn’t think through the brain, and after that she felt she was wrong, and quickly corrected, “No, it was the doctor Dr. Penny who was going to go abroad before, and he sent her.”

When she said that, she couldn’t help but make Joan laugh. “Stupid girl, I dare to assure you, my stupid son can’t escape your palm in this life.”

Alice complacent, “Really?”

Joan nodded resolutely, “At that time, I forced him so hard. I said that except Alice, I would not agree to whom he married, and he told me with certainty that he would never marry anyone except Alice. ”

After listening to Joan’s words, she was happy in her heart, and the smile on the corner of her mouth couldn’t be masked. She muttered narcissistically, “That’s because I’m so good.”

Joan heard Alice’s words to herself and smiled comfortably. “That’s because he loves you too much, so I think that everything is good for you.”

Pippi naughty in Joan’s arms, Alice hugged over, and then whispered to Joan, “For you, am I the best daughter-in-law?”

Joan answered her politely, “No.”

Alice was not satisfied with the answer, and Joan said, “You have to give my son a title, and see how anxious you made him every day.”

It turned out to be this reason. Alice smiled, “This is a secret.”

The relationship between them was also very good, and it seemed that the best beginning of the story was ice-breaking.

Fortunately, he caught up.

On the way, he kept calling Penny’s number, but he couldn’t get through. The speed was very fast. After running around the airport, he was a little breathless and his heartbeat sped up a lot.

Penny did not expect that he would run. When she saw him, she could not help but wet her eyes. Someone would eagerly want to see her off.

The two face to face, standing one meter apart, one tall and one short, like meeting between friends, smiling at each other.

With such a parting, Penny suddenly didn’t know what to say, and she smiled at him, “In fact, you don’t need to come over.”

Benjamin looked at the woman in front of him. Maybe a heart can really control the whole person. Sometimes he didn’t know if he had thought too much, or did that person exist?

“I dreamed of him, even though I didn’t know him.” Something was said inexplicably, even he felt unbelievable.

Penny frowned, knowing who Benjamin was talking about, but after all, Bob was really gone, she smiled slightly, “Did you?”

Benjamin told her the dream, and he didn’t know that it was just a dream of him, it was really the person’s wish.

“It should be the escape town GretnaGreen. If you have time, you can go there and you can get the secret he wants to tell you.”

Penny was dubious, “Do you really dream of Bob?”

Benjamin nodded. “It seems to be.”

Penny laughed. As a doctor, he also did psychological counseling for him for three years. She thought this guy really thought too much.

“Don’t say that you owe me something because of your inexplicable guilt in your heart. You don’t owe me. You don’t need to pay me back. You are you. Bob is Bob. Bob is just an ordinary organ donor. It just happens to be the match you need, and he happens to be my fiance. ”

Penny’s words did have an instant relief for Benjamin, but she left alone, and there was some friend who will miss her.

It’s time to board the plane. Penny smiled lightly. “Won’t your wife punish you when you go home?”

Benjamin laughed. It would be nice if the wife of his family was jealous.

“Have a nice trip.”

“Thank you for seeing me off.”

Ben came home, pleasing to Alice who was typing. “Baby, you’re typing faster and faster at the keyboard. It’s really fast. I admire you. ”

Alice continued to type, pretending not to hear him at all, or to ignore his existence directly.

Benjamin saw that she was staring at the computer intently, and had no intention of doing anything to him, so she had to use her tricks.

“Penny said, if you bully me, let me go to the UK to find her. I am thinking now. Is indifference a bully?”

Alice patted the keyboard in various ways, turned her head and glared at him, shouldn’t she just give him a punch.

She finally had a reaction, Benjamin smiled with a narrow squint, “I knew you were afraid I didn’t want you.”

Alice took the empty water glass in front of him, “Pour me a glass of water.”

After receiving the task, Benjamin, obediently took the water cup, took a step back, and gave Alice a ninety degree bow, “Yes”

When he came to the door of the study, Alice called him, “Benjamin …”

Ben immediately turned around and greeted her with a smile, “Master, is there anything else you want to order?”

He smiled, but Alice was very serious. “Will you feel that from childhood to this age, it is bored to love me alone?”

The previous smile on Ben’s face had been withdrawn. He really never thought about it that way. He felt that it was an honor, a luck, and a pride to love her in this life.

Holding the empty glass, walked to Alice’s side again, sitting on the desk and staring down at Alice with serious thoughts, “I don’t think so, I just think that I only love you all the time and I don’t love enough.”

She really couldn’t stand him like this. Recently, she even loved the words he said, always making her unable to parry.

Could she be cuter? How old was she now, still shy? He raised her delicate chin and said affectionately, “My beauty, how about continuing your appointment in the next life?”

Alice pretended to calmly opened his hand, “Hurry up and pour water for me, I’m thirsty.”

“Yes, madam.”

As soon as Ben entered the kitchen, he was struck by her mother’s fist, but she still didn’t feel bad about the attack on her son on his back.

Joan glared at him, and Benjamin didn’t understand what she wanted, looked at her mother innocently, “Did I do something wrong?”

Joan looked out sneakily, and found that no one but still kept the voice very low, “Why do you see Dr. Penny off, and you are not afraid that Alice is angry? Is your wife important or your former physician important? ”

Can this be compared?

Benjamin looked at his mother inconceivably. She was protecting Alice.

“Did you already recognize Alice as your daughter-in-law?”

Joan glared at her son. “She is my grandson’s mother. If you make her angry, she runs away from home with my grandson in her arms. What can I do if I miss my grandson?”

Oh, the most important thing to her elderly now was her grandson.

Benjamin glanced out and determined that Alice wasn’t there. Then he patted his chest proudly bragged. “Here you can rest assured, if she dares to not let you see your grandson, I will punish her.”

Joan reluctantly laughed, thinking to herself that this son might have been really stupid with that fist she had just made, and he was talking nonsense.

Benjamin went to the study with a cup of water, and just entered the door, Alice said blankly while typing on the keyboard, “I heard that someone was going to punish me.”

“…” Benjamin blinked, who betrayed him? His mother.

Benjamin walked forward with arrogance, “It’s me, why, if you don’t agree, continue to fight in bed tonight.”

“… ” Is there any man like him, then war began.

Looking at her sipping of water, Benjamin thought about how she looked when she asked him for mercy in bed.