Chapter 132 You Know My Helplessness

When John Ran went back to the hospital on the third day, the person in the hospital bed was gone, and the bedding shop on the top was neat. He frowned.

Just when a nurse was passing by, he asked, “Where the patient in this ward?”

The nurse looked at the man in front of her carefully, and after confirming that she had not seen him, “Do you know Dr. Penny?”

John Ran’s low bass replied, “Yes.”

The smart nurse had almost guessed what the relationship between this man and Dr. Penny was, because many doctors and nurses now knew that Dr. Penny was pregnant and the child cannot stay.

“Dr. Penny was discharged home last night.”

“Thank you.” John Ran turned and prepared to leave, and the kind nurse reminded him, “Dr. Penny chose medicine abortion, and it is better to have personal care around her.”

John Ran’s footsteps quickly resumed as usual, with the last words the nurse reminded.

She needed someone to take care of.

Therefore, when he appeared where she lived, the off-white sofa in the living room was like the scene of a killing, and blood blew a large dazzling red on the off-white sofa.

He didn’t see her, he finally panicked, rushed to the bedroom to find her, she was not there, he choked and called her name, “Penny … Penny …”

Penny, sitting on the cold floor of the bathroom, could not help laughing with tears in her eyes when she heard his voice.

He rushed to the bathroom. When he saw that she was weak on the wall, sitting in a pool of blood, he felt heartache and pain that was difficult to restrain.

He knelt beside her, trembling, distressed and wanted to hug her, “Penny. Sorry … sorry …”

It was just normal bleeding. She didn’t expect that he would come over, so she made herself so embarrassed. She was sober now, feeling clearly that a life was being drawn from her body.

She lifted her eyes and looked at him. This man hurts her deeply. She smiled painfully and told him what she felt now, “It hurts a lot.”

A word from her made him fall for years of ruthlessness and tenacity. His eyebrows tightened, his pupils contracted, and tears of grief slipped down the inner corner of his eyes.

She laughed again. This was the second time she saw his tears. She looked up and wiped him a bit, and smiled sadly, “How about you? Are you painful? Are you happy? Did you get the effect you want? ”

She bit her lip. At this moment, in fact, she hated him, or she had learned how to retaliate. “If it hasn’t, then I tell you now, I am really suffering from life.

His trembling hand clasped on her arm was at a loss. As a doctor, he knew what the most important thing was now, but he was really useless. He couldn’t use all his strength to try to lift her from the cold ground

He finally picked her up, put her on the bed, and helped her with everything rationally, and she accepted everything he did.

Now he was a skilled doctor, and she was a patient who needed care, and nothing else.

It was very abnormal. He took care of her for seven days. During these seven days, they didn’t say a word, and there was no eye contact.

Strange and weird, but indeed, two familiar strangers lived like that for a full seven days.

In the early morning seven days later, Penny can take care of herself and packed her luggage in the bedroom.

When John Ran came in, all he saw was that she was putting the folded clothes in the suitcase.

He walked over and looked at her, unable to find a reason to stop her.

Penny continued to look down, but also told him, “I plan to go to Britain.”

John Ran deeply gazed at her, Britain? Why did she go to the UK again? Didn’t she run to the UK for four years to break up with him?

He really couldn’t let her go, and went to the UK to find her, but what he saw was that she and Bob were sleeping in the same bed. She even told that she was going to marry Bob, she never loved him.

Since then, he had become a demon he didn’t know.

Now, she was going to Britain again, and she was planning to never return.

He asked her hardly, “Why?” Why was it still British?

Penny stopped the action of folding her clothes on his hands and looked up at him who had become cold. The answer had already been fixed in her heart, so there was no need to think, “Because there is no you.”

John Ran sneer, because he wasn’t there? Or was it because there were her and Bob there, full of past memories?

He will also be tired, and those who want to leave cannot be kept.

He put down the cup of tea for her, took out the black wallet from his suit pocket, pulled out a gilded bank card, and put it on the table. “The password is your birthday.”

After that, he turned to leave.

Penny saw that he didn’t want to keep her back, and said nothing, “Don’t you stay me?”

Even a look of perseverance would make her hesitate.

He paused, and didn’t turn around. His deep voice was smooth, “No.” Her leaving was her last choice and their end.

His indifference could easily poke Penny’s heart. She eagerly asked him, “Do you still love me?”

He still didn’t look back, and answered, “Not anymore.”

Knowing that this was the answer, but she was still unwilling give up,. She walked over. It didn’t matter that he didn’t look back, she stood in front of him, looked at him, and he finally had to look at her.

She smiled inexplicably, “Say it again.”

His hands on his side were clenched slowly, and looked at the stubborn woman in front of him. This should be, this was the last time he could see her, after thinking about it, he would never see it.

As she wished, he only hoped that she would walk resolutely, thinking that he could easily say it. But he found it difficult only when he opened his mouth and said it again.

The pain in his throat was as unbearable as being struck by a knife. He said clearly, “I don’t love you anymore.”

Penny almost didn’t stand. She laughed after listening, and she laughed so horribly. She said to him already prepared words, so pretentious and indifferent, “It’s a coincidence that I don’t love you anymore as well.”

John Ran’s eyebrows tightened. Only he knew how much he wanted to hold her desperately, how much he wanted to ask her loud, “Can you tell me what I can do to stop loving you?”

He said to himself ten thousand times that he didn’t love, but why, he just couldn’t do it.

When John Ran walked to the door, Penny caught up with him again, and put the bank card he left in his pocket of his jacket.

She looked at him and smiled at him with relief, “No, I don’t need it, and change the password.”

After speaking, Penny went inside and passed by, while he smiled bitterly and said, “It can’t be changed.”

No goodbye, no care, just like this, one didn’t look back, the other didn’t stay…

Love was something that was afraid of mistakes, but more afraid of being missed.

Perhaps for them, separation was the best option.

Penny called Benjamin before boarding the plane, but Alice answered the call.

“Dr Penny, Benjamin went out, he didn’t bring his cell phone.” Actually Alice didn’t want to answer, but she kept ringing. To be honest, she was also curious.

Penny also quickly explained, “No, I originally wanted him to say something to you.

Alice didn’t know what could happen to Penny to find her, maybe it was just because she answered the phone now that she had to say so.

“Is there a problem?”

Penny, who was sitting in the airport terminal, said, “I’m going to Britain, John Ran. He has experienced a lot of hardships. He has done a lot of things before. I hope you don’t blame him. You should know him well. He is a good man. ”

Some of Alice didn’t understand what Penny said. She was going to England.. Did she go with Ran together?

Penny also felt inexplicable, “I don’t know why I said this. I just want you to… He actually likes liveliness. If he has been alone, in Mid-Autumn Festival, Spring Festival and other festivals, could you give him moon cakes or something? ”

Alice understood her words, and didn’t ask the others, but just gave her a reassuring answer, “Okay, I will. If he wants, I will invite him to our house for the holiday.”

“Thank you.” Penny didn’t know what to say.

“All the way, I miss home and come back.” Alice said to Penny.


After the call, Penny turned off the phone. This phone should be turned off from now on.

Alice holding Benjamin’s mobile phone and thinking of the call just now, did not find that Benjamin came silently from the room just now.

Benjamin quickly drew Alice’s mobile phone, and his slender fingers pinched Alice’s small chin. “Honestly, why did you steal my call? Who called me?”

Alice looked up at Benjamin seriously, thinking in her heart, what would Penny say if the call was answered by Benjamin just now? Maybe say nothing; just listen to his healthy heartbeat now.

Alice pointed at Benjamin’s left chest and said sourly, “It was the woman in your heart who called you.”

She didn’t say who it was, Benjamin said, “Penny.”