Chapter 131 Public Display of Affection

On the way back, Alice leaned in the seat with her eyes closed, Benjamin could see that she was a little temperament and not very happy.

A big hand touched her in the hair, “Would you like to go to the beach to watch the sunrise?”

Alice opened her eyes wryly and turned to look at Benjamin, who focused on driving. “I want to know, seeing Dr. Penny like this now, do you feel bad?”

He knew she was unhappy because of this.

Benjamin pouted a smile, and many things made him understand that there should be an open conversation between the two.

He honestly said, “A bit.”

It’s true, a little bit. It will be distressed. Benjamin knew that if he told his feelings in this way, Alice may be angry, but he didn’t want to lie and he didn’t want to hide his true feelings in front of her.

He didn’t want to miss it with her because of misunderstanding and concealment. He felt distressed about that, as an ordinary friend. Besides, she had also been his attending physician for three years.

His honesty did not arouse Alice’s anger. Instead, she coquettishly leaned her head on his shoulder and put her small hand on his left chest.

“I don’t even know this heart. Then you say, does this heart love me?”

Benjamin held her small hand in his big hand. “Fool, you think too much.”

Right, she thought too much. Anyway, Benjamin must be hers.

Sometimes, things cannot happen as we thought, for example, they have been to the beach waiting for the sunrise.

But it’s raining outside.

The two looked at each other with a helpless smile.

Benjamin’s good-looking eyebrows picked out, “We can’t come here for nothing. How about having sex here?”

Alice glared at him angrily, “Hurry up and drive home, and Pippi will cry when he wakes up cannot find me.”

Someone approached her badly, and the evil smile in the corner of his mouth was cheap. “If you don’t cooperate, I’ll force you.”

Alice pushed him away silently, “Okay, don’t make a mess, go home.”

On the way home, Benjamin knowingly asked, “Alice, who is more important to you, me or our son?”

Alice didn’t hesitate to answer, “My baby son.”

Benjamin did not give up, “If he and me fell into the water, who do you save?”

“My baby son.”

Benjamin messed up and brainwashed Alice, “Alice, if your son is gone, I can give another child to you again, but I am gone, and you will never have a son again.”

How self-righteous this person was, Alice sneered indifferently, raised her hand on his shoulder and patted it twice, “You can rest assured that there are so many men in the world, and I must live up to your expectations , giving you numerous children and grandchildren. ”

If it weren’t for the drive, Benjamin would definitely have sex with her.

“Then you say, what am I in your heart now?” Benjamin was stubborn like a boy, thinking in her heart that if she dared to say he was her sex partner again, he would have to do it all the time, so as to be worthy of this status.

However, she didn’t say that, and returned an upgraded version of him, “It’s a warm bed, better than an electric blanket.”

She compared him to an electric blanket? !!

When she got home, Alice slept in the car, and the car had been parked in the garage. There was such a closed space, and there was a beautiful woman who fell asleep. Importantly, what did she say just now? He was a warm bed.

He must punish her.

Alice, confused, felt that the back of the chair was falling backwards, she thought it might be home, opened her eyes but was startled by him already on her.

Watching him alertly, “What are you doing?”

Someone smiled with a wicked charm, his deep voice was very low, “To fuck you.”

“Benjamin, hey, you …”

Early in the morning, the car was parked in the garage, and he proved to her that he was powerful.

Alice said that her body was exhausted. She should not mess with him in the future. Her small body was almost tossed by him.

After going upstairs, Joan looked up and down at the two people who came back from the outside early in the morning. If it was not for the battle just now, Alice should have been frank. Now it was better. Clearing her throat, she said

“Oh, a friend was sick last night. We took her to the hospital.”

Joan’s eyes were still on Alice, and she nodded as she understood, “Oh.”

Ben could not help laughing, seeing Alice’s awkwardness as a thief. He couldn’t help but want to laugh. Alice hit him hard on the chest.

Benjamin didn’t want to make a big deal, “Oh, my dear, you lightly, I hurt.”

“…” Alice stared at him biting her lips resentfully, did he want to die?

Joan was very calm. “Then you go up and change your clothes and pack, then come down for breakfast.”


Alice went upstairs quickly. Benjamin stood downstairs and looked at his still shy dear wife, and couldn’t help laughing.

There was a deep pain in his arm, and he lowered his head to realize that his mother was pinching his arm.

Joan said in a low voice, “Son, good job, tries to give me more grandchildren.”

Benjamin rubbed his aching arm, “Mom, can you change this encouragement method next time?”

Joan had taken her baby grandson to the restaurant and turned a deaf ear to her son’s words.

Alice stood in the locker room and looked at herself in the mirror. She wanted to bump into the mirror and knocked herself out. No wonder Joan looked at her like this. Who can tell her how her pants were put it inside out.

Benjamin came in, talked to her normally regardless of her anger. “I’m going to Queen District these days. Are you with me? Or do you want to stay with your baby boy?”

Alice said, “I think you are particularly suitable for that color, you wear that sweater today.”

Benjamin looked at the direction she was pointing at, a dark green turtleneck sweater, and the ghost knew what kind of taste she was and bought him such a sweater.

“Why don’t you buy me a green hat directly?” After all, he still took the dark green sweater she chose.

Alice was lying on his back comfortably like a child. “If you like this, I will give you one.”

Benjamin sternly deterred, “You dare, you try.”

She didn’t know if she told him that lying on his back was very practical, she pouted and smiled, she was afraid, and she would not try.

With him, life is enough.

He carried her back and found all the clothes they needed to change, and whispered to her, “Sleeping?”

Alice tightened her arms and coquettishly, “Well, so sleepy.”

She wanted to ask how many men in the world like Benjamin who were petting his wife. The answer was no.

Benjamin put her clothes on the edge of the bed, carrying her well, “And I will carry you for five minutes.”

Alice was unsatisfied and bargained. “I need ten minutes.”

Benjamin smiled slightly, his magnetic dumb voice was intoxicating, “Okay, ten minutes.”

Then, ten minutes passed, and twenty minutes passed. Thirty minutes later, Alice was still lying comfortably on Benjamin’s back.

Benjamin carried Alice, who was asleep, and walked round and round in the bedroom.

How many times he carried her to sleep like this from childhood to this age. She was used to it, and he was used to it.

Nanny came and asked them to come down for breakfast. Benjamin whispered, “You eat first.”

When Alice woke up, it was an hour later.

Alice came down from his back, glanced at the time, and said embarrassingly, “Why don’t you call me?”

Benjamin changed his clothes and naturally said, “You sleep so well, how can I wake you up.”

Alice said warmly, “I’ll help you press your shoulders.”

He did not refuse. After putting on his pants, he raised his hand and held her hand on his shoulder, turned his head, and his lips fell on the back of her hand, kissing her deeply.

“As long as I can move my back, as long as you are willing to sleep on my back, I will not wake you up.”