Chapter 55 The taste of beautiful fruits

Charlie clamps a peanut. After looking at it for a long time, he asks, “Why do you make this dish?”

“Robert tells me you like it.”

She says in low voice, because he is not sure if she has been teased by Robert.


He nods meaningfully. His expression returns to his usual calm.

Karin doesn’t ask if this dish has any special meaning to him. Since they can’t be together, then don’t be overly curious.

“Your grandma live alone, wouldn’t she be too lonely?”

While washing the dishes, Charlie comes over and asks.

“But she doesn’t want to leave here.”

“But can she take care of herself?”

“Yes, as long as she doesn’t get ill, she’s no different from normal people, and she can tell the truth.”

“Oh? What did she tell you?”

Karin smiles, “Yes, she told me when I was very young, she said, ‘Karin, no matter how difficult you are, you have to face it bravely with hope. Don’t complain, and be grateful all the time. Integrity is the greatest wealth God has given us the poor.'”

Charlie admires the lonely back, “She is a great woman.”

The two stay until the dusk. On the way back, they talk a lot about her grandmother.

“When I graduate, I can come over with her.”

Karin’s unintentional sentence makes Charlie realized an important issue. He brakes his car and says very seriously, “Can you apply for a master’s degree?”

She is i a maze for a while, but she understands what his intention is.

“I don’t have that much money.”

She lowers her head and deliberately avoids his problems. Even she has the money, she would not stay in Zurich if she can.

“I will be responsible for all your expenses.”

As long as she stays with him for two years, he is confident to solve all problems.

“No, I don’t have this plan at the moment.”

She insists the principle she should adhere to.

“Karin…” Charlie is very frustrated, he holds her shoulder, “Why do you have to be so rational? What should I do to you?”

“I’ll tell you a story.”

Karin raises her head to meets his gaze.

“An angel and her friends fly freely under the sun. She sees a beautiful vine bearing a beautiful fruit. When she goes to pick it, her friends try to stop her, but she still resolutely picks it. It is bitter and astringent. Her friends fly away. And she, lost her wings, and could no longer fly. She could not feel the comfort of the sun, and the only thing waiting for her is lonely death. Finally, she understands the taste of beautiful fruit — bitter.”

When the story is over, she asks him, “Do you know what this story mean?”

He shakes his head, not that he doesn’t know, he just wants to hear what she says.

“The moral of this story is to tell you not to pick the fruit that shouldn’t be picked, otherwise, you will bear the consequences of it.”

After a long silence, Charlie starts the engine, “Let’s go.”

He is extremely patient, of course, only for Karin.

The atmosphere is not very relaxed, and it happens that Barry calls her.

Karin glances at the man next to him and resolutely answers the phone, “Hey?”

“Karin, are you still angry with me?”


“Then why don’t you reply to me when I sent you messages?”

“I didn’t receive.”

In fact she does not receive his messages.

“No. The signal is that poor? Are you still in London? Would you like me to take two days off to accompany you?”

“No, I will return to Zurich tomorrow.”

“You go back so soon?”


“Well then, be careful on your way.”


When she is about to hang up the phone, Barry says, “Wait a minute…”

“What happened?”

“I heard… I heard…” Barry seems to have something to say.

“What did you hear?”

“I heard that you are close to a rich boss, aren’t you?”

“What?” She frowns.

“I don’t mean anything else, just wants to remind you that we two are going to get married. You should avoid these ambiguous things, or you will be gossiped.”

“Being gossiped? Who?” Who else besides his mother?

“No matter who. There are no waves without wind, anyway.”

She desperately suppresses the anger, she grits her teeth and says, “If you think so, then I can’t help you.”

Maybe he hears Karin is angry, Barry softens his attitude, “Karin, in fact, I absolutely believe you, but you should also cherish your good name.”

Oh, it’s ridiculous. If he believes her unconditionally, he won’t feel that she does not cherish her good name.

“Thank you, but your words are contradictory!”

Karin restrains the urge to cry. She doesn’t want to quarrel with Barry in front of Charlie, and how much she wants Charlie to see her happy…

But why is it so difficult.

Hanging up the phone, she looks outside the window.

“Do your parents know that you will return to Zurich tomorrow?”

Charlie asks casually, not mentioning the phone call just now.


“Then I will drive you back to pick up the luggage. Stay in the hotel tonight, in case you won’t catch up the plane tomorrow.”

“Okay, thank you.”

She has never been so grateful to his gentleman, not because of his thoughtfulness, but because he retains her proud dignity, knowing that she has an unhappy conversation with her boyfriend, and does not take advantage of it to hurt her .

At the entrance of the hotel, he gets out of the car and Robert walks over with a sad look.

“Mr. Charlie, I have something unfortunate to tell you…”

“What’s up?”

Robert glances at Karin and lowers his voice and says, “Miss Mia is here.”

Talk of the devil and he comes. As soon as the words ended, Mia comes out of the hotel and shouts with a smile, “Charlie.”