Chapter 54 Worldly ruthlessness

Charlie couldn’t guess what Karin is thinking. He drives for a long time before they arrive at the destination.

In front of they is an old-style building, lined with buttonwoods.

“Where is this?” He stops the car and asks in confusion.

“Follow me.”

Karin still refuses to say anything and goes straight into a rusty iron gate.

Charlie follows, and soon, he sees a kind-hearted old woman sitting alone at the window of the small building, isolated and quiet.


Karin steps forward and shouts loudly. The old woman smiles lightly and strokes her hair, “Karin is back.”

“Well! I miss you so much, I really miss you so much.”

“I miss you too.”

The old woman’s smile is still so quiet, Charlie stands aside thoughtfully. Long time ago, Karin showed him a picture of her grandmother, London’s most traditional old-fashioned woman. After decades of ups and downs, traces of years are engraved on her face.

After some greetings, Karin quickly introduces, “Grandma, this is a friend I know in Zurich. His name is Charlie.”

Charlie steps forward and nods, “How do you do?”

The old woman stares carefully and nods slowly, “Welcome.”

She only says one sentence, and gets up and says, “I’m tired. I’ll go to rest first.”

Karin helps her into the bedroom, and comes out a moment later, and says to Charlie, “You see?”

“What do you mean?”

“My grandma is very depressed.”

“What happened?”

She sighs and remains silent for a while before saying, “In fact, fifty years ago, my grandma is going to marry. It was arranged by her parents. At the time, it was impossible to meet the one you are going to marry, not to mention that you will fall in love with each other. But my grandma fell in love with a rich man. They loved each other, and my grandma got pregnant. The man promised to marry her, but he didn’t. When my grandma gave birth to my mom, she was suffering great pressure from others’ gossip, but she withstood all of them. She deeply believed that the man will come back to her. But when my was two years old, she knew that the one she loved had already married someone else. Only by this time, did my grandma forsake this love. She no longer believed the marriage that two families don’t match each other.”

Karin is also to cry. She thinks that Charlie would understand why she says this.

Charlie is very distressed, not the fate of an old-fashioned woman who is disappointed for love, but the person in front of him, who interprets her helplessness and worries in this way.

Holding her hands, He slowly moves closer to her, and he says in her ears word by word, “Karin, the same encounter does not mean the same fate.”

Taking two steps back, Karin allows herself to be moved, but she is not allowed to be convinced.

Only time will know whether love will withstand the hardship.

She doesn’t want to take a path that her grandmother has taken. In that case, her mother should be sad.

“Stay here for lunch?”

Charlie nods, “Okay.”

“You just sit here and I’ll go shopping.”

“I go with you.”

“No, I’ll be back soon.”

She doesn’t know what Charlie likes to eat. After thinking about it, she takes out her mobile phone and dials Robert.

“Hey? Miss Karin.”

“Robert, I would like to ask, what does Charlie like to eat?”

Robert seems unable to respond, “What?”

“I’m at the supermarket. I am preparing for the lunch…”

“Oh, I see.” He interrupts with joy, “Listen, Charlie’s favorite dish is fried pork with peanuts.”

“Impossible.” She wonders.

“Trust me, I’ve been with him for so many years, and I know him best.”

“Fine then.”

After buying the food, she returns to her grandmother’s house. Far away, she sees Charlie is sitting on the window sill.

“I’m back.”

She waves her hand strongly, smiles brightly at him.

“Are you tired?”

Charlie stares at her affectionately, his thin lips rising slightly.

“No. Poor girls are not so coquettish.”

“May I help you?”

Leaning against the kitchen door, he asks softly.

Karin shakes her head, “No. I don’t want to bother you.”

At the sound of the door opening, the two look back. It is grandma who gets up. She staggers to the small window and sits on the bamboo chair.

Charlie wants to say hello, but is taken by Karin. She makes a snoring motion and whispers, “Don’t disturb her, she likes to be quiet.”

Lunch is ready and there is a full table of dishes, “I am not a good cook, but you have to eat.”

Charlie looks at the peanut shredded pork in front of him. His expression is complex and surprised.

“What? Don’t you like it?”

Karin asks cautiously.

“I do.” He picks up his chopsticks, his fingers trembling slightly.

“Enjoy yourself.”