Chapter 53 Off the track mentally and physically

“Auntie, you talked to my dad about the marriage, does Barry know?”

“No. I’ll decide for this.”

“But you still need to ask his opinion, maybe he doesn’t want to get married now.”

“How come, Barry, would have no choice but to marry you. Besides, he would listen to me. He never dares to say anything about the things I decide.”

Karin feels a little displeased in her heart, and smiles forcefully, “But now we have nothing for marriage.”


“House, car, career, these important things.”

Lucy glares at her, “Who says you don’t have a house? Can’t you live in my house?”

“Auntie, you and your husband and your daughter are not enough to live in that house.”

“It’s okay. I’ll be staying in Barry’s room with your uncle. Our big house will be for you.”

She is a little speechless and euphemistically tells her, “In fact, the house is a trivial matter. The key is that I have not graduated yet. Barry’s job is unstable. I hope we can get married two years later. By then we will have everything and your burden will be lighter.”

It is a good intention, but Lucy misunderstands her, “Karin, I find that you are very different this time. Are you affected by foreign thoughts, so you want to find a reason to regret marriage?”

Karin shakes her head quickly, “Of course not, I just think of some more realistic questions.”

“It doesn’t worth mentioning. If you don’t have car, you can walk. If you don’t have a career, you can develop it. I don’t think these will be a stumbling block to your marriage.”

“Well, don’t mention it.”

Before coming, in fact, she does not give much hope. Sure enough, without hope, there would not be much disappointment.

“Karin, don’t blame your aunt for being so attentive. I think you have changed your whole values since you study abroad for a few years.”

“How have I changed?”

“You want a house and a car, and you know the financial conditions of our family, and you still say that, don’t you think you make me embarrassed?!”

Karin is really tired of arguing with her. She explains patiently, “I don’t want to ask you for what I want, but I want to rely on my own ability to own it. This is a kind of self-motivation. Isn’t it self-motivated?”

Lucy says with a meaningful smile, “It is good to be motivated. I am afraid that you want to take shortcuts. Many girls want to marry sugar daddy. Of course, I am not saying you, you are not that kind of girl.”

Karin hopes to shut her mouth.

After lunch, Karin finds a reason to return home. Along the way back, she thinks a lot. She opposes the marriage like this because the time is not right, or because of other reasons?

She has been afraid to face this problem because she has decided that the time is not right yet, but her mother-in-law is right. If she really wants to get married, her reasons are not enough to be a stumbling block for marriage.

When she comes home, she says sincerely to my parents, “Dad, mom, I have thought it through. I will marry Barry.”

Mike and Jane are quite surprised.

“Why do you suddenly figure it out?”

“Like what you said, it’s going to get married sooner or later. Since it is a settled thing, there is no need to delay it.”

She forces herself to accept the reality, but she does not want to betray Barry one day…

Night is approaching. In the suite of the five-star hotel, Charlie stands in front of the floor-to-ceiling window. The coffee in his hand has already cooled. He overlooks the lower part of the city, and the whole city is shining with lights.


“Well, what?”

“Would you like to call Miss Karin?”

Charlie turns around, “What do you want to do?”

“The day after tomorrow will return to Zurich. Except for the London Eye, we haven’t visited many of London’s famous places yet. How about…”

“No. She rarely goes home. Let her spend more time with her family.”

Charlie walks calmly to his desk, opens the laptop, and devotes himself to his work.

Robert knows that the things he decides would not change easily. He shrugs helplessly.

Half an hour before the dumpling shop closes, Karin says she goes shopping in the supermarket and secretly finds a place to call Charlie.

Looking at the words Karin flashing on the phone, Charlie in a bit surprised, and he presses to answer.


Karin summons the courage and asks softly, “Are you free tomorrow?”

“Yes, what’s wrong?”

“I want to take you to a place…”

He hesitates slightly, but does not refuse, “OK.”

“That’s it. I’ll go to you tomorrow at ten.”


Hanging up the phone, Karin is a bit surprised. Why doesn’t Charlie ask her where to take him…

She gets up before dawn, and hurries to the city centre.

When she arrives at the hotel, the sun just rises. She knocks on the door of Charlie’s room and opens the door halfway. The guy inside asks in amazement, “Why so early? Don’t you say that you come at ten?

“Because the distance is long, I’m afraid I don’t have enough time, so I come here.”

“Where to go?”

He asks, and she smiles slyly, “It’s a secret.”

“Wait a minute, I’ll go get changed.”

“Okay.” She enters the room, “The place we’re going to is very remote.” She deliberately shouts at the bedroom.

After a while, Charlie changes his clothes and walks out.



The two get out of the room and meet Robert. He asks erroneously, “Hey, Didn’t she say…”

“She came by herself.”

Charlie knows what he wants to ask, and answer him in advance.

“Where are you going?”

Karin immediately answers, “Go to a good place.”

“With me?” Seeing the situation, he is out.

“I’m sorry. It may be inconvenient to bring with you.”

Robert smiles, “All right. All right. I don’t mind.”