Chapter 52 We can’t do that

Reason returns a little, and she hears the knock on the door, “Karin, open the door.”

Biting her lips tightly, she desperately suppresses the sadness in her heart. Why should she let her meet a wrong person at the wrong time…


Calming her emotions, she opens the door and stands in front of him. He is still the gentle and elegant, but no longer calm as usual.

Charlie hugs her into her arms and proclaims in her ears, “I like you, do you know? I like you.”

At that moment, she feels a little bit helpless.

“But I don’t like you.”

“You’re lying.”

He looks into her eyes, and she lowers her head.

Yeah, she is lying. If she doesn’t like him, how could she give him a warm response.

“Charlie, whether true or false, I don’t like you. It’s the only answer I can give you. Don’t ask me why. You understand why.”

She breaks away from his embrace. Her heart is in pain, and the biggest sorrow in her life is she cannot love what she loves.

Charlie refuses to let go of her and hugs her from behind, “I don’t accept such an answer.”

“So what do you want? I can’t say I like you. You have someone you have to marry, so do I. Charlie, we can’t. You listen clearly, we can’t!”

Karin cries. For the first time in front of a man, she cries so sadly.

“Nothing is impossible. Since I’m honest with you, everything is impossible, I will make it possible.”

“How do you change? You tell me how you change it? Don’t think I don’t know, you have a reason to marry Mia.”

She chokes cries like a helpless child. Charlie feels distressed and wipes the tears in the corner of her eyes. He says, “Before I know you, my life is really going on regularly, but now, I am willing to subvert all for you.”

“Even if there is no Mia, there will still be other problems.”

Karin knows so clearly that she and Charlie are not only separated by two people. She could not abandon her parents for him, and he could not give up the family business for her.

If Karin knew things would happen as today, she will choose to not meet him two years ago. She cannot stand such helplessness.

The night is already deep. She sits in the dark stupidly. A few hours ago, Charlie’s words makes her sad.

“If my love is a burden to you, then just forget what I said.”

When he leaves, she is deeply lost in thoughts.

Karin covers her heart and tells herself, Even if it’s a little bit sad now, it’s better than making things worse.

Struggling on the edge of reason and emotion is an unbearable torture for anyone.

In the early morning, the sun rises from the east. After a night of reflection, the messy thoughts finally sort out.

She washes her face, walks to Charlie’s room, stands for a few seconds, and raises her hand to knock on the door.

“Miss Karin, good morning.”

A sudden voice behind her scares her, “Good morning.”

“Are you looking for Charlie?”

“Yes, has he waken up?”

“Yes, but he’s already out, and we won’t return to the hotel today.”

She knows he is busy with business today, but is surprised, “Why don’t you go with him?”

“He asks me to…” Robert pauses with a complex look, “send you home.”

Karin stumbles. Maybe she does not expect Charlie to have such an arrangement.

“Mr Charlie asked me to tell you that don’t get angry with your dad. Even if he is wrong, he is always your father.”

“I know this.” She smiles bitterly, “Then I’ll go back first.”

“I drive you back.”

“No,” she refuses, “I want to go alone.”

Perhaps Robert knows something happened between them, and does not force her. He just reminds her, “Don’t forget, Miss Karin, the plane returns to Zurich at 9 am the the day after tomorrow.”

“Yes.” She nods.

Turning around and leaving, Robert reluctantly stops her, “Actually…”

“What happened?”

“Maybe I shouldn’t tell much, but I still can’t help but want to say that Charlie’s feelings for you are genuine.”

Karin bows her head and sighs helplessly, “I know, but we can’t do this.”

She walks away without looking back. She would rather be in pain now than in the future.

Back at home, her father ignores her. Taking a deep breath, she walks over and says, “Dad, I’m sorry.”

“You know it?” Mike raises an eyebrow and asks.

“Well, I know I’m wrong, but only for running away from home. I don’t think I’m wrong in terms of marriage.”


“You don’t have to be angry. I won’t tell you about this. I’ll tell Barry’s mother, no matter how stubborn they are, they ‘re not as stubborn as you are.”

Before her father scolds her, she runs to the Barry’s home in one breath.

Lucy carries a basket preparing to go to the market to buy food. When she sees Karin, she says happily, “Oh, Karin is here. Come, go and buy food with me.”

Karin agrees, “Yes.”

Just take this opportunity to brainwash the future mother-in-law.