Chapter 51 Unreasonable after drinking

The car restarts again. She watches the familiar scenery drifting away from the reflector. Karin asks sadly, “Charlie, do you think I’m wayward, and run away for trivial things?”

He smiles, “Capriciousness is special for girls.”

“In fact, I rarely irritate my parents from childhood, but this time is different. After all, it is a major event in my life.”

“Then you have to figure it out. You just don’t like them dominating your marriage, or don’t you want to get married at all?”

She thinks about it, “Both. I just think that we shouldn’t get married so soon. He is not rich and I am not rich. We have to work hard for our life. I don’t want to quarrel with him for petty things after we get married.”

Charlie nods, “That is right. If your parents don’t understand, you can tell your boyfriend. After all, marriage is a matter for two people. The decision is in your own hands.”

Decadently bows her head, she whispers softly, “If he understands me, I wouldn’t be so angry…”

The voice is too low, Charlie doesn’t hear clearly, “What are you talking about?”

“Nothing.” Subconsciously, she doesn’t want to let him know that she has troubles in love.

The car stops at the hotel where he stays. Robert sees the two of them and is surprised, “What? You send her away, and then send her back?”

She embarrassingly bites her lips and says, “Well, you don’t welcome me?”

“Of course not. This is a hotel and not my house. How can I not welcome you. It is out of curiosity.”

Karin walks into Charlie’s booked room for her, closes the door, and says, “Even if it’s your home, you also have to welcome me.”

Robert laughs and turns around, “Mr Charlie, I have never seen her so funny.”

Taking a hot bath, she is deep in her thoughts. The doorbell rings suddenly.

She is startled and looks at the time. It is already half past eleven. Who will find her? Hesitating for a moment, she walks to the door and asks, “Who is it?”

She thinks it is Charlie, but she hears, “Miss Karin, it’s me, Robert.”

“What happens?”

“Well, please open the door.”

Out of politeness, she opens the door. Robert holds a bottle of red wine in his hand, and smiles and says, “I heard Charlie said that you are in a bad mood. Would you like to drink some wine?”

She decisively shakes her head, “No, thank you.”

Even a three-year-old knows something about being drunk, not to mention she is not a three-year-old.

“Well. What kind of man you think of me that you guard against me?”

Karin explains immediately, “No, no, mistake me. I just don’t like drinking…”

“Will you drink with me? I’m in a bad mood.”

“Why are you in a bad mood?” She is confused.

“It’s a long story.”

Robert enters the room and puts the wine on the coffee table, “Wait for me, I’ll get two cups.”

Karin sighs helplessly and goes into the bedroom to change clothes.

Charlie is busy with his work. Robert pushes in the door and says, “Mr. Charlie, let’s go and drink.”

“Drink?” He raises an eyebrow, “What do you mean?”

“I took a bottle of wine to Miss Karin’s room”

Charlie snorts, “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking.”

“She is going to get married. Do you really want to watch her become someone’s wife?”

After a brief silence, he gets up and pats Robert’s shoulder, “You listen to me, I don’t want to keep her by this way.”

After he finishes speaking, he goes straight out and comes to Karin’s room.

“Well, why are you here?”

She has changed her clothes and is neatly waiting for Robert to come and complain.

“It’s better to have more people drinking together.”

Robert then follows in, holding three goblets in his hand.

He puts the cup on the table and takes turns in a circle. Karin is in a dilemma. Charlie reaches out and picks up the wine in front of her.

“Well, Charlie, you gets the wrong cup.” Robert stops him, but Charlie has drunk it.

“I drink all her wine.”

It is not a negotiation, but an order.

Robert drinks a glass of red wine and gets up and says, “Then you drink, I’ll go to bed first.”

Charlie alone drinks the wine himself. Soon, a bottle of red wine has almost emptied. In terms of mood, his will not be better than anyone, but the difference is that he will never let anyone know or see that he is in a bad mood.

“Don’t drink, you will get drunk.”

Karin takes his cup. She is very worried..

“I will drink all of it, so you don’t have to drink it.”

“You don’t have to drink.”

He smiles, “That’s right, but I won’t giving up halfway.”

He drinks the last glass of wine, and Karin mutters angrily, “What kind of habits do you have? It’s terrible.”

Charlie is really a little drunk. He leans on the sofa and stares at Karin. In his heart, there is a kind of irresistible desire slowly surging.

“Are you all right? I help you go back to the room.”

She is trying to help him up, but she loses her focus and falls back to the sofa. And Charlie presses against her.

The atmosphere suddenly becomes tense, she wants to push him away, but he holds his wrist, “Karin…”

He calls her softly, making her also lose mind.

Charlie’s affectionate eyes look at her for a long time. She feels that she falls into the bottomless abyss…

His lips move closer to her, little by little, both of them are struggling, especially Charlie, who knows he shouldn’t do this, but couldn’t control himself. The desire for her, is so strong at the help of alcohol.

When the cold lips finally fall, Karin closes her eyes, and let go of her reason…

She is almost breathless from his kiss. How enthusiastic it is. It is the most primitive desire between a man and a woman, and only loved ones would have it.

Lips and tongues are entangled tightly, washing to be entangled for a lifetime. His unique breath makes her unconsciously wrap around his neck, and responds warmly to his wildness.

“No, no!”

She pushes him away suddenly, rushes to the bathroom, and locks herself in.

Time passes minute by minute. She sits on the cold floor, tightly hugging herself, Mia and Barry’s faces flicker in her mind, eroding her heart like a serpent.