Chapter135 the first time to see Dad

“You’re still so busy. Everyone has gone to have lunch. You are still in the office.”

Selina led Roe in with a yawn.

William didn’t pay attention to her words. His deep dark eyes glanced at the little big-haired that followed her closely. His tone was so light that no one could know the real meaning of his words.

“When did you and Grace’s illegitimate child grow so fast?”

“Huh, are you joking? If I have such a son, I will laugh even in my dream. This is my relative’s child, little pudding.”

Selina then turned to Roe and said, “Pudding, this is your uncle, William. Although he looks a little fierce, he is actually very fierce. But don’t be afraid, he won’t eat children.”

If later William knew that Roe was his child, the expression on his face would be more interesting than now, and she couldn’t help a giggle as soon as she thought about it.

“Uncle.” Roe suppressed the inner excitement and looked at William’s scanning eyes without fear.

Dad was taller than that on TV, but his expression was as chill as it was written in the newspaper.

Thinking that he abandoned his wife and son, he was a little resentful.

William’s deep eyes sank. He did not have seen the child, the anger in his eyes was real, although it was hidden soon. He was only a child, and it was not easy for him to hide his emotion at a young age.


Hearing his nickname out of his father’s mouth, Roe’s ears were still a little red, and he answered with a low voice, “Yes?”

“Your parents are her relatives.” William pointed at Selina, who seemed to have no relation with Roe.

Roe nodded, “Yes.”

“William, what do you mean? It makes me look like abducting children.” William’s eyes were too sagacious. Selina, who was a bit defensive, blocked his eyes from continuing to see Roe.

“I don’t remember your relative’s kid growing so old.” Selina’s family was famous in this city. The entertainment reporters had already exposed the members of her family. He couldn’t be unaware of this child.

He didn’t know why, looking at the child in front of him, he even had a sense of intimacy. This feeling was strange to him, but unexpectedly, he did not feel repulsive about it.

“Just a distant cousin.” Selina didn’t expect that William would be so difficult to deal with, she just took a child with her, and he asked a lot.

Thinking about the time. If he had a kid with Vivian, he should be almost at this age.

William was shocked by the thought in his mind, and his eyes became darker. He looked at Roe’s bright eyes and asked, “Pudding, how old are you?”

The inexplicable look in William’s eyes made Selina feel shocked. She was afraid that this guy would know Roe’s identity just by guessing. What should I do? If Vivian knew that she came to see William with Roe, she would blame her.

Is she too confident in herself?

Compared with the tension of Selina, Roe was calm. He pointed his thumb in his left hand and said seriously, “I’m five years old.”

Five years old, if it was Vivian and his children, now he was only three years old. It seemed that he was wrong. William took his eyes back and didn’t look at him anymore. His indifferent voice said, “Selina, what do you want to interview?”

“I’m not hurried. Eat first.” Selina saw that Roe had been fooling around, and felt relieved. She was not even as calm as a three-year-old child.

Fortunately, William did not ask again.

“There’s no need.” William rejected her kindness directly.

“But we haven’t had a meal yet, have we?” Selina pushed Roe out.

William looked at the small explosive head with sunglasses. He didn’t know why his heart couldn’t be hardened. Let it go. He’s just a child.

He made a phone call and ordered three takeaways.

“Well, pudding likes sweet food.” Selina did not forget to remind him. She thought men seldom like sweets. William shouldn’t doubt it.

It’s just that this caught William’s attention. “He like sweet food?”

“I don’t like it.” Roe’s face got red. He refused to admit his shortcomings. Everyone said that the boy who liked sweet food was not promising.

William nodded his head and she didn’t know what he was thinking. His eyes were deep and disturbing.

Selina also found that she said the wrong thing. Vivian didn’t like sweet food, but Roe liked sweet food. He must have inherited William’s gene.

Last time, she seemed to have speculated that. She was becoming more and more absent.

“William, take care of the pudding for me. I’ll buy a cake.” She found an excuse to leave her time alone for the two of them.

Out of the office, Selina just breathed a sigh of relief. As soon as she went out, she met Vivian who went upstairs.

“Selina, why are you here?” Vivian didn’t see the little boy behind her. Suddenly she realized where it was. She went tight. “Where’s Pudding?”

In sensitive places, she usually called Roe’s nickname.

“Well, I haven’t interviewed William, so I want to take a chance. I didn’t expect that he was really there.” Selina suddenly got crazy. How could she happen to come up at this time?

“You leave the pudding at home alone?” This was the last prayer of Vivian. Roe was a clever child. She sometimes had to go out to handle her work. He would stay at home alone and would not run around.

But looking at Selina’s guilty expression, she began to get nervous.

“What’s the matter, Vivian?” Sherry followed, her eyes constantly looking back and forth on Vivian and Selina. She hadn’t found out what she wanted. Now she saw the tense look of the two of them.

There must be secret between them.

Vivian almost forgot that Sherry was still there, she frowned and said, “Sherry, I’m ok. I have something to discuss with Selina. Go to work first.”

Then she took Selina to the lounge.

Sherry was eager to follow Vivian, but the door of the lounge was glass, she would also be found, so she had to turn to her desk.

Huh, Vivian’s really hypocritical. I treat her as my friend, now she forgets me.

Vivian just came back to the restroom ahead of time, but she didn’t dare to be careless. She lowered her voice and asked, “Selina, tell me, where is Roe now?”