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Eye Turn Off

Chapter134 happy cooperation

That’s right. It’s an Afro-hair head.

Selina took the explosive head, flicked the ash that didn’t exist on it, propped up the soft head, hackled the knotted part, and let Roe come over.

“Don’t move, Roe. I’ll help you.”

“OK.” Roe kept standing.

Selina had worn more than 80 or 100 wigs. It’s the first time for her to wear a wig for others. Fortunately, Roe’s hair was short, and the hair cover is saved. She put the explosive wig on his head and covered it.

Roe looked like a new person after wearing the wig. He looked cute and fashionable. For today’s style, he also wore a very loose clothes.

“It turns out you were ready.” Selina also saw that the little guy had planned for a long time, only waiting for her approval.

He was mature at a young age.

“But that’s not enough.”

If you looked at his facial features carefully, you could see it. Besides, you couldn’t hide it from a lawyer who paid attention to details.

Roe took his little sunglasses on his face and made a hip-hop posture. He said, “And this one.”

“Well, it’s good, but I will give you something more.” Selina also thought of a good idea, she ran to her room excitedly and took out her super Waterproof Eyeliner, and drew a mole beside Roe’s mouth.

Selina looked at him, nodded contentedly. Although he had lost a trace of handsomeness, he looked even less like himself.

“Well, that’s all right.”

“Even if mom can’t recognize me.” As soon as Roe shook his head, his explosive wig would shake too. It was really eye-catching. However, he inherited the perfect gene, he still looked cute.

“Don’t worry, your mother will never recognize you when she sees you.” Selina clapped her chest to make sure that she could not recognize him, not to mention that she, who was involved in makeup, could not recognize him.

Roe looked very funny.

When everything was ready, they needed a reason for an appointment. “Auntie, how can we call dad out?”

Selina also frowned. Yes, she couldn’t go there like this. That guy was suspicious. It was easy to be suspected.

What should I do? Selina’s eyebrows immediately spread out and she happily said, “I haven’t finished interviewed William yesterday, and I have a chance today.”

“Auntie, we should avoid mom’s rest time.” Roe reminded.

“You are right.” Selina grabbed Roe and kissed him heavily.

She liked the steamed bun with cream flavor.

“Auntie, put me down quickly, my hair was in a mess.” Roe was protesting.

“Well, I don’t touch you, little big-haired.” Selina was reluctant to put him down. What can she do? She wanted to become grandma wolf.

There were not many people on duty in the office on weekends, and Layla was not there. During the lunch break, Vivian could only go to the canteen alone for lunch.

But another figure at the door specially waited for her, “Vivian, I’m here.”

“Sherry, why are you still here?” Vivian remembered that yesterday Layla also reminded her that Amy called Sherry out, but Sherry didn’t do anything to her, and Vivian behaved normal in front of her.

“I’m waiting for you, Vivi. Layla is not here. I go with you.” Sherry was still an intern at school.

However, Vivian still felt a little awkward, not because of something else, but because of the deliberate innocence on Sherry’s face. She still said, “Thank you, Sherry. In fact, you don’t have to wait for me.”

“It won’t be trouble. I want to eat with you, but I couldn’t find the time. Now that Layla is away, I can eat with you.” Sherry was like a little girl who was not familiar with the world, she said innocently.

She couldn’t find the time… Did she mean that Layla deliberately didn’t let her come? She was really “innocent”. “I’ll ask Layla for you next time, why she didn’t go with you when I was eating.”

“No, it’s just a small thing. Let’s go.” Sherry tightened her hands, pretending that she didn’t know anything.

Vivian didn’t continue the topic either. She went along with Sherry. She hopes Sherry was not what she thought.

When people in the office were almost gone, two figures appeared stealthily at the gate. When they reached the gate, they pretended to walk inside calmly.

The reception lady saw Selina, but she glanced down. Who is this little guy? She was puzzled. Her professional quality made her unable to ask.

“Miss, what can I do for you?”

“I haven’t finished interviewing William. Do you know if William is free now?” Selina asked with a serious expression, she had just noticed the sight of the reception lady, and calmly explained, “This is my relative’s child, nobody’s at home. I’ll take care of him first, and he won’t hinder my work.”

There was an appointment yesterday, so the receptionist took the person in directly. Now Selina didn’t make an appointment. She couldn’t take the person in. “Wait a moment, please.”

“No problem, just call.” Selina shook her hands. She pretended she didn’t care about it, but her eyes were showing a trace of anxiety.

Does William think that he is the president of the United States? She needed to report to him.

But she still had the patience to wait for the receptionist to call.

“Well, I see.” The receptionist hung up and said to Selina, “William asked you to go straight in and find him.”

“Well, thank you.” Selina’s hand was waving towards the back.

Roe held her hands.

Selina walked inside with Roe swaggeringly.

The two had already discussed about it on their way here. Roe was the child of her relative. His nickname was pudding, and his real name was unnecessary.

He had been five years old, he would not be exposed with his height.

Very perfect.

“Are you ready, my honey?” Before knocking on the door, Selina asked the little guy next to her in a low voice.

“Yes.” Roe nodded and held Selina’s hand tightly.

Selina knew that Roe was a little nervous, but she smiled, “Don’t worry, I am here, and I won’t let that heartbreaker eat you.”

“Pay attention to your identity.” Reminders from Roe.

“You’ve got into the play. Well, I know, my nephew.”

Selina said and knocked on the door.

“Come in.”

It was the first time he heard William’s voice, he was still nervous.