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Eye Turn Off

Chapter133 Roe’s plan

“It’s also true that we should avoid suspicion.” Roe was a little embarrassed and pouted, “Then I’ll think about it next time.”

It’s said that online marriage recruitment seemed to be very popular recently. What about signing up for Mom? But I don’t know how to do with computers, I will ask my aunt tomorrow.

Vivian looked at Roe’s determined expression, and she felt guilty, “Roe, it’s not early. I will take you to wash your face and brush your teeth and then you can go sleep.”

Roe nodded obediently.

In the early morning, Vivian bought two breakfasts and knocked on the door of Selina’s apartment with Roe.

“Who are you? So early.” Selina squited and said.

“It’s me. I’m going to work today. Help me to take care of Roe.” Vivian raised her breakfast to indicate that she didn’t come here with empty hands.

Roe pointed to his forehead with his index and middle finger, and made a very handsome gesture and said, “And me.”

“Come in, glib boy.” Selina’s head became clear and pinched his little face gently.

Roe frowned and corrected her, “Auntie, I’m not a glib boy. I’m a one-girl boy.”

“Then tell me, who you are falling in love with?” Selina asked jokingly, he didn’t even grow up.

“My mom.” Roe naturally answered.

Selina said earnestly, “My child, if you say so 20 years later, your mother will be crazy.”

“No way.” Roe did not agree with the response.

It was too late for Vivian. She put the breakfast on the table, ran out in a hurry, and explained, “Selina, have breakfast with Roe first, and then go on when you want to sleep. Call me if something happens.”

“I see.” Selina was staring at Roe with her big eyes. She didn’t care.

There was only a sound of closing the door, and she was gone.

“Do you want me to feed you?” Selina looked at Roe, and wanted to tease him. A child should behave like a child. He couldn’t find a girlfriend if he had a straight face.

Roe glanced at her and said, “Auntie, please wash your face. There is saliva on the corners of your mouth.”

Then he calmly walked towards the table with his short legs.

Selina was left in a mess in the wind. She was despised by a three-year-old boy. Absolutely, she didn’t see it wrong. Roe’s bright eyes were full of his dislike.

Is there any saliva on it? Selina thought and touched the corner of her mouth, it seemed there was a trace of saliva. Oh my gosh!

Selina rolled back to her room like a gust of wind. The door was slammed heavily and some ashes fell.

Roe shook her head and sighed.

After 15 minutes, Selina changed her clothes and washed her face. She came out of the room and saw that Roe had eaten breakfast and cleaned up the table.

She couldn’t help sighing, “My baby, you are such a sweet little warm boy. Keep it up.”

“Please eat it quickly, or it will get cold.” Roe threw the garbage into the bucket, and did not forget to wash his hands, he wiped his hand by himself, and the small folds of the clothes were pulled flat by him.

Selina was stunned. She didn’t know that Roe was a clean freak. He was meticulous in the care of her hair, even his sandals were clean.

She felt that she was not as good as a three-year-old boy.

She took the steamed bun and took a bite. It was filled with meat and tasted good. She continued to nibble.

Roe sat in front of Selina and asked, “Auntie, where are we going today?”

Selina didn’t wake up entirely and asked directly, “Where do you want to go?”

“Let’s go to see Dad.” Roe blinked his innocent big eyes and said frankly.

Poof! Selina just took a sip of soymilk and all of it came out. She was choked for a while, and her face was red because of coughing.

“Ah… What did you say, Roe?”

Roe nimbly avoided the water. His smiling face was the same. He repeated, “Go to see Dad.”

“Wait, stop.” Selina quickly reached out her hand to stop him from going on, and asked with suspicious eyes, “Roe, does your mother agree with it? or you want to go to him yourself?”

It was impossible for Vivian to tell him the information of William. How would Roe want to find William? Did he miss his father?

Roe shrugged her shoulders and said in a casual tone, “I’m going to ask that heartbreaker something.”


Selina thought about the word, and nodded with agreetment, she said, “Roe, although I agree with you that he is a heartbreaker, you will be exposed as soon as you go. If you are taken away by him, your mother will surely be sad.”

If William really took Roe away, she would collapse. In recent years, she had been able to hold on to the present because of a belief in her heart.

That was Roe, no one could replace it.

“I know, so we need to dress up.” Roe thought about it for a long time, blinked her lovely eyes and said innocuously, “Auntie, do you still remember that last time we went to Disney together and uncle clown gave me a little gift?”

With a tinkle in her head, Selina thought of the gift at the bottom of the box. “You mean…”

“That’s right. Please!” Roe showed a sly smile.

Selina suddenly found that the gene was really a terrible thing. William had already been terrible and appalling, and his child that he gave birth to was like him. He was full of craft and cunning.

She said with a grin, “Hey, I will take care of everything.”

“Hope that we are happy to work together.” Roe stretched out his little fleshy hands.

Selina was stunned for a while, and she smiled with a mean face. She reached out and touched his little fleshy hand gently, “Well.”

The two people clapped and soon separated.

“Roe, could you help me find that gift first? I don’t know where it was.” Selina suddenly remembered.

Roe said calmly, “Auntie, I picked up the gift myself. I know where it is.”

“OK. Go and get it. I will dress it for you.”Selina coughed twice to cover up her embarrassment.

Roe nodded and ran back to his small room. Selina then finished her breakfast quickly. Previously, Roe had cleaned up his garbage. She would felt embarrassed if she didn’t throw it away.

She rolled and threw the bag and cup into the garbage can.

Roe came out with his gifts and props.