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Eye Turn Off

Chapter132 Mom, look, it’s Dad

After finishing the cleaning, Vivian returned to the living room and sat beside Roe to watch the news with him.

Some unimportant things were reported on TV.

A man’s things had been stolen, and another man had cheated and his wife was on the spot, and some disputes between neighborhoods and so on.

Of course, there were also some important news. A fugitive escaped, and the boss of a leather factory ran away with the money, and a company went bankrupt.

Vivian was lack of interest in all of these. If not for Roe’s performance, she might choose to watch cartoons.

When she yawned, Roe pulled her sleeve, pointed to the TV, and said excitedly, “Mom, look, it’s dad! Dad is on TV.”

William’s tall and upright figure did appear in the news, and his expression in the camera was also indifferent. He was as reluctant as ever to speak anything, even without a redundant expression.

But what made Vivian concerned was how Roe knew that William was his father.

Vivian was not sleepy any longer, and her throat was dry. “Roe, how do you know he’s your dad?” she asked.

She suddenly remembered that she had never mentioned the word “Dad” to Roe, which made her feel miserable.

Roe was surprised and then calmed down. He said with wide black eyes, “Because he looks like me.”

“Well, you look like dad.” Vivian gently touched his head, her eyes were wandering. She did not know how to say it.

Roe seemed to sense Vivian’s dilemma. He held Vivian’s delicate hand with his fleshy little hand, and he seriously said, “Mom, it’s enough to stay with you.”

Vivian’s heart was quivering, and her vague eyes fell on his face, which looked extremely like William’s. She stretched out her hand and held him into her arms. It seemed that she was afraid of losing the person in her arms.

A dull voice from her mouth, “Roe, I’m sorry, I’m too selfish. I should have explained everything to you.”

It was because of her fear that Roe wanted to know her father. She was afraid to face Roe’s pure and flawless eyes, and she was afraid that he would hate her selfishness when he knew that he was an illegitimate child.

Vivian held him tightly, and Roe’s little face was a little red, but he didn’t say anything. He was slowly patting her back with his little fat hands as usual.

He comforted her in a low voice, “Mom, I will grow up to protect you, and I will not be picky about food any more.”

Vivian’s arm was tight, but suddenly she released it. Looking at his worried eyes, she reached out to point his nose. Her heart softened, “Do you want to know about your father?”

Only then did she find that she had never asked Roe’s opinion, it was a good opportunity to tell the truth today.

William’s photo on TV had already disappeared, and the news continued to broadcast other things.

Roe looked at Vivian’s tender and wet eyes, and lowered his head, and said in a muffled voice, “I don’t want to know it.”

He just didn’t want to see her sadness.

Looking at her obedient son, Vivian felt guilty and blamed herself. She always thought she was under a lot of pressure, but ignored giving him care.

As a mother, she was really irresponsible.

She held Roe in her arms, leaned on the sofa, and whispered softly, “Roe, your father is the best and most hardworking man mom has ever met. He is a very nice person, but your father and I aren’t written in stars, so we can’t stay together.”

“I don’t think so.” Roe murmured discontentedly in her arms.

Mom was lying to comfort him. If dad was as good as Mom said, he wouldn’t abandon his wife and son.

“Don’t say that about your father. It’s me who insist on giving birth to you. I didn’t tell your father because I was afraid that you would be taken by him. Then I leave nothing.”

“I believe dad will be proud of you if he knows you are such a lovely baby.” said Vivian in a low voice.

“I don’t need him to be proud of me. I just want to be with you.” Roe patted his little chest and assured her, “Don’t worry, mom, I won’t go with dad.”

Vivian knew that he was comforting her, and she felt uneasy, “Do you want to see your father?”

If Roe wanted to see William, Vivian knew that she could not refuse the simple request of a child.

“No, I’m afraid he’ll take me away. Then I can’t see you again.” Roe knew that he lied. He wanted to meet the “heartbreaker” and had planned everything.

Of course, he would never see him as his son. He didn’t want his mother to be sad.

Vivian didn’t know that Roe had labeled William as a “heartless man” and “a man who abandoned his wife and son”. She still felt that Roe was very considerate and sensible. Her eyes were moist instantly, and she didn’t know how to express his inner excitement.


“Mom, when will you find a boyfriend?” Roe thought if her father knew that she found a man better than him, he would be very upset.

This was also a way of revenge.

“…” When Vivian was moved, the words from Roe shocked her.

Did she have a hallucination? Roe was just asking her to find a boyfriend?

“Roe, do you want a father?” She could only thought Roe wanted a father’s love.

Obviously, it was impossible for William. He knew it well.

Roe shook his head and said truthfully, “I’m still young and can’t protect you, so I don’t mind if you find a boyfriend, but I’ll help you check it.”

“Roe, I don’t want a boyfriend now. I just want you to grow up and be healthy.” Vivian didn’t think about this for the moment. If it wasn’t for William’s deceit, she would have taken Roe far away to settle down abroad for cultivation and wait for the operation.

And she didn’t need to be involved in the affairs between William and Angie.

Roe frowned and said in a serious voice, “OK, I’ll pay attention for it. My teacher has asked me if you’re single. I’ll help you to know about him first.”

“No, Roe, if other children know it, they will think you are going through the back door.” Vivian was really afraid that Roe agreed with that teacher. So far, she had no impression of that teacher.